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Right this the third and last attempt at typing this before I hate my new phone forever!

OK so I enjoy cycling but think I would do it more if it were more fun!

So I have been looking at these eBikes (a bike with a discreet motor and battery with optional assistance).

I really like the idea of incredibly cheap motorised transport - with the benefit of excercising too. If I am really knackered on a hill then I am not too proud to engage motor for some help and enjoyment.

So! does anyone here own one? Or have knowledge of one? How much did you spend?


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    I shopped for at least a year before purchasing a FeltElectric SPORTe95.

    It is a pedalectric: that means you MUST pedal for the engine to engage--it stops when you quit pedaling or it bows out when you hit 20 MPH.

    I live in Austin, Tx. There were 2 dealers when I bought mine. Sept. 2014. One would NOT wheel & deal--however the other offered a zero % financing through Sunchrony bank, so I bought it. I paid $4,000 for it but got them to throw in the rack, fenders & head & taullights that run off the system.

    I bought this because 1) Felt has been building bikes for about 22 years now and 2) the Bosch Motor has been proven in use for 6-7 years in Europe. 3) you can get service and parts for it.

    So many ebike dealers tell you they can order you a bike you're interested in, but want you to buy it before riding it, Which is ridiculous.

    I put 2000 miles on it the first year. i ride a 10.5 mile commute, each way, probably half a dozen times a month, give or take. It's faster than driving, due to circumventing traffic jams.

    I'm 62. I'm a former smoker. I can ride to work & back on a single charge. The Bosch battery pack generally gives me about 30 miles. I generally charge it after each 25 miles I ride. I plan carefully & have never run the battery completely out.

    I can't recommend this bike strongly enough. I feel like I'm 12 when I'm riding it. Neither hills nor headwinds slow me down. I love it.

    I had not ridden this spring due to heart problems, but doc okayed me to resume riding now.

    I now have 2222.2 miles on the bike. :)

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    I hope that by now you have a bike. I was completely overwhelmed. And, I knew that my analysis paralysis was starting to really cost me some active riding time. So I went to an ebike dealer and told him how I wanted to ride and he recommended something. The two of us rode for 30 minutes in the neighborhood of the shop and I was sold.

    Mine sounds similar to the one above in that it is bosch pedal assist. Now that I've owned it and ridden it I would buy bosch pedal assist without riding it if I thought I couldn't get what I needed from the floor. It is that great. And, that technology is pretty common now.