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  • Oh same! Been on mfo for years!! A few years ago I was doing awesome! Running lifting and lost 15# broke my foot and almost two years later I'm still struggling! Ugh! Trying to really focus this past month! I'll FR you for sure. Hopefully we can help each other.
  • I'm on month 3 of restarting bc after more than a decade off. I'm smaller than I've ever been and my boobs hurt so much all the time. Let me know what you find out.
  • Hi @mom23mangos !!! Sounds like we may be similar! I have lost 40 pounds and it all started with the Girls! haha. It's been a 2yr journey to get to where I am now; the new plan it to tone up and get stronger! I must also just accept my body as it looks ( I've had a child and I am approaching 40). Sending a FR!!!
  • I BELEIVE IT! I hit my goal weight last summer and I have not been able to stay on track with my routine since the beginning of winter. Luckily, I haven't gained any back but I've lost my flexibility and stamina. Got a gym membership lined up so it will be getting better very soon.
  • I'm in the same boat! I need to get back in here more and off of facebook!!!!
  • I have been bad at checking in! I don't even remember my weight's (if any) from before. Today I was 122 this AM. Last wk I was 120........ hmmm.......
  • https://www.fitbit.com/user/5FTT72
  • had a consistent 2# gain last week! happy to say that the past 2 days I have been @ 120#. Just need to stick with it on the food and to get moving again!
  • I'm Shannon. Live in central IN. Been running for just over 2.5 yrs now. I have done 3 5k; 2 in Detroit (the Hockeytown 5K) and a virtual Halloween run. I love it! I tend to slack off in the winter months and I need to break that. I broke my foot after my first 5k so I try not to compare that with my progress. My goal has…
  • goal this month it to just run! Maybe consistency will join me but it's whatever! I just need to get back out there!!
  • I'm in! I have the last few pounds to shake and then to tone up! I have been such a slacker the past 3 months! I need to get back at it! I'll take friend requests too!
  • 5'1" approx 120# I'm in maintain and tone mode but I have fallen off the wagon with the winter months. I need to get back at it! Sending a friend request.
  • Following!! I have one child and he was an unplanned c-section! He will be 12 in a week! OMG!!! I have not figured out how to get rid of the pooch! I have lost about 40# in total in 2 yrs and this "flop over" thing is driving me nuts! FYI I do suck at strength training, especially sit ups and the like!
  • I FOUND IT FINALLY!!! hahahah public url: //www.fitbit.com/user/5FTT72
  • this is me ;) I am doing some yoga but I'm not consistent which is probably not helping.
  • HI!!! late seeing this post. I am liking what I'm reading here about these shred programs. I have been slacking on my running since my foot injury and making goal weight. However, I still want to tone up! I am a super cheapskate so these free routines y'all are talking about seem cool! I just downloaded a yoga fitness app…
  • my food has never sync-ed. my water and exercise will though. However I have more troubles between the MFP app and website matching up. UGH!
  • this is me. 61.25 inches and about 119. I want to be 110-115 but my family freaks when they know that im under 120 but if they don't know the number they say i look good. I eat between 1200-1500 depending if it's rest day or workout. I do typically over eat though (i swear i'm working on this), this is probably why i can't…
  • I just set up my app but my Flex is not charged. I have no idea what my profile is to help anyone find me. My name is Shannon and I've been here on MFP for about 5 yrs but only really serious and KILLING IT!!!! for about a year now. Friend me here, there and everywhere (i.e. Instagram) hehe!!
  • Late to this post! I also need accountability! I slack bad come evenings. I'm on MFP daily and tend to not complete (as of late MFP isn't letting me complete diaries but whatever; it doesn't do negative adjustments for me either). all of you can add me if you'd like!
  • anyone have any results from this? I'm going to print it out and give it a whirl!!
  • These first two stole all my ideas!!! hehe I think a weekly challenge will be better. Easier to manage I think. I'm bad about checking these things regularly anyway!
  • HT 5'1" SW 140/5 about 2yrs ago (160 pre pregnacy 11yr ago is my highest!) CW ~119 GW 120 UGW whatever tones healthy me is supposed to look like; idk as i have never been fit/toned.
  • i'm 5'1.25". I'm about 120 rn. This is what I have been maintaining at even when I had about 3mos off at the end of the yr due to broken foot. The hot shots that make BMI numbers and the like say I would be 115 or so. My family would die if I lost more! They all are worried about me but I eat all the darn time and am…
  • sent a FR already to metalglo; about to send one to camoballerina91 as our numbers are pretty close!
  • I have 1500 due to my increased activity from starting running. I had started here at 1200 and did so great with just some walking. Add me if you'd like! I try to be pretty active here; I don't do well on the weekends though. I am not a clean eater either but I do try to make healthier choices. My diary is open but don't…
  • I love yoga! I use the sworkit app and do yoga from there. I haven't been to any classes or trainers but I would love to (just don't have time in my schedule). I think yoga is amazing; the stretching and core strength and the meditation from it really fuels me and makes me ready to crush my goals ;)
  • So I am really sucking with this "project" here with you guys. I finally got to run the other day since my broken foot. I hope to remember to measure tomorrow and I'll update y'all. Hope you have a great New Year! We will crush our goals/resolutions!!
  • 12/5/16 119# (actually measured a week prior) GW 120# (this is my maintenance) Today's weight: 121# I'm bloated and cranky! I haven't made my goals that I said I would. UGH! Today is a new day and I'm already drinking water and skipping that extra cup of coffee today. I brought a salad lunch today and I think I will take…
  • Yay that I found this! I will be needing some direction soon. Last year around November I started C25K and didn't do that great until February when I signed up for my first ever 5K!!! It was in September and it was the coolest thing I have ever done! 2wks after that I found out i had a stress fracture in my foot. I miss…