Eliminating or reducing alcohol for weight loss

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I am working on losing weight and as of August first I have done a 180 on how I approach excersize, diet and just trying to live an all around healthier life style. I am 31, 5'8" and on august 1 I was 293.5 lbs. today I weighed in at 285 so I am happy with the 8.5 pound weight loss within 3 weeks but have a long road ahead.

I can't say I can give up alcohol cold turkey but I am going to try to drastically reduce how often I drink. (Example- instead of every weekend on Saturdays maybe I will drink once a month or every other weekend). When I drank I make poor choices like eating pizza at 1am and beer alone has enough empty calories. Any success with reducing your alcohol consumption?


  • smarieallen85
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    Congrats on your loss! It's great that you're thinking about the alcohol now. It can be hard. Some of us just like to drink and have life styles that include alcohol and mingling quite often. For one, once I started eating healthier and losing weight, I stopped being able to handle my alcohol as much. I get tipsy on one beer-which is not only a sign, but kind of a helping hand in slowing down on the alcohol. Secondly, I love whiskey, so drinking it neat or on the rocks helps cut down on calories. And third, my trainer always says "only wine". I don't know why because I'm not a scientist but I think that I consume less calories when I'm drinking wine compared to beer. I also feel more refined and tend not to go and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's-actually, I tend to just go to sleep :)
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    Well not recent results but I was a pretty frequent drinker when I was younger - between one and three times a week. I stopped completely when my first child was little and easily took off 15 pounds without cutting out any food. It is a really big source of calories and then bad food choices after the drinks!

    Good Luck!!
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    Not only do you make poor decisions, but the alcohol itself has a lot of calories, and usually you don't have just one drink. I never started drinking, but good on you for cutting back.
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    I used to drink vodka on at least 1-2 of my nights off. I'd end up binge eating and with one of those god awful 24-48hr hangovers that ted to hit once you pass 25yrs old.

    I stopped drinking in the house about 6mths back and only drink when I go out socialising now. Personally I found it made a change on the scales. And once I got past the initial what the hell do I do instead on a night phase it's been pretty smooth.
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    Try and cut it out completely for a few weeks and see how you feel. If it's going well, try a month. Then try two months. I found that over the past six months of being sober, it's best if you just say to yourself in the morning "I'm okay with not drinking today." Then stick with it.

    I find that I don't really miss it that much aside from the social alienation. Even that can be combatted with a few well intentioned phone calls to people whom you care about to arrange alternative activities.

    A few glasses of wine or a beer every so often isn't really a bad thing. When it becomes part of your identity, then you have to wonder if you're pointed in the right direction.
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    You can still fit alcohol into your diet if you choose. But you are right… alcohol has a lot of empty calories. And since you mentioned you tend to make poor choices when you're "under the influence" I think you've got the right idea of limiting how often you drink. Alcohol is not an issue for me anymore. I haven't drank in ages (a couple of years at least)… however, when I first decided that I needed to be more careful about how much I drank… I started making little "rules" for myself one at a time as to when and why I would be allowed to drink (never on a day I had to work, not just because it was "there," not at home, not alone, etc.) Find what works for you!
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    I would love some motivitation. I'm a heavy drinker I usually drink around 3 glasses of wine a night I est healthy but trying to get rid of the last 15 pounds even 10 would be great. Any tips and motivation success stories!
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    Yes, cut it out completely many years ago. You’ll be surprised how many people actually do not drink at all, and manage to enjoy themselves socially.

    It helps to have a go-to social drink, like club soda and lime, or Topo Chico.

    Also helps to have a hobby, some athletic activity, and some new friends, who don’t drink.

    After a while, you’ll wonder how you ever had time to spend “wasted” or hungover. There’s lots of other more fun stuff to do instead.

    And boy, do the pounds come off! So many calories in alcohol, and never really had much to show for it in exchange, really, except a beer gut.
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    I used to drink way more than I should have. And the drinks I would make were loaded with calories and sugar. I mixed everything with either orange juice or coke, or wine coolers with tons of sugar in them. So on top of setting a number limit of how many I could have a week, I switch what I was drinking. I changed to vodka sodas with a slice of lime. Or whipped cream vodka with orange seltzer (yummy).

    I don't drink beer, but a friend of mine who does switched to a lighter type and would only drink if someone else was. No more drinking a few alone at night while watching TV. And he only had a few frosted mugs in the freezer and would only drink out of those. So he had to stick to his limit. It helped him a lot.
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    I'm at this point too. I love my wine, but I'm trying to lose the last 10 pounds after having lost around 80 already. I'm limiting myself to weekends only, and no more than 3 drinks per night. For me, it's not so much the alcohol and the munchies that go along with it. The wine is so much better when you have the cheese and crackers alongside it!
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    A month ago I didn't think I could live without alcohol. I love my wine and we are always entertaining so have lots of drinks in the house. End of July decided to cut down on my drinking and only drink when friends came over. Since then, some weekends I had none at all and now I don't miss it as much as I thought I would. The couple of times I drank, I made sure to drink in a smaller glass and poured half the amount I normally would. My tummy is no longer bloated, my skin looks better and it is not a struggle to work out the next day. Like everything moderation is key. Start off small and see how you go. Best of luck
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    I'm right there with ya! I just started a Paleo-ish diet, and plan on eliminating alcohol for a while (at least 30 days), and eventually hope to just drink socially. I LOVE craft beer and it's been my downfall to my appearance due to all the calories. Stay strong, we got this!
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    I just cut it out cause what is the point of 1 drink? I do not drink cause it tastes good...come on REALLY??!! I drink for the feeling or lack thereof.
    If you do go more.....munchies follow.
    My losses are slim to none with alcohol and I have lost my alcohol belly without it!