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    Today we were at the lake for the 4th of July festivities. Kids did a ton of swimming. I swam and went kayaking. In the evening they have the boat parade. They drive the boats around the lake really close to the docks. The boats are loaded with water balloons and squirt guns. Everyone who has a dock has bucked of water balloons and squirt guns too. Lots of fun and we were soaked. Not sure who was more excited the kids or my husband! Food was not terrible but not my best. I can totally resist store bought potato salad but my mother in laws homemade potato salad is a different story. Sigh...I even had seconds. We would like to head back to the lake tomorrow evening for the fireworks but not sure what the weather will do. So far it will be thunder storms. May not work out. Tomorrow the girls are heading to the fabric store. I ordered a few guinea pig cage accessories and I feel pretty confident I can recreate them. A sewing project for the rainy day. My daughter is picking up clay. My mother in law will most likely be getting quilting stuff.
  • conleywoods
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    @YinxFed Happy Birthday and the cake looks really great! Almost to pretty to eat🤩
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    PW 151
    CW 151.5
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    @jan110144 That is some wild and crazy loss! I can understand your reaction :smiley: Sometimes the first week back to a cleaner way of eating can do that - don't be discouraged if there is a bit of a bounce back this week. You're amazing!
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    Happy Sunday!

    Stats are done for week 1, and we are #2! We had a good, solid week. We ALMOST got to 50% of us "in the green". Let's aim more than 50% showing even a tiny loss this week, ok? We can do it!

    Ashley will post the full results later!
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    Sun 10,412
    Mon 13,009
    Tues 17,269
    Wed 8,890
    Thurs 8,103
    Fri 14,460
    Sat 8,299
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    Happy Sunday, Friends!

    Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes - I had a wonderful day and was thoroughly spoilt!

    @conleywoods Your 4th July festivities sound like so much fun! All of your family seem to get involved and are clearly having a good time. I think that you're terrific!

    @ashleycarole86 As usual, you are getting all the things done - I can imagine how lovely it was for you and Brad to enjoy the fireworks from your boat. Enjoy the birthday brunch!

    Welcome back from your trip @KellyBgetsfit so glad that you had some quality family time. I hear you about packing workout clothes but not working out - that's my normal holiday behaviour, so I'm astounded that I am actually working out while we're away on this trip!

    Last night we took the young'uns out for sushi, then we all went to the cinema to watch Maverick - what a hoot!

    Today we're having a lazy day; hubby is catching up on some work and I plan to go on a gentle walk this afternoon, especially as the weather isn't so crazy hot today.

    Here are my step and workout stats for the last 7 days @ashleycarole86 :smile:

    Sunday - 4863
    Monday - 8175 / 40 minutes Back, Butt & Arms (SELF Spring 2022 Challenge Day 19)
    Tuesday - 7974
    Wednesday - 10229 / 31 minutes Standing HIIT (Pop Sugar)
    Thursday - 5024 / 25 minutes Jump & Twist HIIT (SSC22 Day 20)
    Friday - 11675
    Saturday - 9344 / 33 minutes Aerobics (GrowithJo)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  • ashleycarole86
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    Way to go team Waistaways for our second place!
    So many good results this past week. Love seeing the accomplishments, the struggles, and everything in between.
    Things are good here. We were up much earlier than normal to pack up the trailer and head home so we could be at our friend's 75th birthday brunch buffet for 10:30.
    I've been to this brunch before so I knew what to expect. I started with a plate full of veggie related items that was thoroughly enjoyable so when I went back for other stuff I only picked a few things that looked the best to me. My buffet strategy is so different now! There was a small taste of dessert but I took fruit as well. From there we went back to her house for cake, which I had (and always do!)
    The thing that made today hard is that we had two events - a make up birthday dinner for a friend who had sick kids earlier in the week when we were going to do it. He had chosen Indian takeout for the meal and I again didn't go overboard but it was more than my allotment for the day, even with my Peloton ride.
    All that to say - it's much easier to navigate one big food event per day than two, but also, I am trying to look at my calorie budget on a weekly scale right now. I'm about 600 in the hole now which I should be able to absorb over the next three days that aren't as event filled. I think this strategy will help for days where I have more social eating but I am also just testing - I don't want excuses to go crazy (which I wouldn't have classified either of the last two days as anyway). For example if something out of plan were to happen and it required me to make some big cut to come under for the week, I wouldn't be doing that... but if I save 300 calories back a day or two here so I can enjoy a social day of eating, that just seems wise. Lots to balance to keep my exercise fueled, but just continuing to test things out to see what works the best for me.
    Ok, thanks for listening to my brain dump - helps me process!

