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  • 100% correct - it's a continual journey. I reached goal 3 years ago and it is far harder to maintain than to lose.
  • ^Beat me to it! OP all you need to do is plug your stats into the calculator to get your calorie goal then be careful with logging. Weigh and measure what you can, don't guess. Take a long-term view and try to add some exercise now/later, when you can. Read the stickies if you have time. All it takes is persistence - don't…
  • Agree on the form check. Also be aware (assuming it's a Concept2 rower), higher damper setting is more for strength whereas lower is more cardio. Presumably as you're trying to build up your time you want more of a CV workout, so don't be tempted to dial up the damper for vanity's sake. ETA: Ah I see usmcp said it better…
  • @bradspace3725 I hope you don't mix your M&Ms.
  • If you're a total beginner anything where you're moving more. Walking and swimming are both great to start to build stamina, as you get fitter you'll find it easier and you can look at what you enjoy. Don't just concentrate on cardio - try to include some strength work as soon as you can, it helps maintain muscle and…
  • Total lack of respect to the chocolate eating process. He's an animal :neutral:
  • Yeah just make sure you tell it as otherwise you'll get false steps for general movements.
  • Walking is a great place to start and will help you get fitter. Don't worry about stairs if they're a struggle atm.
  • No idea but would assume down stairs is more or less the same as walking on a flat surface? Walking around should be accounted for in your daily activity level so I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Not low calorie but I find Warburton High Protein Wholemeal Wraps useful. Nutritional info per wrap pasted below: Energy 774 kJ 184 kcal / Fat 3.3g / Saturates 0.8g / Sugars 2.4g / Salt 0.67g The benefit isn't in the calorie count but they are filling and have a good amount of protein plus fibre. Much less 'doughy' than a…
  • Op what are u doing with the kb. Is it a class or are you just using it in training? If you can be specific we'll be able to give you a better answer.
  • OP can you explain what you mean by 'successfully' ie. as in what? Building muscle? Or minimising lean body mass loss whilst losing weight? Thanks.
  • It's a tricky one because there are lots of different things you can do with a KB but once I'd researched it and the likely burns I adapted a circuit training entry. As long as you know there's a margin of error it at least gives you an idea.
  • In addition to some of the points above - are you using the same scales to weigh yourself as you did at outset? Same time of day with/out clothes? If its a digital scale have you checked the batteries? And is it on the same (non-carpet) surface as it was first time?
  • Can't comment on the product you've linked but I have a (cheap version of) the flipbelt from Amazon for my iphone 6s and it fits well - I think your S6 is slightly bigger but it was advertised as fitting both of these phones. I've NO idea how to paste in a link but I'll try... Running Belt Waist Pack, MoKo Universal…
  • It does depend on the position of the plates. Mine was plated/screwed in fibula and tibia in about 2010. They had to come out about 18mths later but it was a breeze. Recovery was quick - they can remove under a local but it's the anaesthetist's choice and mine preferred to knock me out. It was a day's hospital visit then…
  • Yeah likewise. And to be clear it's not mybodygallery I'm looking for it's the other one. Thank you :smiley:
  • How far are u going to run? I frequently do about 30 mins straight out of bed then eat/drink after. It's personal preference but just make sure you're hydrated.
  • Your no's are about the same as mine and my scales tell me I'm ~21%. I think they have ~3% error margin and looking at online images I'd say low 20s is about right.
  • It will come off where it wants. Maybe your calves will be last to go. Just keep it up and fingers crossed.
  • Ideas above are great, also consider packing a resistance band, takes no room in your bags but can be very effective if you don't have access to weights. Could you try saving some workouts on Pinterest?
  • @Sued0nim I could have written that myself :lol: OP - yes you need to reduce your bf so the layer of fat is lost. Unfortunately it's often the last to go, and the rest of your body could be very lean well before it decides to give up the stomach fat. Only you can decide how lean to go so that you're happy with the entire…
  • Definitely not Fitbit Flex. My kids are too old for pushchairs but I've noticed in the supermarket when pushing a trolley it doesn't log properly.
  • Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra are the best I've ever used, they keep their shape and wash well, they have an extra fastening to make them like a racer back and are very comfortable. I run often in mind and they're great.
  • Yes and not only water weight from the type of food but also from your flight. I noticed last flight I had my ankles ballooned and sure enough the water weight, about 4lbs, came off in a few days. So give it a week of eating back at your 'normal' and then reassess.
  • I've noticed my flex doesn't give me many steps when I'm pushing a cart, other friends with pushchair have made the same observation. I guess it's because the arms are not swinging so fewer steps register.