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  • Try compression socks
  • If your goal is to build muscle you’re going to want to watch both. You’ll need more calories if you’re working out to build muscle. While also making sure you’re getting enough of the right calories/macros for your body. MFP has a thing that you plug in and it recommends your these or other fitness sites do too. I used…
  • I’d say what ever leg workouts your doing now, slow them down and really focus on feeling the muscle work. Also if you use YouTube fitness videos at all Popsugar Fitness has a ton of leg burning workouts!
  • Always listen to what your body is telling you
  • Popsugar fitness has a lot of different types or workouts that are fun too
  • Try taking magnesium also
  • Yes you can. If you go to the health app on your iPhone you can then go to Sources and allow MFP to use the data from it. Then in the MFP app, under the settings there’s a HealthKit Sharing selection that will show if you’ve allowed both apps to share the data
  • I didn’t disregard you just weren’t being helpful. I can also look I into that, you claimed I wanted the next big thing. No I wanted to compare what others use. And I appreciate the advice. But I’m a medical student working two jobs and volunteering at a clinical site; I am tired, exhausted a lot of days but I still want…
  • I mean honestly if you’re not going to be helpful you can *kitten* off. I did do my research i have the labels the the science facts on it, I DONT LIKE THE FEELING IT GIVES ME. Which is the point of taking it to give me a better workout. I don’t need a fancy *kitten* label i need something that give me the push for my…
  • I have done a lot of research, the only thing I’ve liked is Douglas Labs, most reliable product and I get a good price. But the preworkout isnt agreeing with my body and I wanted to see what others took. BUUUT I know many people take supplements which could affect the preworkout which is why I added it in to my original…
  • Oh ok. I’ve been using the same one for months. do you have a brand you use?
  • The only supplement I’m required to take is iron and when i first started taking the iron it was crazy how positively it impacted me. So I’ve just been exploring with supplements
  • I felt like that with previous pre work outs but this is the first one I haven’t got that feeling but i feel like it doesn’t give me the push in my workout anymore.
  • Third time’s the charm? Lol I think with the right support group it’s 100% better experience!
  • The biggest shock was seeing how out of whack my macros were before logging properly
  • From personal experience I’ve found the best motivation is a solid support group and focusing on all victories of your journey not just the biggest goal. I’m back at it again and can use some motivation myself! Feel free to add me!
  • See everyone's reviews are so polar opposite. They either love it or hate it. Which one did you have?
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  • Everyone has pretty much convinced me to get the Apple Watch at this point so that'll probably be what I do. But the sleep tracker is pretty cool though
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  • Hmm ok is the Fitbit app glitchy at all? But hahha how exciting!
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  • Hmm ok that's what I've heard multiple times about the Fitbit and I want something accurate. But yeah I agree. And honestly my boyfriend works for Apple and will get me a discount of around that anyways so the price would be about the same. Thanks!
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  • OOoooh the blaze looks so pretty and kind of like an Apple Watch! Maybe I could o that one. I just don't want to spend money on it and not end using it
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  • Hmm I don't think I've even heard of the jawbone. I'll have to look into that one too
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  • Ok yeah j was looking at the HR one if I did it it bc I want that to be tracked which is why I was like well why not look at the Apple Watch. And I had little clip one when then first came it and ended up losing it lol
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  • Lol so which Fitbit do you have then?
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  • I've got like this many times before. And truthfully the only thing that helps is taking a break from tracking and just living life. And talking about. But feeding your body with fuel is the end goal and you need a good balance of foods to do that.
  • But does anyone have anything else they think would work
  • Oh I didn't say they weren't working, for a while they really made me feel more full all the time until they made my stomach have terrible pain
  • It actually may hurt your diet. For a good diet you have to make sure you get enough calories especially while working out on days I take adderall some times I barely make it half way to 1,000 calories so you just have to monitor your diet pretty good
  • Yeah I mean it's only $37 so it's not like a big amount and I just wanted to see if it was worth it. And oh good! I'm hoping she will give me the push I need
  • Ugh it is a tad upsetting to hear but that kind of is what I was expecting. Probably shouldn't waste my money then. Thanks