Do you get up early to exercise? Or after work etc?



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    All great info here folks! You early risers, what time do you get in bed the nights before those 5am (or earlier) wake up calls? Do you ever feel absolutely drained right after lunch when doing this?

    Generally, I am in bed around 9:30-10. I try to spend as much time as I can after work with the family, although there are so many things going on, lol. I try to stick as close to 9:30, even 9 some days.

    Regarding feeling drained, some days yes. I honestly eat my lunch, then take a quick power nap - 10 to 20 minutes. Keeps me going through the rest of the day. I also pack energy packed foods for my lunch so I get refueled there as well.
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    I don't like early morning exercise - my knees and back take time to "wake up", I perform better later in the day and my best sleep is often early morning.

    So I exercise either at lunchtime or in the evening - gym shuts at 10pm and I'm frequently the last one to leave. Even a really intense late workout doesn't interfere with getting to sleep.

    When it's cycling season I notice I'm heading out as all the early birds are coming home! When doing an event that starts early my performance and enthusiasm are always low for the first couple of hours.
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    Mornings. If I don't do it then, I am less likely to do it at all once the responsibilities of the day start to take hold. An added bonus is that I feel good for the rest of the day, physically and emotionally (hey, I started the day by doing something good for ME). But my kids are older than yours and can get themselves ready for school.

    It took me only a few days to get used to the schedule change, because the exercise made me tired enough that I started falling asleep much earlier in the evening! I also started sleeping much better.
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    Work your child into your exercise whenever possible (though harder to make it routine). if you take her to the park, walk laps around while watching her or play with her on the bars and swings etc! Doesnt have to be formal exercise. I would still try to schedule in purposeful exercise (strength, cardio etc) a few days a week, but a lot of chaning your life is changing your mind set and leading a generally more "active" life. If your kid plays any sports, dont just stand on the sidelines, walk around, go for a quick run while they are practicing, etc. Get some other regular parents to join you for a walk, etc.

    Take your kid for a walk with you in the evenings - consider it a learning thing, teaching your child that activity is fun and important. Race each other. PLay tag in the kitchen. Think of it as "recess" instead of exercise :) and get the kid involved!
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    During the week I usually workout as soon as I wake up (calisthenics, resistance/strength training) and I take a walk after dinner.

    I am a morning person, but I started my AM workouts when I was really overweight and I discovered things got in my way from getting in my workout and I'd run out of time or didn't feel like it.

    Eventually I forced myself to start working out first thing in the morning to "get it out of the way".

    It was tough at first, but planning really helped me. The night before I would lay my clothes out would plan out my workout so I knew exactly what I was going to work on. Once I was consistent things weren't so bad.

    After about 2, maybe 3 weeks in I adapted and it was working great for me.

    It felt so good to get my workout in before the day get started and it gave me a lot of energy. Plus I found it helped me to make better decisions when it came to my meals.

    4 and a half years later I'm completely addicted to my morning workouts and I'm very happy with my routine and my progress.

    Good luck finding a routine that works for you and you wife!
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    Used to get up at 6 to be at work for 7. Now its getting up at 5:15 so I can do 25 or 35 mins on the treadmill. Still at work by 7. After work I may put in another treadmill session depending on what's on tv (I walk/jog watching hockey), but the morning routine is working for me.
    My eyes are closing by 9 so it's not too often I'm not asleep at 10.
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    I do mornings twice a week, lunch twice a week, and midday on the weekends whenever I have time. It's easier for me to alternate than to get up at 5 every day.
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    I wake up at 4:30am 4 days a week (week days) to go to the gym before work. I am a morning person so that helps. I have a son and husband who need attention and the only time I see my husband is Monday-Thursday evenings (he works 14 hr shift Friday/Sat/Sun) so working out after work would cut in to our time together (he won't work out with me either, I've tried). My gym does have a daycare so sometimes I'll go on the weekends so I can get more than 30 minutes in, which is all I can manage with already having to wake up at 4:30am. My husband hates that I go to bed so early in the evenings but it's preferable to me anyway and he gets to play his video games all night.
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    With four kids needing lots of help with homework or non-school stuff (scouts, choir, chess club, etc) I normally don't have time after work to workout. The few times I do have time, my wife gives me grief for not spending time with her! lol

