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  • jessicakrall8
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    The Jul Week 4 Group Challenge is posted and will begin on Sunday, Jul 17th. Hope you'll join us this week for Hot Weather Workouts! Invite a friend!

    Here's your link:

    Jessica :smiley:
  • YinxFed
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    @Shawtytel - what a great loss! Well done!
  • jan110144
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    @PlaneMonkey So good of you to stop and help the cat, even though the end was not what you would have wished. But you did assure that it did not lay there and suffer and for that you should feel very good.

    @micki48 Happy Anniversary!! I hope you are having a great weekend.

    @Terytha A pajama day sounds wonderful. Enjoy!!

    The hot weather has returned. At least I am grateful that we had several days break from it. Looks like it will last for the next 10-14 days :-( So ... up early for dog walk and horse and then wait for sundown for evening dog walk. Still managing to ride for a half hour or so and that is also something to be grateful for!

    Weigh in tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  • jugar
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    This is amazing! Still no red yet this week and only 2 more weigh-ins to come - last call! It is an amazing week -


    Let's see if we can keep it up for week 4!
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    edited July 2022
    I had a rare day yesterday where I timed out to come on here. It’s always a priority for me but I hit my point of exhaustion. It was another night not getting home until midnight or so and I could barely keep my eyes open. Anyway, the craziest of the Stampede events is over – one more tomorrow night and I’ll be done. It’s been a blast, but it’s not sustainable.

    The team is on fire this week! No weigh-ins in the red, WOW! Like @jugar often reminds us, it’s at this time we need to start planning for how we keep rolling with a small loss for next week to build on this week’s success. In any event, congrats to all – enjoy it and keep on inspiring!!

    @YinxFed Can’t believe you dealt with not one but two flight cancellations for your trip. It’s amazing what sleep does to restore us after we go through a period of acute stress like that. Hope your niece’s wedding was amazing – pics of you and Ben and the lovely couple if you have them!

    @conleywoods You and the hubby are adorable. Those ocean pics were something else. Sounds like a great vacation – thanks for taking us along for the ride. Love the choice of the tea house for your birthday… if it’s anything like the ones I’ve been to, you’re going to have a GREAT time!

    @PlaneMonkey Your progress is inspiring. Hope the potluck was great today. Can’t wait to hear how you navigated it. Also, really curious about this dill pickle pasta salad. Do you have a recipe?

    My heart breaks for the little cat you found and for the terrible situation. You are such a caring and thoughtful person and I’m so glad you stopped for him. What a sad thing to go through.

    @micki48 Hope the celebration was wonderful yesterday. Also, love that your little granddaughter was your Pilates inspiration. What a wonderful reason to be active.

    @Kali225 Greek goddess AND witch themed? What an interesting little concept. The atmosphere and mystique of this place sounds really neat… so glad you had a great night out with friends.

    @Terytha I hope pajama day was super restorative for you today. Way to know you needed it and to make a plan for it. So smart.

    @jugar Have a great time with your dad!

    Well, off to bed to recharge a bit… but lastly here is my exercise recap for the last couple days:
    7/14: 16911 steps
    7/15: 20055 steps
  • conleywoods
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    @veronica1359 @Shawtytel @panera88 @PlaneMonkey and @jan110144 Great weigh ins this week!

    @micki48 What a great time you guys must be having! CONGRATS on the anniversary 👏 Glad you two were able to get away together even if the family followed you for a visit 😊

    @ashleycarole86 Holy cow you have been BUSY! The stampede might need to end soon so you can get some rest. I am really hopeful that the tea house will be a hit. The one I initially wanted to go to is booked for months. I made reservations for just my husband and I there for late September.

    @Terytha I hope pajama day was awesome! I try to have pajama days as often as possible!
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    Sun 5,908
    Mon 11,797
    Tues 12,133
    Wed 8,013
    Thurs 11,296
    30 min intervals
    Fri 14,715
    Sat 7,824
    30 min intervals
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    Oh and the scale is way up!!
  • ashleycarole86
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    Some time ago we booked our longest trip yet to go back and visit Brad's family with some intention of doing some touristy stuff as well. We leave Tuesday morning. At the time I gave no thought to how busy Stampede would be.. otherwise it might have been better to book at another time. In any event, really looking forward to the trip... I did have a great nap yesterday afternoon to catch up a bit on sleep.

    This was the first year all the corporate events were back on and it definitely felt like everyone was making up for lost time with the invites. I am in a customer service type role so felt a decent amount of pressure to attend events. I can struggle to say no but I think I probably should have carved out a bit more down time this past week.

    I'm always more than thankful for the fun!

    We are at the trailer this morning but we have to go back earlier than normal so I have time to get ready for my last event for Stampede tonight. There was a wicked cool thunderstorm here last night.. woke us up at about 2:30 to flashes of lightening and roaring thunder.

    Last week was good - stayed under my weekly calorie goal despite all the Stampede indulgence. I was happy with how I navigated.. picking and choosing when to have more and when not to. This week started off with two higher calorie days but I had a great day yesterday.

    7/16 exercise:
    10130 steps
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