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  • Kali225
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    wow lots going on! love how active the chat has felt recently, even though I am sure I will forget to comment on some things.

    @jugar 10 lbs of strawberries!! they are my all-time favorite fruit and I haven't picked them myself in so many years.

    @CarolAnnM2 lady you are moving right down the slide towards onederland! excellent progress.

    @MoonlitMuse I don't have great alternative protein suggestions as I'm normally a meat gal myself, but I do like lentils, pigeon peas, or chickpeas fried up in a little olive oil with heavy spices (cumin, garlic/onion powders, chili powder, paprika, salt, pepper etc) so they get a bit crispy as opposed to the way I typically see legumes/beans served (not a fan of stewed/in a chili/in a salad/anything mushy-adjacent haha). But congrats on your 5K! that's what we call "blowing the goal out of the water"!

    @DD265 you are so dedicated to your allotment, I hope the plants weather the heat wave alright!

    I had an awesome Monday. I did my youtube playlist of dance cardio for the first time in months and months and it was SO fun. Incredible calorie burn, I remembered basically all of the choreography and I was really feeling myself hahaha. Lots of body rolls and booty shaking over here. Ready for weigh in tomorrow!
  • jugar
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    @conleywoods that little guy is the cutest! Enjoy the cuddles :heart: and all that seafood sounds amazing. I'm dreaming of the seashore now...
  • Kali225
    Kali225 Posts: 517 Member
    Tuesday Weigh-in

    PW: 251.8
    CW: 249.6*

    I'm putting an asterisk here because my scale went a little wonk this morning. This was the first weight I saw, and then I almost forgot the number so I hopped back on and it showed something lower. So I got off again and then it showed me something higher. Moved the scale around a bit and then got a much bigger number?? So now I am nervous that either it is getting old or I have been thinking I was lighter than I am for however many months. Not officially out of this decade yet.

    Does anyone have a scale they really love and would recommend? And what kind of floor do you have it on? I've been using the tiles in the bathroom which are large and I would think flat/even/stable. But now who knows..

    Rest day from yoga and workouts, but gotta get my walk in quick as I can feeeel the temperature rising and it's not 9 yet.
  • MoonlitMuse
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    So - I weighed in again today since I have my real deal meeting and I'm down some more...don't know if you wanna count it as legit or a fluke, but I thought I'd share.

    7/10: 139.4
    7/11: 138.6

    @Kali225 Awesome loss!! Do you have something specific for your dance choreography or do you just improv it? It sounds like so much fun! I'll tell ya, I took a Buti yoga class with lots of those body rolls and shakes and holy crap, you feel it afterwards...the burn is real!

    @conleywoods I bet that's a complete blast! Are you finding any sea glass? I've never been to the ocean before but it seems like it would be really nice :smiley:

    And all - I have an idea that I'm tossing around and wanted to see what you all think. I've been approved to become an instructor for Burnalong but haven't recorded any videos yet. Would any of you guys be interested in doing classes together that I create on there? I'm still figuring it out, but I know I can post regular classes to be accessed anytime and somehow I can do live classes as well.
  • CarolAnnM2
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    @Kali225 might need new batteries

    @MoonlitMuse if you have low impact, easy on the joints, classes for seniors I would give it a try
  • ashleycarole86
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    @micki48 Albertans indeed! I didn't get home till midnight last night.. it was fun and I did pretty good with food. I did also get mini donuts and I had room for them EXCEPT for the quantity. The plan should have been for Brad and I to split a bag but they got us on the "oh but two bags is so much cheaper per mini donut!" I am a sucker for that kinda thing... and I could have taken some home but it was a long night and lo and behold.. anyway, you live you learn

    @YinxFed Thanks for the step update and safe travels home! glad you had such a nice trip

    Week 2 step report will either be issued tonight or sometime tomorrow depending on when I can carve out a bit of time. I have another event at 3 today and depending on when I get home I'm hoping to have time to ride the Peloton!

    7/11 exercise:
    22726 steps
    (covered a ton of ground at the Stampede!)
  • ashleycarole86
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    @MoonlitMuse Late congrats on your awesome 5K time!!

    @Kali225 I second what @CarolAnnM2 says.. when that happens to others on the forums they often suggest it's a battery problem. Haven't run into that myself yet. My scale is also on a tiled bathroom floor.
  • JEB03253
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    Tuesday Weigh-in

    PW: 240.2
    CW: 240
  • jan110144
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    Good day today. Started out with an hour log walk with the poodle and then time at the farm. Actually got on Lucy today. Did not do anything but walk, and so far I am no worse for the experience. I will try again tomorrow and see if I can do a tiny bit more. Would like to at least walk her the next few days because we are going to have some really nice weather and the days after I get the injection on Monday we are back into the 90's :-( Going to be a lovely night for my evening walk with the dog too.

    @Kali225 That happens with my scale when the batteries are low.

    @conleywoods Enjoy your vacation and that cutey you are traveling with.

    @Shawtytel I need to commit to going back to the gym too. It's on my list to make sure I start before winter comes. I really need it then when a lot of my outdoor activities become limited.
  • Kali225
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    thanks all - I changed the batteries and I think I got more normal results. I think my number this morning was pretty close to correct and if anything, was a little high so that gives me a little jump on next week!

    @MoonlitMuse I do Fitness Marshall on youtube for the sassy kind of dance cardio (there are also some options on the app I use, FitOn but the music is not as fun) - he has tonssss of videos so I picked around 15 of them over the last 3 years to put into my own playlist and I typically do 8-12 songs including a warm up song for my session. If you try them, my favorites are Senorita, Don't Call Me Up, Don't Start Now, and Cheap Thrills.

