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  • Thanks for the responses. I wish mfp would tell me when someone responds. I just saw these. Yes, I do have reactive hypoglycemia. I try to remain protein heavy. Last year I had to lower my protein because it was causing my liver enzymes to increase and the low carb was causing other issues. I have tried to balance out…
  • Happy New Year. I am ready to really recommit this year. Lets do it together!
  • I know this is an old post..BUt I am there too.
  • Hey. I am there with you guys. Who all is still struggling?
  • Here is a good guide I have been told by experts 1-50 carbs equal solid weight loss; 50 to 100 equal a slow loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week; 100-150 carbs is good for maintaining. Anything about 150 can be a danger zone. Seems to be working for me. I am maintaining at the level.
  • I kept having problems getting off these. It turns out it is a drug you need to ween yourself off of because the body overproduces when it starts producing acid again. I was on the for almost two years then finally I bought some Tums and Tagament and took as needed. Over the period of about a month things settled down. I…
  • Porkrinds and salsa work
  • Anyone can add me. Had RNY Feb. 10, 2014
  • I am at a different point than most of you guys. I am trying to maintain now. I did weigh daily, but I am trying to get to a new "normal." I am weighing weekly, eating a lot but cutting out simple carbs and focusing on complex. Actually, it's working. I am maintaining at 155 pounds. I am really starting to believe it's…
  • I am currently able to maintain 1900 calories a day. It gets easier over time. I literally eat 7 meals a day.
  • I do watch. I wish they would follow more "mainstream" cases. It does seem like they set these folks up to fail.
  • Thanks guys. I still don't think i would change anything. I just have to learn to eat at maintaince.
  • I am 21 months out and maintaining with 1700 to 1900 a day. I had RNY. While I was loosing I found when losses slowed it was time to raise calories. I always stayed under MFP recommended and lost. It worked for me. Lost nearly 175.
  • My rant. I am at goal and my health is sucky. I have reactive hypoglycemia and I am currently freaked out because my liver enzyme levels keep rising. No clue what it could be other than maybe eating too much protein??? No one told me how hard it would get almost two years out. Thankful for the loss but I am having a hard…
  • Google Mocha Ricotta. All the south beach diet ricotta desserts are amazing. If you can't find it, message me.
  • Here we go. Starting 334. 152 now. RNY
  • Nope. Not the only guy. Rny feb of 2014 here. Add me if you like.
  • Honestly, I just aim to get in at least 80 grams of protein a day and keep my calories at 1300 to 1400. I follow MFP's recommended calorie goal to lose 2 pounds a week. I don't really worry about carbs and fat if I am getting in enough protein and staying at a calorie deficit. I also walk most days. It works for me. I am…
  • Oh my goodness. I joined Rock's Kitchen on Facebook. Everyone is raving about a recipe for Crack Slaw..That stuff is amazing and very bariatric friendly!
  • No. I will check it out. Thank you!
  • Honestly i am following MFP's suggest weightloss calories and taking my fitbit calculations into account. I am eating about 1400 calories a day and still losing about 1.7 pounds a week. Adding calories just scares me though. I am horrified of getting back to where I was.
  • 2/10/14 RNY
  • I have noticed some you saying that you know people who have had RNY that have gained the weight back. I don't think these people gained the weight back because they had RNY. I think people generally tend to gain weight back because they are not following their plans. Both RNY and VSG patients can gain weight back.…
  • I had RNY 2-10-14 and I am down 164 pounds. Obviously its different for everyone, but since the beginning I have had real hunger, not just head hunger. The operation is a great tool and for me has been very successful. No complications at all. I just find its easier for me to eat every few hours, get my protein in and…
  • Since you are still early out, I don't know if what I say would apply, but I keep Life Choice Protein Bars and Jerky in the car. If I have ice I keep cheese sticks and fairlife milk with me. You could also do protein shakes. At restaurants, I try to always check out their menu and nutrition online before I get there. But…
  • I usually just say I am eating less and moving more. Occasionally I will tell the whole story...depending on who is asking.