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  • ashleycarole86
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    @AshenMoon So glad your wedding went so well. Love to hear that!

    @KellyBgetsfit Hope things are staying relatively stable at home despite all that's happening. Between the anxiety and the COVID I imagine it's more than rough right now. Go easy on yourself.

    @PlaneMonkey Do you think Costco will stock your protein powder again? That's one thing about that place.. easy to fall in love with things they take away. Hopefully you can get it again.

    7/13 exercise:
    20816 steps + 32 minutes Peloton

  • jugar
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    @bowens1973 your fair food list is, well, I'm not sure what it is, but have a blast!
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    Anxiety, is the worst... I hope you find something that helps you. I myself have been using a meditation app that plays as I sleep. I didn't think it was working, but I do feel calmer.

    although I got a bill the other day, and spent a long time in my head worrying about it. I mean it's so stupid, I legit owe the bill (I made a mistake getting scripts filled when I was between jobs) and I have the money to pay it, so I'm not sure why it bothered me so much... but it did.. So this morning I called, got them to reduce it by 35% and paid it, so it's done it's over... I can move on, IT FELT SO GOOD...

    @DD265 I think I have some of what you have that "can't make a mistake", Like if I book a vacation, I fret over every single thing, because what if it doesn't become what I envision... It sucks having this kind of brain. LOL But once I am there, if something doesn't go right, I can easily roll with it, so it makes no sense how my brain works..

    @KellyBgetsfit Hope your little one is feeling better quickly.
  • PlaneMonkey
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    Anxiety is so rough, yet we all have varying degrees of it and methods of coping. Im so glad this group exists and helps us open up about our worries so we don't use food to cope.

    The power went out again this morning and I was worried it would throw off my 'perfect day' meal plans but we fired up the bbq and I was able to have my tortilla pizza for lunch.


    @ashleycarole86 they might bring that brand back, but since it's just me consuming this bag, it will last a couple of months before I go back looking. Fingers crossed!
  • jugar
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    @YinxFed I'm so glad you made it home and have begun the recovery with a good night's sleep. Racing through airports and barely making re-scheduled connections is not a great way to have a peaceful day! Enjoy the wedding and weekend - and keep getting plenty of sleep :sleeping:

    I have had a quiet day - not enough moving around, but food was good and I'll hop on the bike shortly. I need to get out walking more - maybe it will be time to put the fitbit back on in spite of how much I hate it when the weather is warm!
  • jugar
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    Time for the Friday lineup! Send those numbers, and don't worry if there is some red in there. Red happens and we can take it :sweat_smile:

  • jugar
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    @PlaneMonkey I'm crying as I read your post - tears of happiness for you, your grit and determination, your milestone, and what a beautiful human being you are. Tears of sadness for the poor small creature you treated with such kindness. :heart:
  • Kali225
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    @PlaneMonkey another one here with tears in my eyes. Poor little thing! so glad you did what you did but talk about a poor end to a perfect day. BUT. It is SO incredible that you are at a weight you haven't been since your 20s! That is just amazing.

    @micki48 Juliet is cracking me up! Helped with the tears from Courtney's post.

    @bowens1973 Brad, killing it as usual, and during a fair no less.

    @YinxFed you had quite the trek to make it home, sleep well-deserved! Have fun at the wedding - show us your outfits if you can!

    I knew yesterday wouldn't be under calorie goal for me since we went to out to a bar & dinner with my friends whose birthdays are both on Sunday. this bar was so cool and worth the calories tho. Everything is greek goddess and witch-themed. the whole place is down a little alley and down a set of stairs into a small room made to look like a cave with votive candles in little nooks in the wall. the bathroom wallpaper is tarot cards! my friends and I were flipping out. the cocktails were exceptional too. worth the price! I got a burger for dinner which is pretty unusual for me, but we walked a lot looking for a good place to eat, so ultimately I wasn't too far from my goal with exercise calories. happy with that.

    today is my long-form workout day. have to run to the grocery store before that though so I am prepared for lunch, and to pack food for a full day at the beach tomorrow.
  • conleywoods
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    @PlaneMonkey Oh that poor kitty! When I was 16 my sister and I were driving and had a similar situation with dog. It is such a helpless feeling to not be able to fix them.

    @Kali225 The birthday outing sounds so fun!
  • jugar
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    micki48 wrote: »
    Today, hubby and I are off to the beach for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and our 39th anniversary. (How did we get so old?) 😂

    Kudos to Juliet for getting me on my mat this am. She came into my room and said. “Come on Mom Mom let’s do our Pilates. “ So 12 minutes ✅

    Have a great weekend!!

    #1 You are not so old. I retired after 37 years in my university job 4 years ago. I'm not old. You are not either.

    #2 Juliet is brilliant. My son was my gym nag for years. You need one too. Listen to that awesome girl!
    Terytha wrote: »
    I've been so wound up and anxious about today for so long, and now that it's all going well and I'm less anxious, I'm about to pass out on my feet. This whole month has just been banana crackers so tomorrow is our agreed on pajama day. No going anywhere or doing anything. I'm going to lay on the couch with a lap full of cat and my TBR list on Kindle Unlimited.

    Might still make dinner instead of ordering, but it'll be lazy whatever it is.

    Pajama day is the best day. Enjoy!!! And remember how good today was even after being so anxious. Next time be less anxious. That is an order.

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    Let's wrap up Week 3!

    Saturday people, here you come:

    And still a couple of other people to catch up:

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