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  • Thanks so much you guys, I already feel a tremendous amount of relief... I was stressing!
  • I was blessed at a young age with gout. :D Thanks a lot Dad. Anywho, I believe my onset was because of beer, wheat, something provoking the inflammation... That was in September last year, I started LCHF the next month and haven't had any issues since. I have the occasional Michelob Ultra when I am craving a beer, but I…
  • I LOVE sour cream chicken enchiladas, as does the fam. So, I had to make it LCHF friendly. I use the Mission Brand Low Carb Tortillas, but you could do this as a casserole if you'd rather. 3 or 4 frozen boneless skinless chicken breast 2 small cans of diced green chiles 1to 1 1/2 cups chicken broth 16 ounces sour cream 1…
  • @bluefish86 you just made my day. I have missed sushi, stupid rice! :D
  • :/ all of this when I am debating getting rid of my diet dr. pepper and splenda habit. Hmm.. interesting. Decision made...
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  • I do not eat or drink any of the above when doing well....but Potatoes. Fried, Mashed, Baked, you name it.. that is all I want when I fall off the wagon. And cookies. Chocolate chip. :/
  • I eat at least half an avocado a day to assist so that I do not "get in trouble" gut wise... it is not pleasant. Since I started doing that, I haven't had fiber goal issues or bathroom issues. I know it has a lot to do with the Fat content..
  • I was reading about egg fasts after seeing the post with it on there.... this is very interesting! Thanks so much for the info!
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  • I am at about 12 cups a day as well.. straight up water lol.
  • ya see... that's the problem... lol :D
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  • WAY TO GO! Such a great inspiration for everyone! :wink:
  • Ok awesome! Thank you!
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  • Chick-fil-a is so hard to resist at times. Today, two of my co-workers.. at separate times.. asked me if I wanted Wing Stop. (the carb devil on my left shoulder told me to do it.. but the low-carb angel on my right shoulder helped me come to my senses) Any type of triumph over french fries and boneless hot wings is a NSV…
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  • It is amazing how far a little bit of positivity will go. I am thankful for my Husband and Son for dealing with my crazy, and allowing me to try out new recipes on them. I am definitely thankful for MFP and this great group. I have learned so much here and have never made feel out of place, or silly for any type of post or…
  • Might be a silly question.. this fasting.. is nothing but water for the time frame selected?
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  • Happy Birthday! Way to go!!!! Such a great motivator!
  • Weatherford, Texas :wink:
  • Oh man... I hate laundry too!!! I will vacuum over laundry any day!
  • My goal is to do some type of activity for at least 30 minutes in addition to taking walks on my breaks at work. :smiley: Also, get back in the groove of tracking all of my food on MFP. I sometimes slack off during the weekends!
  • Way to go Debra! Congrats on the loss! Welcome! :smiley:
  • I usually just have a glass of dry red wine. Like others mentioned, my tolerance is pretty low since doing LC. I love Merlot, Cab, or Shiraz.
  • Is it possible for sweeteners to make you crave sweets more? I think this is happening to me. I have 2-4 splendas a day.. depending on how many cups of coffee I have, and I find myself craving sweet stuff usually in the afternoon, or after dinner. I am totally up for Sweetener free September.
  • All this chili talk makes me hungry. I haven't gotten to make the LC version yet... will I miss the beans? LOL... I pretty much say LC is what I do, and if people ask more questions I try to keep in short and sweet. I found everything I needed to know online, and it made a lot of sense to me! Trying to get people to grasp…
  • OHHHH PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING. Such a joy in the Fall. I am with ceciliaslater, the heat here in Texas is really making me look forward to Fall and Winter. I am much better with my eating and exercising in the Fall/Winter/Spring than in the Summer... The heat of the Summer makes me want to stay indoors, and not do…
  • Congrats on the loss! I did really well for about 3 months, lost 15lbs then went on vacation in February and have been back and forth trying to stay on track since. It's difficult, and of course I gained about 7 lbs back. This morning I scrambled my eggs in butter and woah... Yum. I will have to get the bulletproof coffee…
  • These are all great ideas!! Thank y'all so much! I have heard about bulletproof coffee, just haven't tried it. I usually put heavy whipping cream in my coffee in the mornings. I LOVE avocados, I will get some at the store tomorrow. I will definitely up the fat content on everything and see how it works for me tomorrow!
  • I am just getting hunger pains in between meals.. And I updated my diary to be viewed by anyone.. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/CJ0821
  • Kirkor is right...it will feel sooooo much better, you will be SATISFIED, instead of that miserable "roll me out of here I ate too much" feeling. :D
  • Thanks so much guys, y'all have been super helpful!!!