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  • Drank 4 litres of water for the first time ever! What worked for me was drinking 2 bottles - 500ml + 750ml during my workout. Took a break in between with a coffee and an energy ball then went back again an hour later with another 2 bottles. Which made the rest of the day easier to squeeze in the other 1.5 litres. 🎉 It…
  • This morning I did a 25.5 mile bike ride! I started in January and used to do 20mins at a time, now I'm hitting 2 hours 🎉
  • I finally dropped off the obese category into the overweight on the BMI scale!! So so so happy about that 😊
  • Thank you!! 33lbs lost now and nearing the 200 day marker for logging. 😁
  • Bought a whole bunch of clothes online and for the first time, I'm sending them back because they are all too big!! 😁
  • Beyond ecstatic today! Lost another dress size even though the scale said I only lost only 1/4 lb. All my old clothes fit now. Happy weekend!!! :D
  • Energy balls made with nuts, dates and dried fruits or nut butters. Easy to make and you can keep on hand to snack.
  • Had this problem yesterday but when I checked the website it was saved there. I simply logged the dinner/snack and the whole recipe showed up in the app.
  • I've done it a few times when I've fallen off the wagon and it is such a great program. I've done both the 5K and 10K programs and every week you will feel motivated and accomplished. I highly recommend it. Enjoy
  • Been busy and never got to post my update last Friday: SW 192lbs CW 183lbs GW 130lbs Sep GW 178lbs Sep 7th 182 (1lb down)
  • A month ago I didn't think I could live without alcohol. I love my wine and we are always entertaining so have lots of drinks in the house. End of July decided to cut down on my drinking and only drink when friends came over. Since then, some weekends I had none at all and now I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.…
  • Yay we're back :) Good luck All 💪 We've got this 😉 SW 192lbs CW 183lbs GW 130lbs Sep GW 178lbs
  • After a long weekend in Paris and Brussels, I was stressing about the weight I put on from eating pasta, crepes, waffles and drinking too much wine and beer. But, and this is a big BUT, I allowed myself these treats as I knew I wouldn't be having them everyday and would get back on the "horse" once I got back home. Happy…
  • Loved your story and so inspiring!!! Such a handsome guy and your wife sounds like an amazing lady!! Well done mate!! :)
  • Well what an eventful week this has been. I've cut back on my drinking for just over a month now and I have to say my tolerance levels have already gone way down. I am finally working out how to eat things I want by managing my daily calorie allowance and even though Aunt Flow came round, the scale still dipped this week.…
  • Not a bad week for me and so far I've learnt the art of saying no. Showing up to social dos as late as possible, without being rude, to avoid food and filling my glass with water 😉 I did have half a glass of champagne and fit that into my calories for the day. Original starting weight: 192 (lbs) August starting weight: 187…
  • Today I completed the C25K programme for possibly the 5th time in 2 years but it was the second time I completed every single week. The problem I have is that when I go on holiday, I don't exercise then struggle to get back in the zone. So from now on, my plan is to continue running even when on holiday. For now I am happy…
  • After no weight loss on the scale in the first week, finally it moved! I was not worried as a size 12UK (10US I believe) trousers which couldn't fit a couple weeks ago, fit fine on Monday :smile: Original starting weight: 192 (lbs) August starting weight: 187 August goal: 182 Ultimate goal: 130 Friday weigh ins August 3:…
  • Make a batch of quinoa and prep ahead with Greek Yoghurt and fruit or eggs. We do this on a Sunday and works fine for the week.
  • Second issue with Recording an exercise, it cancels out my entire step count. It goes to zero. If you have negative calorie adjustment turned on, your entire calories from steps goes negative. I think its trying to adjust the calorie count from steps so there is no double dipping from steps during the exercise. But its…
  • I used to take 3 or 4 teaspoons in my tea or coffee in my early teens. Reduced it to 2 teaspoons and around 25 decided enough was enough and went cold turkey. I am now 39 and still don't add sugar to my hot drinks. I also don't drink juice or fizzy drinks. Not sure when that happened but it just did. :)
  • Hey I'm in :) Original starting weight: 192 (lbs) August starting weight: 187 August goal: 182 Ultimate goal: 130 Friday weigh ins August 3: August 10: August 17: August 24: August 31: Total loss for August:
  • For some reason my post above didn't include everything. Not only is my face so much smaller and my clothes fit better but guys, I've lost my love handles!!!! :blush: I kid you not! :D For the first time since I can remember, my obliques are slim and my waist so small. I still have a lower belly pooch but it is the…
  • This morning I graduated c210k!!! Started in January and finally completed! So freaking happy as my goal was to finish before my holiday next week :) Still slow but just need to improve my time now. With healthy eating (mostly from end of Feb) till now, running and walking, I've scorched 10lbs
  • You look incredible! Keep going
  • Was unwell with a bad tummy yesterday but today still got up and did my Wk14 D1 run! I managed to do the whole hour non stop and really proud of myself. On holiday next week and should have gone shopping yesterday but due to my bad tummy stayed home. Today, I decided to clean out my wardrobe and "found" so many peices of…
  • I walk to work daily (Mon to Fri) and see the same elderly man and his sheep dog every morning. The man and I normally exchange greetings and the dog just runs past ignoring me. Yesterday (Sat) I decided to walk my regular route and there they were. Pleasantries exchanged but the strangest thing happened, the dog ran ahead…
  • Four for me: 1.TOM on Wed and would normally curl up on the sofa after work. Away for Easter hols and really want to complete c210k before I go. I normally exercise first thing in the morning. Well I came home after work, got out the treadmill and completed W12 D1! First time on my period my weight is heading down hill,…
  • Yesterday I did a charity walk for cancer and walked 14 Miles! Took 4hours 45mins mainly as it was a group of us so had to keep waiting for people before pushing forward. I did it, tiring but I did it! Well chuffed especially as we raised close to £6000 for the charity...even better :)