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  • I love this! Some days I’m so down and mentally exhausted that I can’t work out, even though I know it helps me. The fatigue is unbearable. I feel guilty for being tired all the time and not getting things done. Side note: thank you for posting about mental health. I sometimes feel so disconnected from othe people on MfP…
  • I think you have to connect MFP to Apple Health and make sure your watch is connected to the Apple Health app. It takes a little rigging, and you sometimes get notifications that it’s not connected even when it is.
  • I would suggest carrot sticks with onion dip. You get the crunchiness and the onion flavor. It’s like eating sour cream and onion chips. You could also try eating a small bowl of oatmeal. Add some cocoa powder and a tbs of peanut butter and you’ve got a Reese’s. It’s more filling than snacking and you still get the sweet…
  • Quichecake?! That sounds incredibly interesting. Can you message me a recipe?
  • Roasted Chicken breast with potatoes and carrots and green beans on the side.
  • Have you tried gum? Gum is sweet and makes me feel like I’m eating something.
  • I do this as well. Most of my snacks take actual physical work to get to. I have to rearrange things. It does help to dissuade me when I want something extra for the day.
  • Welcome back. I just got back a little over a month ago!
  • Hey! Nice to meet you! Feel free to add me. So happy that you’re starting on your journey. It’s hard. But it’ll be worth it.
  • There are quite a few different diagnoses that include abdominal distention. Are you having any pain or cramping? If so, I would def recommend a doctor. Have you had a decent bowel moment recently? You could be constipated. Or it could be gas. I would suggest moving around for a while, isolating both upper and lower body.…
  • Thanks. That was super helpful! Definitely some things to consider.
  • Pro: I can do it whenever I want and I don’t have to worry about traffic. Con: I'm a competitive person, so I don’t really have additional motivation. I don’t have a lot of space or equipment besides my treadmill. When I do create space in the middle of the floor, my cat desires the exact space that I occupy. *eye roll*…
  • I tend to lean towards the end of period calories don’t count. If I have to be without my craving, it can become dangerous for people around me. So I’m really doing a good deed by eating. 😂 Besides, Your body burns more calories during your special time anyway, so I figure I will break even. Lol But there are times that I…
  • Hey guys! I’m new. Feel free to add me!
  • I’m looking too! Feel free to add me as well!
  • I’m 5’6 but I felt and looked my best when I was around 160. I’m quite muscular because I was an athlete for most of my life. I’m looking forward to getting back there again.
  • That’s smart. I should try that especially since I hate logging tomatoes and other veggies I put in my salad.
  • I watch YouTube videos about stuff that I’m interested in. So I have to focus on what I’m watching. I essentially create a playlist with different videos. Sometimes I throw in music videos to switch things up, but it’s mostly videos. I also listen to podcasts. They go through different topics so even if I do zone out and…
  • How big are you now (height/weight), and how fast did you tell MFP you want to lose? MFP doesn't recommend a calorie level out of the blue. It recommends a calorie level based on how fast we say we want to lose. It'll let a person choose punitively fast, unsustainable loss rates. (I'm not saying you did that: I don't know,…
  • I’m curious about that too... I might add that to my personal research list so I can learn more.
  • I don’t try to end up there, it just sort of happens. I do weigh out my food and meal prep accordingly. So I’ll set out to eat certain prepared meals during the day but, due to timing issues, I usually end up being short on calories. Instead of stuffing my face like I really, really, REALLY want to do, I just try to go to…
  • Wow all this was majorly helpful. Thanks guys. As for the speed, that’s why I gave my min and max so you can see the variation in speeds. I also forgot to mention that I’m usually doing variable inclines. But the tips as far as how the Apple Watch calculates calories burned was very helpful. Guess I have to take things up…
  • MFP recommened 1236. It’s been kinda hard to stick to especially since I try to be under my goal. So I usually end up around 1100. I’m starving. But I’m learning to eat until I’m satisfied rather than being full. It’s a really weird feeling.
  • I wish I was like that. Cleaning stresses me out more. I have perfectionist tendencies... :#
  • Don’t mind me. I’m just here for ideas :)
  • I’m dishonest. Sometimes I don’t feel like scanning it and counting the odds and ends that I eat. Especially if I use a few drops of a sauce... I’m not measuring and counting that! Or if I take a tiny piece of candy with a large serving size (like eating 5 sour patch kids when the serving size is 110 cals for 15). This is…
  • My petty reason is that I’m finally at a place where I’m willing to get up and work out (major depression has been a beast lately) and I can’t because the gyms are closed. And even if they open, I probably won’t go back until the end of the year...maybe Another reason is that sometimes I wanna treat myself and make…
  • I would check the beach body sore to see how many calories they suggest you eat to maintain and lose weight. You could be in a serious calorie deficit depending on how many calories they suggest per day
  • That is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the advice. There are some days when I eat less than others (mostly because I stay in bed all day until I'm starving). And I don't drink sugary drinks. I drink water. And if I need a change, water with fruit in it. I don't use condiments because I like the taste of food and…