    @lauren_989 You bet - a small loss to keep the momentum going after such a great week is such a good strategy!

    @YinxFed Hope your walk was pleasant, definitely good to take advantage of the weather when we can. I didn't get my usual walk today because we were go go go and I definitely missed it!
  • micki48
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    Late checking in for Sunday, but counting g this as a Sunday check in anyway.

    Happy Birthday @YinxFed !!! Your cake looks delicious. Great job getting in those workouts on vacation.

    @ells_bellz Hope you feel better soon.

    @ashleycarole86 Here are my steps from last week. Not great, but certainly room for improvement.

    6/26 4179
    6/27 4201
    6/28 11688
    6/29 6727
    6/30 4854 + 15 mins Pilates
    7/1 8033
    7/2 7195
  • DD265
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    Happy belated birthday @YinxFed I'm glad you're having a wonderful trip.

    PW: 88.9
    CW: 89.4

    I will eventually get some momentum going!

    We had a busy weekend - as usual - but because we were hosting, it always feels like more. Food wise it was a really calorific weekend with three meals out, and probably high on salt too. I would like to think that next time I won't be tempted into three courses for lunch; though OH and I do tend to share a starter, it's still too much. Thankfully I don't drink alcohol or milkshakes! I've done well to avoid buying snacks etc when out; both at the outlet yesterday (there's a Cadbury's store, and a Haribo store), and generally out and about - I went looking for some allotment related stuff yesterday.

    Crazy pool was actually really good although I was terrible; I did get better! We went round twice as we were waiting on our drinks and there was nobody behind us (or monitoring it!). This was followed by an escape room which was great as always and we got out in about 37 minutes.

    I'm away Friday-Sunday, so have quite a lot to cram in beforehand. Tonight I have a lady-physio appointment, PT tomorrow morning and then I have therapy on Wednesday afternoon. Friday morning-mid afternoon is a company event then I'm travelling down to London with my sister for the weekend. Before then, I want to get a brassica net in, a climbing support for the cucurbits and the beans planted in the ground at the allotment, but I'm hoping the net/support sounds like more work than it is. :D
  • jugar
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    Happy Monday and 4th for the Americans on the team!

    @ashleycarole86 I love your strategy of tracking total calories for the week. I have always kind of faked that, but now on maintenance, I think it would be a good idea to do that better. It does not take a lot of food to maintain around 115 pounds, so I have to continue to keep an eye on things! Why didn't I pick taller parents? And then turn into the shortest person in the family? At least I "married up" in the height department, so my daughter is a good bit taller than I am :smiley: I think you have also proven that 2 parties in one day is one too many :grimace: That must have been hard, but it looks to me like you made it as good as possible.

    @DD265 I'm not sure you really need a brassica net if you don't mind a few cosmetic tiny holes in your plants. I just spray with BT (a natural product that removes the little caterpillars who love to munch brassicas) but don't worry about the flea beetles - the holes are tiny, and not too widespread. Maybe you have different pests there, though. I also catch slugs with little cups of beer for them to crawl into and never come out... Good luck with all your upcoming visits, travel, and diet challenges! Keep Ashley's voice in your head, and she'll get you through!

    I'm heading into the big city this afternoon to meet with a couple of colleagues on my upcoming project (IF we get the grant!!) and then to pick up the tall guy at the airport after his visit to our daughter out in Alberta. By all reports he had a great time - a bit of camping in the Rockies and the Badlands, hanging out with the army and then donning a gas mask (I'm not kidding!) to get closer to the horses and see the inside of our daughter's home. His asthma is so severe that even a tiny exposure to cats and horses could do him in. I think it worked, though - did not hear any reports of a hospital visit!

    Since there will be around 4 hours of car later, I'm off to move all the muscles and do stuff. Have a good one!
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    Great job team on this weeks results. I am so proud of myself for making great choices this weekend. I was sure this holiday weekend was a set up to fail miserably. I sat down a figured out the night before what I would have on my plate and stuck with it. Today is the real test. I'm sure I can keep it together.
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