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  • Just a quick comment on this older thread.... Depending on how you measured your heart rate it could be wildly inaccurate. Watch based sensors can be very unrealistic. My super expensive watch often tells me my HR is way higher than it actually is. If I want reliable numbers I wear a chest strap.
  • Sign up now. Don't give yourself a way out. Be patient. It will sometimes seem like you can't do it but you can. Good luck.
  • I typically get 85 for burgers. 80 Causes flare-ups and I have no luck with anything higher (too dry).
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  • If I had to eat 93 or 96% fat free hamburgers it would impede my will to live :) Don't be afraid of 'bad foods' and other nonsense. Stay in a calorie deficit and you will lose weight. Enjoy the meat (if one can enjoy dry discs of beef with no fat :p )
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  • During the Pittsburgh Marathon a few years ago my knee had enough by mile 18 and I was forced to run/walk (mostly walk) the last 8 miles. It took me as long to finish the last 6 as it did to run the first 18 (and they were slower than normal). Now I'm used to finishing races in the top 10-15% of the pack. This day I was…
  • PT for sure. Quackopractors do little but make you 'feel' like they helped (a good massage will do the same, btw). There's no science behind the snake oil.
  • I'm guessing that since you mention Samsung that you are using your watches HRM? If so, it could be wildly inaccurate. Watch based HRM's are notoriously bad for some people. Unless you are using a chest strap, your results could be way off. An example of how ridiculous it can be is my new Garmin 6x pro. My old 5x pretty…
  • "Eating healthy" does not mean "fad diet". Eating healthy is getting the proper nutrients and calories. Counting calories is the way to lose/maintain/gain weight. What those calories are is what makes it healthy or not. You don't have to go to extremes like these fad diets suggest to eat well. My advice.... If the diet…
  • None of the above. Assuming you're not trying to sell some *kitten* you should come back and chat. Lots of awesome people here that will be glad to give you advice. Good luck.
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  • While I don't completely disagree with what you wrote there's a few points I think could be stated differently. First, extra muscle does burn more calories but it is very minimal. Many times I hear this advice phrased like it is some kind of magic bullet that will allow you to eat so much more. In reality a few pounds of…
  • Spent some quality time in "Hell Canyon" in Borrego Desert California. I got a few short runs in. The heat was overwhelming.
  • What device did you use to measure this? Unless it was a HRM on a chest strap I'd consider these numbers to be suspect. Wrist based HR can be off by a lot (not always but I'd still consider it much less reliable than a strap).
  • Why try to use your calorie tracker to track your lifts? Use the right too for the job. You lift for an hour, log it (if you want - it doesn't burn that many calories). Use another app to track your weight training.
  • I think the best answer is to keep increasing the distance slightly each week. This will allow you to continue to enjoy running without stressing your body and mind and it will also make your 5k times faster. Keep going slowly and enjoy the run. Later (much later - months from now) if you decide you want to get even faster…
  • Yes, I've done a couple events for them (RnR San Diego and Broad Street Run). Go Team!
  • Lots of runners here. Welcome!
  • Are both shoes the same brand/style? Did you change recently (lower drop perhaps)? I blasted my calf last october and had to DNS a couple races (including a marathon). The way I rehabbed with with strengthening exercises. Check Dr. Google for some good exercises for achilles issues - these are useful for calves as well.…
  • Congrats! Check out "Team in Training". They are a running/training group that is part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It's a great way to raise money for research and run.
  • Here's the thing about VO2max... It measures a certain type of fitness but it is not the only indicator. In my case my VO2max goes up when I'm training for road races since I incorporate a lot of speedwork. It goes down when I train for ultra trail races. So which is better? I higher VO2max that allows me to race a very…
  • They do so at their stores as well. I use it at the local outlet to buy most of my running clothes. I really never used my status as a veteran to get discounts until recently. Not sure why. I'm saving hundreds of $$$ just on my cell phone bill.
  • You can add me but I don't share my diary since I rarely log (and even if I did it probably wouldn't be helpful unless you consider Mountain DEW and chocolate ice cream inspiring :) ). I do run. Often. And usually far (ultra marathoner getting reading to train for a sucky road marathon :D ).
  • I like my Aftershokz. My first pair did fail but the company was quick to send a free replacement. I recently picked up the BO$E sunglasses and I freaking love them. They have little speakers so they are not exactly headphone or bone conductors. They sound great and the battery lasts forever (made it thru a 9 hour trail…
  • I LOVED Bandera. I loved it so much I will do it again next year. You really should try it. What an amazing area of the country. Great people and a amazing trail.
  • Sole? You mean like the treadmills by Sole?
  • Now you're getting into very specific training using HR. If your plan is to do this, then yeah, it matters. If you're doing C25K it is just noise. As you know I've done HR training before I found it to be a PITA. And with my watches skewed HR numbers (which you also know :D ) it make it doubly hard to get anything useful…
  • No, timing makes little difference unless you're an elite athlete trying to squeeze the last .0001% out of your body. There, saved you from diet industry marketing BS.
  • Marketing Department.
  • Can you add the distance manually? Garmin watches can sorta track dreadmill miles (accuracy varies). Garmin watches with the footpod are better assuming you've properly calibrated with a run outside first. Also, dreadmills can be inaccurate as well. Some can be calibrated but they can still drift over time.
  • If you are static stretching (especially cold muscle) it could be causing some of the problems. Dynamic stretches/warm up is good (not that most of us do it :D ).
  • Running doesn't hurt your knees (it's actually good for them). If they hurt when running, there's something else going on. It could be running form (you should have short, quick steps with your feet landing under you, not in front), it could be shoes (do you have correct shoes for your gait?), or you may have an existing…