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  • Not to mention, you're probably eating a lot of bisodium carbonate, dihydrogen monoxide, sodium chloride... we've been processing foods and giving them chemical-sounding names since forever. And people have been eating things not considered "clean" since forever. See when beer was first made, for one. Processing is what…
  • If she weren't skinny, white, blonde, and obviously privileged she wouldn't make money off this. And how is she saving thousands on beauty products?! How much was she spending??!! I'd say THAT was probably more of an extreme lifestyle than what she's doing now, and something I'd much rather hear her blog about than her…
  • Treat them as people. Respect their space, respect their friends, and eventually maybe you'll get to hang out with them. Don't expect more than that to start with. Women have excellent creepdar; if you're only looking to get laid our spidey senses tingle.
  • Love love love the belt
  • Oooh a superman tie!! Might be fun for the right event. But for something formal but not too serious, I'm loving the seafoam shoes with the seafoam stripes!
  • Oh those are *kitten* SICK
  • So comfy. And finally I found midtops I like in my size (small female person size) without loud logos/branding nonsense (for those wondering: Globe Motley Mids. I spent entirely too much time looking for sneakers.)
  • Consistency and the right level of challenge are key, if you can stick with it and notice improvement then more power to ya! I would add a flexibility category with such things as getting into a squat without your heels coming off the ground, touching your toes, etc.
  • P.s. this! Classic bullying behavior.
  • WHAT! These people are supposed to have people skills, not bully their students. Even if some time had passed, I would call up and demand a refund and report the instructor for inappropriate conduct. The instructor works for you; you're not there to keep up a series of steps for her. You're paying her to give you a good…
  • Then gym exercises might not feel much better on your knees. Do what you can without pain, and see a doctor if it gets worse. You can also try lunges, side lunges, wall sits... you can also try strengthening the surrounding muscles with resistance bands to hit the hip flexors and hip abductors and other stabilizing muscles.
  • Resistance training will probably preserve/build more muscle than longer-slower cardio, but less than bodyweight/resistance training. It's all relative to what you're doing/your body type/your goals.
  • How long have you had it for? It could be an adjustment, it could be correlated to hormones or medications. It could be that you aren't eating enough and your body is holding on to nutrients. If you're concerned, see a doctor. Otherwise, just be patient.
  • YES. This. It seems to come from a place of self-loathing, which is just so hard to break and I feel for everyone who's struggling with this but it's just not the answer. We have been taught for soooo long that our issues will be solved once we lose weight, and it's hard to work on anything else when society has told this…
  • I like savory oatmeal! Soy sauce, sriracha, scallions, and a sunny side up egg. And when I want something sweet: peanut butter, chocolate, and berries. :)
  • I saw results, numberswise, pretty much within the first week. Are you sticking to a calorie deficit though? Eating a specific macro breakdown and doing a certain amount of exercise won't do you any good if you don't adhere to CICO. It sounds like you're also being overly restrictive and not enjoying yourself. Will you be…
  • Body positivity partly means minding your own business, and partly respecting yourself and others regardless of body configuration, and partly unlearning toxic ideas about worthiness and desirability in our culture. None of those necessarily preclude weight loss as a goal, but they do change the "why": and as others…
  • I think depression is separate from weight loss. Sometimes there's an initial feeling of euphoria when the progress starts coming, and sometimes exercise helps boost mood, but sometimes calorie deprivation depresses mood. If you're worried about mood please seek treatment; weight loss alone won't necessarily have the…
  • Interesting, and I hope it works for you. I think it would probably make me want to binge rather than enjoy those things in moderation. Whatever works!
  • Increased appetite could be caused by recent drastic weight loss, PMS/hormonal changes, an overly restrictive diet, seasonal changes, stress... Your measurements put you squarely in the "healthy" bmi range; I don't know enough about you to say "just don't stress about weight!" but if you are over-emphasizing/stressing your…
  • Too much to catch up on on this long thread but no I believe in being more body inclusive and less fat-phobic. There are too many variables to say "yes everyone should live life in this specific way and look this specific way". People carry their weight differently and have different "tolerances" to the physiological…
  • I had a s'more... it had less sugar than the beef jerky I also snacked on. It all must go, all the packaged food! ...go in my belly
  • I pickle eggs in soy sauce honey and rice vinegar + water for about 2-3 hours and it's good, leaving it in longer works well too. I haven't quick-pickled veggies but the tips in that blog post look pretty awesome as a starting point.
  • Hey welcome! :) Sometimes it's the little moments that make us stop and wonder whether or not it's normal to be so winded/tired/sick... I was doing a summer research program in a new city. I was lonely and numbing with food, and though I was active I wasn't moving nearly as much as I thought. I hadn't weighed myself since…
  • Dug this one out of the archives, but I'm all about body love if anyone wants to be my buddy! :)
  • Fellow member of the "wow I am at max absorption of other people" club! rowr.
  • My RHR was at 55-60 for a long time... now it's at 46!! Am I even alive...