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    I've been missing everyone this month - how did that happen again?! I decided to write a wee bit here tonight in order to at least have one entry for the week.
    @jugar CW: 178.5
    It's been a challenge to make reasonable food choices this week. Even though I haven't had a menstrual cycle in over 6 years, my emotional state and the feeling of a cycle still seems to make a showing. It's more subtle but still noticeable. I had to laugh - I looked at the "green", "yellow", and "red" food choices that NOOM lists and saw that I've consistently had a few hundred calories over the "acceptable" red-food limit and still wonder...why hasn't more weight come off?? Hmm...funny, that. When you eat more calorie-dense food, it stays put a lot longer. No kidding!? Interesting. So, I'm trying to keep better track before I go to the cafe at work and get whatever looks delish. The servings are all reasonable and they tell the calories of everything so, I only need to plan ahead and I can keep with the program.
    It's straightforward enough...I just need to think. it. through.
    Now, if I can get my sleep-act together and get better restorative sleep, my cortisol and other whacky levels of hormones stand a chance of lowering themselves along with my weight. Time will tell.
    Time for bed now. Have a lovely sleep everyone. I'll be catching up with you all soon. xoxo
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    7/8 exercise:
    13,333 steps

    Bed time here, it was quite sunny and I'm wiped too even though I didn't go anywhere near a bike ;)

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. @micki48 Sucks when bed isn't the soothing restorative place it should be... hopefully you do get some comfort tonight like you said.
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    @bowens1973 CONGRATS 👏 What an amazing accomplishment. You should be very proud of what you have achieved. Both you and Ashley have truly changed your lives!

    @jugar I'm so glad you stuck with us! You are so very appreciated and do an amazing job 🙌 ❤ 👏 I think we all have those moments when we want a break, totally understandable...but you would be missed for sure! Thanks for everything you give to our team.

    I have been really busy getting ready for our trip. I haven't logged a thing but have eaten much either. I finished my semester for my masters program and turned in my last paper. Food is shopped for and ready to be loaded in the morning. My in laws friends from Canada have been wanting to visit them but are too worried about covid to stay in a hotel. I offered my house since we are out of town. Didn't totally think that through so I spent my day cleaning! No pressure just a couple of total germaphobs to get the house ready for! 😆 LOL I got it all done and my in laws brought home take out so I didn't have to make dinner. Looking forward to being on the beach tomorrow enjoying a west coast sunset!
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    jan110144 wrote: »
    PW 162.5 (As I suspected, false measure)
    CW 167.2 (New batteries in the scale)

    Two weeks in. Very pleased with progress. Down 7 pounds. Hoping to stay at 1 - 1.5 pounds per week going forward.

    I took the liberty of splitting the loss over the 2 weeks - in short "correcting" by total guesswork the weight for this past week. That way you stay in the green!!
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    @bowens1973 @ashleycarole86 I am flipping over Kevin Costner! Anyone seen the movie Silverado? A very fun western he's in, alongside Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, and Danny Glover. and CONGRATS BRAD!! What a race!

    @conleywoods awesome that you got your paper done! this is the opposite of the approach I took to every paper I wrote in college. 12 hours before it was due was typically when I buckled down. :D

    @Terytha I stared at that donut pic for an inappropriate amount of time.

    I'm running through my friends list and know I don't have a lot of you added, so expect some invites coming from me!

    @ashleycarole86 steps & exercise last week:
    Sun: 12,404 + 20 min lower body barre/bodyweight strength
    Mon: 9,931
    Tues: 10,615
    Wed: 10,125 + 20 min barre/bodyweight strength
    Thurs: 10,036 + 19 min upper body weights, 22 min yoga
    Fri: 10,213 + 51 min total body HIIT, 18 min yoga
    Sat: 10,465 + 19 min dumbbell abs
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    Congratulations, @bowens1972 those pictures of Kevin Costner are cool. If anyone is looking for a good show, I definitely recommend Yellowstone.

    @micki48 I'm sorry you having hard mornings. I am huge a believer in stretching. Even if you don't have it in you to do pilates, try to do some light stretching. I think you will see a difference.

    @jugar I know this group is a lot of work. I am so glad you stayed. I hope you know how appreciated you are.

    @conleywoods that was nice of you to deep clean your house for your neighbors. Enjoy your trip!!!

    I have had a rough few days. I actually had a panick attack yesterday. This week, I am going to focus on the basics, move my body, eat healthy, and take some time for self care. I am going to sit down with my planner and make a plan for the week.

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    @Kali225 I haven't seen Silverado and @KellyBgetsfit we started Yellowstone and we were liking it but we got sidetracked and didn't go back. We'll have to now as everyone is raving about it (plus it's filmed so close to home!!)

    Really sorry to hear about the panic attack. Is that something you've suffered with before? It can feel so scary. Sounds like you have a good plan to get some things in order and look after you. Take care of yourself...
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    @jan110144 Thanks for commiserating. I did adjust some of the pillows I use to sleep with. Interestingly, I removed the one I keep between my knees and it seemed to help. That and the Aleve. Mine is weird and perplexing because it switches sides which leads me to believe it’s orthopedic. Maybe I need an adjustment. I’m not a big chiro person but have used one before with good results. Hope you get relief with your shot tomorrow.

    @conleywoods Kristi have a great trip and take time to relax and do some self-care.

    @KellyBgetsfit Sorry to hear that life is challenging. Panic attacks are no joke. How does our body know to mimic the ailment we fear? Hope some self-care and deep breathing can ease the stress for you in the coming days.

    It’s a beautiful day here. Not sure how I’ll get my steps in, but I will. Driving to visit my cousin today. Have a morning walk scheduled with a friend tomorrow.
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    I went to the gym. I went last Friday and I went today, because I'm trying to ease back into things with one day a week to start.

    I didn't want to. I woke up feeling lousy and cranky and lethargic. But I did go, and I count that as a win.

    Sucks to be so much weaker than I used to be though. Trying not to be hard on myself about it.
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