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  • ashleycarole86
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    @jan110144 Sounds like very good motivation
    My husband lost his weight after his hip replacement but it's great for the life of the hip... should delay when he needs to get it redone.
    Hopefully the wait for the injection isn't too long
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    @Kali225 Hoping the heartburn thing will not repeat! That said, as soon as I read that you had pasta and butter, I thought of heartburn - for me, the combo of flour and fat will do it just about every time. Try not to go on the medication if you can avoid it - again, this is just my experience, but the meds were very weird and made me feel quite icky. It takes some time (and having gaviscon or something on hand!) but figuring out what sets it off and then changing your eating in consequence works well. As we age, we cannot keep eating the same things, at least for some of us, right @jan110144 ? We older ladies will give you a preview of what might be to come - the good and the not-so-good!
    jan110144 wrote: »
    I now have yet another motivation for losing weight. Doc appt confirmed a hip issue. Will be scheduled for injection asap. That should resolve the problem for the time being. Next challenge is to push back the ultimately inevitable hip replacement as long as possible. Turns out that for each pound you lose you decrease force on your hips by a factor of 6. That's pretty good motivation! Can't wait to get back on Ms. Lucy.
    Having a wonderful horse to ride and a doctor willing to give you the good information are strong motivators, for sure. Wish we could go ride together!
    I am feeling pretty good about my weigh in. I haven't been on the scale in 2 weeks, which included a vacation and the 4th of July, but I feel like I made good food choices. I put on a dress today that I hated a few months ago. 👍
    Photo please!
    mmarceau2 wrote: »
    Since my children have left for camp I am having perfect days after perfect days. No cravings. No need for sugar. I cannot believe the difference in my level of stress. It makes me realise to which extent I am affected by my children's needs and emotions. I have been swimming 3 km every day, spending quality time with my husband, going on cycle rides and making order little by little in my chaos. I really needed this time.
    This sounds so wonderful :heart: You needed a break and this lovely time! Time for you.
  • ashleycarole86
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    Congrats @Kali225 ... and fun to have a break before you start!
    What a wonderful news item for the day

    7/6 exercise:
    8905 steps
    62 minutes Peloton
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    @Kali225 congratulations on the new job! Enjoy these last few weeks off!

    My week has been going well. Had some intense cravings for chocolate this week. I made some sugar free chocolate pudding which hit the spot. People talk about cravings and they go for a walk and it's gone 20 minutes later. My cravings can last for weeks 😕 I went to a bbq on July 3 and my MIL mentioned peanut butter m&m's. They have been on my mind every evening since then! Tends to be worse at night but so far haven't caved! Plus I would have to go to the store and buy them. Hopefully this will go away soon 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    @micki48 Your cookie refusal strategy was not just one win - it was FOUR wins!! It is hard enough to say no once, but you did it every time you went into the kitchen. Pat yourself on the back for sure.

    @bowens1973 Saturday is your race! I'm excited. I hope you have a fantastic time, and that we can see some great photos :smiley:

    @Kali225 a new job. Whew! You did it! Enjoy this lovely time off before starting, and then you'll be off and running.

    Friday is coming already. Let's go Friday people! And anyone who needed to put things off to Friday -

    See you there!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @micki48 My mom has Afib and uses her Apple watch for that very same reason. My Garmin does not have that feature. Definitely a good thing for people to know about. Hope your husband is feeling okay.

    Got home, cleaned the house, ate supper, rode the Peloton for 30 minutes, and took my dog for a pre bedtime walk.

    Brad cooked like a fiend today but otherwise he is resting and mentally preparing for Saturday.

    We are up early to go to the Stampede Parade and then we will work for the afternoon. 10 days of Stampede crazy kicks off tomorrow!
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    thanks for well wishes about heartburn - I feel much more normal today, thank goodness.
    @jugar good advice -- the doc told me he wants to test for GERD, so I have to stay away from antacids for 2 weeks before I can get the lab work done. see what happens and go from there...
    Good to get it checked out. Acid reflux sounds minor (although not the episode you had) but if it's chronic it can lead to the Esophogeal cancer my mother's ended up with...after years of insisting she didn't have acid reflux despite some signs. Nip it in the bud now.
    AND more uplifting...CONGRATS on the job - so glad you got just the one you wanted & even better, to have a few weeks off ahead of time, without the pesky job hunt hanging over you!
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    CW 186.8
    PW 186.0

    Slight rebound from the long weekend's indulgences. I'll work harder this weekend at staying within my portion sizes and drinking water!

    I brought out my yoga mat to start doing more core exercises over a week ago and it's still sitting in the corner of the room, being used as a scratch post by one of the cats. even 5 minutes a day will help strengthen and ease my daily back pain. Why do I resist what I KNOW will help me?
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    @Kali225 Congrats on the job! What a great time-line for starting. What is the job and what will you be doing? I'm assuming you will not need to move. I remember you looked at a few jobs out of state.

    @bowens1973 How exciting for your race. Wishing you all the best and that all your hard work yields the results you want! It takes a lot of dedication to prepare for a ride like that.

    Love hearing everyone's news! So much more to comment on...I'll be back later.
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    Greetings Friends!

    I don't know how, but I managed to miss a couple of days' worth of posts. Just about caught up now.

    Super congratulations to you @kali225 on your new job! I'm sure it's going to be great.

    I'll come back later - my son's picking me up for an afternoon of discovery.

  • jugar
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    Another gorgeous day with lots of time in the garden and generally faffing around outdoors. I did manage to be the genius who hit every single construction area traffic mess while trying to run errands this morning, but somehow I did not turn that into a reason to buy peanut M&Ms or cheese bread or ...

    A good week for you @conleywoods ! I love your gentle plan for vacation, and I am sure you will do just fine.

    Anyone with the solution to why we don't do what we know is good for us will win the diamond and tanzanite studded platinum crown to wear while eating white truffles and Iranian beluga caviar. I'll see to it personally! In the meantime, any strategies that help get us moving in the right direction are always appreciated :heart:
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