    Had a somewhat stressful day post-scale weirdness. I toured an apartment that is right under my max budget and has a ton of amenities so I want it REAL bad, but as I was filling out the application, the agent let me know that someone else had seen it in the afternoon and was also filing an app! So now the game is on - who has better credit? I don't have any pets and the new job is certainly a friendly salary zone.... so cross your fingers that I get it!!! the market is crazy here so definitely worried that I will end up the creek without an apartment :D
  • micki48
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    @Kali225 Congratulations on the new apartment! Everything seems to be falling into place. So happy for you. And the new batteries working too!

    @conleywoods You have a great plan to enjoy your vacation. It looks lovely and cuddles from that little cutie are just a dream. Enjoy!

    @MoonlitMuse I don't know what Burnalong is. Is it a paid subscription? I am already at my limit for paid classes. But if it's just something we could all do together, that would be fun. Good luck with getting your videos recorded.

    Today, we took Juliet to the Arboretum. They have swings hidden all over the gardens. It was fun finding some of them and trying them out. J enjoyed everything. There are mini trains, a birdnest you can go in waaaay up in the trees, fountains, and flowers. Thankfully also lots of shade available because it was a hot one. Luckily, we went early because it was supposed to storm. Never did, but was hot! Got my water in~thirsty now though. My steps are done. Checking in here, then going to finish logging.

    My husband and I are going to the beach this weekend for a quick get away. It will be our 39th anniversary. His birthday is also Thursday. We found this funky old hotel my friend recommended. When reading some of the "terrible" review a few people said that the owner tells people when it's time to go to bed, which I found hysterical! It's 11:30 by the way. We shall see.

    I head to the dr tomorrow for an annual check. First time with this new doctor. Hope I like her.

    I will see you tomorrow. Be well all!
  • ashleycarole86
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  • ashleycarole86
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    edited July 2022
    @Kali225 Congrats on the apartment, and I agree - everything is firing on all cylinders for you! It's lovely to see.

    @conleywoods Looked at your vacation pics again.. makes me relaxed. What lovely scenery.. enjoy every moment

    @micki48 Wishing you the happiest of upcoming anniversaries. A big milestone next year - wow!

    I handled today's work event well. One vodka soda beverage that was under 100 calories. Just enjoyed the company. It was a totally open bar and it could have gotten sloppy... but I live outside city limits and drove in and it's a good reason to keep it reasonable. Got home at a good time and did my long ride on the Peloton. It was a hard one! Feeling good - Stampede is half way over. Lots of fun yet to come but I am navigating well.
  • DD265
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    @yinxfed @jan110144 apparently we might be looking at the hottest day ever on record during this heatwave. It's quite pleasant now; I'm working at the back of the house so the sun hasn't come round yet, and there's a nice breeze coming through the window.

    @Kali225 congrats on the apartment too! It's all coming together nicely for sure.

    @conleywoods it looks like you're having a fantastic time, and I feel calmer just looking at the ocean picture.

    Thor was good on Monday; a bit too jokey to start with but it picked up. I decided I wanted an ice cream at the cinema, so didn't take a snack with me, only to be told they'd run a defrost cycle on the freezers. Who defrosts the freezers on a red hot day?! I was not prepared for this and ended up spending way too much on a bag of chocolate, which I then ate all of (and it was not a single serving).

    Yesterday I had training - more back squat - then called in at the allotment on the way home, which was a good time to go as not too hot. We ended up going to a local petting zoo in the afternoon which was great. I did then get my ice cream, but we also got plenty of steps in. We had both lunch and dinner at home and I've had a small loss on the scales overnight so pleased with that.

    I'm back at work today and catching up on what I missed. Will get breakfast in a moment, then crack on. I've been working 7.30-4 on Wednesdays to accommodate a customer meeting (both early and in a different time zone!), but it's cancelled for the summer (my Swedish colleagues/customer are taking a month off) so from next week I will switch my hours back to an 8.30 start and get more sleep!
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    CW 182.4

    Yesterday was such a good day ! Very proud of myself, Today is super busy though...

    Have a wonderful day !
  • jugar
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    Happy Wednesday!
    Sorry I missed much of yesterday and did not get on to nag last night :open_mouth: - we had no power from about 2 in the afternoon until 5 this morning, so no internet. I cannot bear to go online on my phone (Canadian data plan prices being what they are, not to mention tiny screen and annoying interface!). But everything is back now. I did get a lot of practicing done yesterday since it was wildly thunderstorming off and on all day.

    @Kali225 congrats on the good loss and the new apartment! It is so exciting to get a new place that hits all the right notes (or at least most of them) and to have the time to move in without going too crazy. Moving is always crazy, but kind of fun. For years, while living in Boston, The Hague, and then Montreal, I moved at least once a year. It became the only way I knew how to really clean house and clear out stuff I didn't need. Once I bought a house out in the country, I had to update my skills! I actually loved moving that much. It kept my possessions under control.
    So - I weighed in again today since I have my real deal meeting and And all - I have an idea that I'm tossing around and wanted to see what you all think. I've been approved to become an instructor for Burnalong but haven't recorded any videos yet. Would any of you guys be interested in doing classes together that I create on there? I'm still figuring it out, but I know I can post regular classes to be accessed anytime and somehow I can do live classes as well.

    I would LOVE to try this! I am always looking for new and different exercise ideas because my workout boredom threshold is very low...
  • lauren_989
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    PW: 215.0
    CW: 214.4

    Woohoo! Another week in the green! I've had a busy week, so haven't been on here much.

    @Kali225 congrats on the apartment! It's nice to have the overlap and don't have to move all in one day.

    @conleywoods enjoy your time with your family and at the beach! I love taking walks by the water, so calming and extra work walking in sand!
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