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  • May start wt: 147.3 May Goal wt: 140 May 1: 147.3 May 9: 143.7 May 13: 142.5 May 22: 139.1 May 29:
  • I have one of these friends. You can ask her how she's doing and she'll spout off about how she's tired because she's doing this new diet and she's not eating this or this, and then she'll run down what she's eaten that day, and what she plans to eat later. She constantly talks to everyone about whatever diet she's on and…
  • Fitting into my clothes again, feeling and looking stronger, wanting to be more active and stay active as I age. Like sunsweet77 I was invisible when I was larger. It's amazing and a little sad to see how much better I'm treated when I'm not a short, overweight, middle-aged woman. (Still short and and middle-aged, just no…
  • Whoops, realized I jumped the gun and today is only the 13th!
  • May start wt: 147.3 May Goal wt: 140 May 1: 147.3 May 9: 143.7 May 15: 142.5 May 22: May 29:
  • A bag of ice
  • This. I was never doing low carb, but one of my friends saw me tonight and asked if I was still doing the low carb thing. I think what she meant was, "Are you still watching what you eat?" which is a dumb question, because if I want to maintain what I've lost I'll always have to watch what I eat. That's how it works. It's…
  • The new size 6 jeans I bought. I was in 14’s a few months ago and still can’t believe it!
  • I’d rather run on the road than the sidewalk but the neighborhood sent out a notice saying people can’t run in the bike lanes or on the side of the road or they can get ticketed. Yet every time I run on the sidewalk I nearly get run over by someone on a bike. You can’t win.
  • I'm kind of weird in that I get on reading kicks where I'll read a book a day, then have months that go by where I read nothing. My goal on Goodreads this year is 50 books and I'm already woefully behind. I was reading The Alice Network a few months ago and just got stuck. It's still on my nighstand. I've listened to a few…
  • May start wt: 147.3 May Goal wt: 140 May 1: 147.3 May 9: 143.7 May 15: May 22: May 29:
  • Started wearing some pajama pants I found in my closet that were way too tight to wear a while back.
  • I actually added a hearty meat marinara sauce to it. I just looked up Olive Garden nutrional info and I'm surprised they have info about the serving size of their salads, salad dressings, and soup, but not pasta. Calories and nutrional info are there for pasta, just not the size of the portions.
  • I know, right? And then there's silverware... :D
  • May start wt: 147.3 May Goal wt: 140 May 1: 147.3 May 8: May 15: May 22: May 29:
  • We've had discussions about this. We think it's similar to letting air out of a balloon. :D
  • Except when it's really hot, which it is half the year here. Then they're wet and sweaty. :D And, once when I had a very conservative friend over visiting, our labrador walked in with one of my inserts in her mouth. At first I thought it was a chicken breast and wondered how she'd gotten it. Once I realized what it was I…
  • I looked up bowls and plates from when I was younger and I'm suprised they're only slightly smaller. Vintage Corelle cereal bowls are 6 1/4" by 1 7/8" and plates are 10 1/4". My current Fiesta plates are 10.5"
  • Probably relying too much on heavy cardio for years instead of focusing on healthier eating habits. It seems that contributed to my hormone *kitten* storm and I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I still do a little cardio but I focus on strength training . I also kept joining WW thinking that time would somehow be…
  • I’m the same way. I research everything to death making myself more unsure and paralyzed about the decision. I heard a podcast that said in those cases it’s a good idea to set a deadline by which the decision needs to be made. And then you deal with it, knowing most things aren’t permanent and that regret is optional. I…
  • It’s a 19 oz. Fiesta bowl measuring 6.875” x 1.875”.
  • Ran a couple of miles today finishing up April at 30.29/30 miles. I'm not sure if I'm going to join in for May. Apparently because of some issues I'm having I should be wearing compression garments when I run, like it's not hot enough here in Phoenix. We'll see, I guess.
  • Ran a little bit today. It puts me at 28.27/30 for the month.
  • April start wt: 156.5 April Goal wt: 150 April 1: 156.5 April 8: 154.6 April 14: 150.9 April 21: 148.4! April 28: 148.2 Disappointed to not see a bigger difference on the scale this week, but then I looked at the overall month and I’m thrilled!
  • Yet again I had a smaller pair of jeans waiting in my closet and yesterday I tried them on and actually wore them. Today I ordered more in the smaller size.
  • Here’s 12 year old Thelma ready for an evening walk.
  • Last year I needed a swimsuit for a cruise and shopped all over before settling on something out of desperation. When I saw photos of me wearing it I was so embarrassed. I wore that swimsuit last night in the hot tub and the bottom part was practically falling off me. It's time for a new suit!!
  • When I lost weight years ago I ended up buying silicone bra inserts to keep from being completely flat chested. They're annoying to wear but helped my clothes fit better.
  • Buying a new swimsuit and looking good in it this summer! I bought one last year for a cruise we went on and it was so ugly but I was desperate for anything that would fit. I wore it last night to get in the hot tub and the bottoms were falling off. I want to get a new swimsuit I like that’s flattering and actually fits!