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  • I hope that by now you have a bike. I was completely overwhelmed. And, I knew that my analysis paralysis was starting to really cost me some active riding time. So I went to an ebike dealer and told him how I wanted to ride and he recommended something. The two of us rode for 30 minutes in the neighborhood of the shop and…
  • yes, sounds like you need two bikes. good for you doing the tri's
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  • I agree that I don't workout the way I used to. My goal every day is to finish up feeling great. Biking, walking, some weights all help. Gardening is great (depending on what I'm doing). stretch. I wish I could make time for yoga
  • ice cream is soooo hard. I have a cuisine art ice cream maker but I rarely make the real deal. I'm way more likely to grind up a bunch of fresh fruit, some sugar (not the best but it does need it) and a splash or yogurt or buttermilk (just a splash and not cream). It makes a great sherbert. Or at least that is what I call…
  • it is hard to justify based on logical economics. Maybe you should sell your bike and replace it? I ride sooo much more than I used to. Almost all my errands on the weekends. Even to the grocery store. I can carry a gallon of milk back up the hill. I never tied that on my old bike, even when I was younger and fitter.
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  • start w/ 1/2 greek yogurt & 1/2 mayo. Or switch to low fat mayo. avocado is good in there and a good fat
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  • I make my own "ranch" dressing w/ some varying mix of yogurt, mayo, buttermilk (depends on how think I want it, how many calories, etc). the seasoning is dill, onion powder & garlic powder. And salt & maybe pepper. fresh dill is great but dried works. And fresh parsley or lemon zest really spark it up.
  • I also throw spiral sweet potato raw into a green salad. it's kind of weird but I like the crunch and I love zucchini spiraled w/ pesto! so easy & good
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  • we have lots of foil packs on the grill or fire this time of year. I love either sweet potato or butternut squash spiraled w/ a bit of ham (or bacon) and a table spoon of bbq sauce. Maybe some sweet onions sliced thin. It cooks really fast when it's spiraled & tastes sooo yummy w/ bbq
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  • green veggie of some kind. I've got tons of greens in the garden right now so it would be salad at my house. Asparagus or broccoli or green beans would be good
  • I like fage 0% and trader joes greek yogurts. especially in a smoothie. Or instead of ice cream (really!) w/ maple syrup & walnuts.
  • leftovers are great. dried beans can be marinated with veggies and make very filling lunches over several days. apple & peanut butter is one of my favorites. actually I like pb&j sandwhich on occasion. eggs are cheap & keep me going. whole grains can stretch anything. I get two meals out of a can of tuna (stretched w/…
  • good: I rode my bike to work this morning. So, I will be riding home (30 minutes total!). It is sunny and beautiful and makes me feel like a kid for that 30 minutes. I packed a smart lunch w/ tons of greens & homemade hummus & an apple. My friend came over last night and I served us up some strawberries instead of wine!…
  • I just re read my original post and I sound really whinny. I'm grateful that my cancer is seeminly gone. I know my treatment was much easier than many women endure. The nurse (?) recommended Dr Weil's anti inflammatory diet. It is lots of vegges/fruits. whole grains, beans, good oils. No so much meat or sugar. Intuition…
  • oh, and I work about 50 hours a week and have a family with a great husband and two almost grown daughters.
  • keep moving. It loosens me up and overall makes me feel better.
  • I went to trader joes for the first time in a long time. They had some raw sweet potato ribbons, edamame, and raw chopped veggies. I had never bought any of these but they have made it easy for me to pack some extra veggies into my diet this week.
  • I use them both from time to time. I keep some pure protein bars at my office for when I haven't had breakfast (better than the drive thru) or when I have forgotten my lunch. And, I usually have some vanilla whey protein powder at the house to beef up a smoothie and make me more likely to make it to lunch. I try not to…
  • The walking is great. I have never had a problem splitting whole meals or desserts and they will allow you to bring your own snacks & water bottles into the parks. They will even refill your water bottles at the food stands
  • Also, I'm currently double tracking and find that ww 30 points just fits my mfp calorie allotment to lose 1/2 pound per week
  • on ww you can really overdo the 0 point fruit. But I think it is a smart way to balance things, too. If I don't feel like eating an apple then I'm probably not really hungry.
  • why do you think greek yogurt is just for snacking? I have it almost every day is some form for breakfast. For me, it beats eggs. I will put it in smoothies (with a scoop of whey protein powder & frozen blueberries) or make overnight oats (old fashioned oats, yogurt, milk, frozen blueberries and some stevia). For dinners I…
  • I got a sunrise simulation alarm that gradually lights up. THat helps, especially in the winter. I suppose it has a snooze but it's kind of complicated and I haven't ever figured out how to do that (I know how pitiful that sounds but in 2+ years I haven't ever snoozed). I used to put my old alarm clock across the room.
  • I don't know if this would work but I saw my aunt do this with kids who didn't like veggies. She let them eat some of their dinner early but just the veggies. I have done this before with roasted brussel sprouts. I don't love them but I will eat quit a pile of them if I'm really hungry. I put them out with toothpicks when…
  • I kind of agree that speed doesn't matter for calorie counts. But it does matter for satisfaction and that helps me to eat less overall. How are you eating now? For me I have to have some rules. I don't eat in the car. I don't eat at my desk or in front of the TV. I do eat dinner with my family 99% of the time which works…
  • I have run alone for years. Often in the dark in the mornings. I make sure that my husband knows generally where I'm going - and I have had a dog for most of those years. She's not really protective but no knows that unless they know our family.
  • I am up at 5:15 every week day before work for my spinning class, elliptical, or swimming. I do sleep in on the weekends. I could workout at lunch but find it is a hassle to shower and too many excuses keep me from getting it done. My worst excuse "I'm hungry and I'd rather eat" I could also workout after work but see…
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  • dinner doesn't have to be a three course, lovely foodie experience every single night. Nothing wrong with fixing scrambled eggs (or omlets) for the family dinner. It's a good way to use up leftovers. Mine can be more veggie centric then theirs. Grilled cheese & tomato soup is popular at my house. Bean and cheese burritos…