Tuna salad



  • Moxie42
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    I make my own mayo, which I think is tastier and healthier. It's not the lowest-calorie idea ever but I find that because it's so flavorful, a small amout goes a long way.

    * 1 egg
    * 1 tbsp lemon juice
    * 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    * 1 cup light olive oil (it has to be light olive oil or the flavor is bitter and not yummy)
    * Dashes of salt and pepper

    I put everything except the light olive oil in a wide-mouth mason jar and blend it with an immersion blender. Then I slowly add the light olive oil, while continuing to blend. The entire process takes maybe 1 minute. I'm sure a regular blender would work as well, just add the light olive oil last.
  • Tennisskater
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    I make my own chimichurri sauce and mix with tomatoes and chopped green peppers
  • lsardoff
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    Smashed avacado
  • MelanieCN77
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    Malt vinegar and a bunch of tiny chopped veggies like carrot, onion and bell pepper.
  • shyhall
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    Philidelphia light cheese, mixed up with tuna is really tasty. The mini pots are only 53 calories.


  • nowine4me
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    For one packet of tuna, try a 1/2 container of single serve guacamole. Plenty to moisten it for a sandwich
  • RebekahAnn88
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    My hubby loves lime with tuna :smiley:
  • mccraee
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    start w/ 1/2 greek yogurt & 1/2 mayo. Or switch to low fat mayo. avocado is good in there and a good fat
  • alwznlace
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    I use the light olive garden salad dressing. So good
  • PattyHewes
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    I can second the Dijon. Really good. If you want to avoid mayo but are ok with Paleo type substitutes then I have used Tessamae's ranch and that is tasty.

    Not quite tuna salad but sometimes I throw in franks red hot. Delicious.
  • asianolikeyou
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    Greek yogurt and a bit of spicy mustard, add in some chopped celery and shredded romaine
  • _pi3_
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    Greek yogurt, avacado
  • nyguyintucson
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    havent tried it yet, but saw a recipe on allrecipes for tuna mixed with hummus that got very good reviews.
  • junodog1
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    For tuna salad I use Miracle Whip Light
    Never really liked mayo in my Tuna Salad. I do like mayo.
  • bruby28
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    Greek yogurt with fresh lemon .. half avocado half cottage cheese ..mustard or relish ..half avocado half sour cream
  • rob0781
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    I usually eat tuna out of the can for a change rather then a protein shake. But if im making a tuna sandwich I always use mustard , if your counting calories and being picky best thing you can do is learn to love mustard. .
  • mjbnj0001
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    non-dairy variants for summertime? dash of EVOO, splash of lemon juice/zest, herbs of choice, minced veg of choice (celery, onion [red, white, scallion, shallot, ...], sweet peppers, cherry/grape tomatoes, etc., S&P, perhaps a little kick with spice (cayenne, red pepper flakes, chili sauce), etc.
  • midlomel1971
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    I eat tuna salad at least 2x a week. Like I'm addicted. I use Duke's Light Mayo w/ Olive Oil (I'm a Southerner...it's gotta be Dukes). Maybe you could try greek yogurt? I like my tuna salad tangy so I use a lot of dill, too.
  • bababs89
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    Avocado! yum!