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Grow your Friends List, Grow your Support



  • TheCountryMomma
    TheCountryMomma Posts: 97 Member
    Hi Everyone! Just want to introduce myself real quick. I am a busy working mom and wife here in Colorado. We have a little girl who is a year and half old and in the heart of the Terrible Two stage, so even though I have just one little one right now, between work, our daughter and taking care of the home, I find myself working out to release all the tension from my duties.

    I am on a journey to lose the last 25 lbs that remain from my pregnancy kinda threw a punch at us the last year and my dedication to fitness was delayed. Now that things have smoothed out, I am able to dedicate more time to myself and getting back in shape! It's always nice to connect with others, whether you know them or not, especially other moms, because we all know the challenges of lack of time, being busy, etc! I look forward to connecting with many of you!!
  • mommy2Julia
    Count me in. My name is Krista. I'm a first-time mom. Our daughter is 6months old and I'm having trouble losing the 55lbs I gained while pregnant.

    The more help I can get and give the better!
  • porcelina81
    porcelina81 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone, I'm a ftm to an amazing 5 month old boy. I gained 50 pounds while pregnant but had gained 5 that I hadn't lost before I got pregnant. I need to lose 32 lbs to get to pre-pregnancy weight and almost 40 to get to where I want to be. Feel free to add me, I could use the support :)
  • LongOak
    Good evening ladies!

    I'm new to MFP as well as motherhood - my little girl is almost 6 months old! And sadly I'm still working out in my maternity yoga pants... I'm so glad I found this group! The more support the better - especially from people who understand!
  • valmaebel
    valmaebel Posts: 1,045 Member
    I would love more friends on her for support! add me if you like!
  • heidimark
    heidimark Posts: 1 Member
    I would love to have the support and motivation if anyone is interested in adding me!! I new to the site and still trying to find my way around!!
  • RandleBoyz3
    RandleBoyz3 Posts: 24 Member
    I need the support. I have 3 boys and I dont get out much. I have almost 100 lbs to lose.
  • jfcameron23
    jfcameron23 Posts: 44 Member
    I would love support! I have 3 kids (8, 5, and 18 months). I have been trying to lose the last 20 lbs since October.
  • shy_moniff
    Military mom having trouble losing the weight any support is welcome this way
  • yewhew
    yewhew Posts: 21
  • jacksmom35
    jacksmom35 Posts: 13 Member
    I'm in! Feel free to add me!:smile:
  • andreascarff
    andreascarff Posts: 62 Member
    I need tona of mommas support :) Add me as a friend!!
  • skinnyannihope
    Need the extra push. Our youngest is about to be one and I still have the baby weight!!!!! Give me ideas how to juggle self and family.........
  • ghrayche88
    Hi everyone. Feel free to add.
    Check out my blog, its all about weight loss, being healthy and sharing random stories from my life

    Christine x
  • Rab3a
    Rab3a Posts: 7 Member
    Im a mother of a 4 year old and need additional motivation and support and would also offer the same. Please add me.
  • Venice57
    Venice57 Posts: 26 Member
    I'm mom to a 6 month old boy and always looking to add other moms to my friends list :)
  • Grlnxtdr0721
    Grlnxtdr0721 Posts: 597 Member
    Hi. My name is Lindsey

    I just joined this group. I am a 28 year old mom of a nearly 3 year old son. I work full time, go to school part time, and apparently think stress is a requirement in life ;) Would love to make some new friends!!!
  • DeadlyDame13
    DeadlyDame13 Posts: 197 Member
    Hi! Imma brand new mommie (2 weeks to be exact) add me for support
  • anjhart1998
    anjhart1998 Posts: 3 Member
    Hey I am new to the site and looking to get things started. My name is Jamie and I am from Tennessee. I am a mother of two, a teach middle school and I love to be active. I have 25pounds to lose and feeling discouraged. I lost 23pounds about 3 years ago and then I got sick (mono) and put 13pounds back on blah. I workout and try to eat well but the weight wont budge. I am currently working out to CHalean Extreme and running around 10 miles a week. I am needing to get pretty strict with the diet so here I am and ready to get extreme, lol. I joined this group thinking that maybe I would find people in the same boat, kids, job, house, hormones you know the typical excuses. Look forward to communicating with you guys and lets get the ball a rolling.
  • Aem2381
    Aem2381 Posts: 89 Member
    hey everyone! So glad I found this group! I am Manday, I live in TN and I am a mommy to three kids! 6 yr old daughter and 4 yr old twins (boy & girl). I work full time, but I am loving getting back in shape. I have been on MFP for a few months and have loved meeting people and making new friends. I am trying to lose around 50lbs. 20lbs down so far!!