    That leaves before work. I have to hit the road NLT 0545 to get to work, and my gym opens at 5, so I need to be up at 0445 to hurriedly dress, throw lunch into my lunchbox, and be at the gym when the doors open for a fast 30 minute lifting session. I miss the days I could spend an hour plus lifting, not to mention sleeping in til 7, but this is better than nothing.
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    I work out as soon as I put the kids to bed. It works well for me and is a great way for me to unwind at the end of the day.
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    I start each day with 30 minutes of yoga (well, first I feed the cats and give the dog her medicine). Then after work I will do 75-90 minutes of whatever I am doing for the day (right now Insanity, kettlebells, MMA-style workouts, maybe some step aerobics; soon, will be adding weight training back in to the mix). Weekends are the same but I use the yoga as a cool-down stretch after the cardio.

    I work out at home so there are no excuses not to go to the gym. I have a one-room finished basement with a home gym, pull-up tower, various other equipment, TV, and some floor space. Even a space heater for cold days. My husband does the cooking and we don't have kids, so I have the time. Will be cutting back the after work session to about an hour a day as soon as I feel comfortably in the maintenance zone (which is not quite yet).

    I realize this schedule won't work for a lot of people but it has allowed me to lose weight all year while still eating almost 2000 calories per day as a small-framed woman and I am now (at age 39) in better shape than I have ever been before.
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    During the week, I normally work out in the evening but in the weekends I am normally out by 0500 for a 10-15 mile walk
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    I started mornings this summer when it got too hot to run in the afternoons and lift in my garage with no A/C. It took some time to adjust, but now I love getting up early. But I also go to bed at 9:30 and am asleep by 10.
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    Swim 4 miles at 5AM.
    A few days a week I also hit the weight room after work. Sometimes a spinning class too.
    Love it when they have the later spin class occasionally on Saturday Morning then I can swim 4 miles and hit the spin class after.
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    It depends on the time of year. In the summer I prefer to get up early and go for a sunrise's a great way to start the day and I love the cool crispness of a new summer day before it really heats up. Weekends are fantastic for long rides.

    In the spring and particularly fall, I like to ride on my lunch breaks...temps are wonderful...spring can be a bit hit or miss with the winds we get here though...late spring isn't too bad though and that's usually when I start locking in some miles. Weekends are fantastic for long rides.

    In winter I primarily use my indoor trainer in the evenings when I get off work and primarily just looking to maintain some semblance of a base...I've been using a variety of indoor trainer DVDs and YouTube videos...most of my work is under 60 minutes in duration.

    I lift a couple days per weekday evening after work and then either Saturday or Sunday depending on what's going on.
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    Was a morning person until I had to compete for the weights at the gym with another couple of women. I got permission from my boss to start work at 6:30 and leave at 3pm 2 days a week so I can go lift weights when the gym seems quieter. So I go after work at 4p, 3 days a week and at 3p, 2 days a week. Works out well. My kids are self-sufficient so I can do what I want now :)
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    I have children 8,2 and 1.
    I have to do early morning around 5.30/6 or it's a no go for me x
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    Always evenings - late morning on the weekends. I have a 30-40min bus ride to work, plus a half mile walk from the bus stop to the office, and try to be in no later than 8:30a, so if I were to go in the mornings I would be asleep at my desk by 11a.

    I also only do OrangeTheory classes which I book a month out at a time, so I usually always schedule class for 5:45 or 6p (depending on the day). Another 30-40min bus ride home, and I have enough time for a quick snack and time to walk over to the studio (thankfully it's only two blocks away). An hour in class and I'm home within 10 minutes to start making dinner. And then I'm usually falling asleep on the couch by 11pm.
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    I am up at 5:15 every week day before work for my spinning class, elliptical, or swimming. I do sleep in on the weekends.

    I could workout at lunch but find it is a hassle to shower and too many excuses keep me from getting it done. My worst excuse "I'm hungry and I'd rather eat"

    I could also workout after work but see above regarding lunch

    My husband works from home and get his done later in the morning after the kids and I have left the house.

    We have always worked together to ensure that we get workouts in. THese morning workouts are one of the greatest gifts he's ever given me
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    Up early to exercise or it NEVER gets done. Period.