Recipes not saving?

natnesssilver Posts: 1 Member
Anyone else having issues trying to save new recipes created or editing existing ones?

Every time I create new or edit then save changes aren't saving...frustrated!!!!


  • JoMoy72
    JoMoy72 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm having the same issue, it wasn't working last night either.
  • angelsja
    angelsja Posts: 860 Member
    Yep same here
  • chickenz
    chickenz Posts: 101 Member
    Mine save but it takes a while to show up
  • SToast
    SToast Posts: 255 Member
    Having the same problem now! 🤬
  • riverbearpa
    riverbearpa Posts: 2 Member
    Seems to be an issue with MFP as I noticed the same thing yesterday (March 9th). They do still work fine on the website, however. The solution given to me my MFP (clear the app's cache, uninstall, reinstall) did not work at all.

    MFP - are you listening?!? This is a serious inconvenience!
  • neugebauer52
    neugebauer52 Posts: 1,115 Member
    Was able to save a recipe recently - just marked it with the main food item and added my initials. So every time I want to record that food item, it comes up on top of the food list.
  • brianterz1
    brianterz1 Posts: 2 Member
    Trying to update or change a recipe... won’t save for me either
  • brianterz1
    brianterz1 Posts: 2 Member
    I have to many on my app to reinstall app
  • sueann10
    sueann10 Posts: 74 Member
    Had this problem yesterday but when I checked the website it was saved there. I simply logged the dinner/snack and the whole recipe showed up in the app.
  • njitaliana
    njitaliana Posts: 797 Member
    Go to MFP's FB page and post about it or message them about it.
  • MACMAC1966
    MACMAC1966 Posts: 1 Member
    I am having the same problem today 11 March. Tried several times and also open and closed the app several times
  • Missmissy0003
    Missmissy0003 Posts: 250 Member
    Same problem for several days.
  • ShellyLeeP
    ShellyLeeP Posts: 20 Member
    I had the issue on my phone app, but then when I went to the website on my laptop they were in fact there (multiple times from me trying multiple times).
  • angelsja
    angelsja Posts: 860 Member
    having the same issue if i log something on the app its not logging on the website and vice versa ive just created a recipe on the app and when i went to add it to my diary it said cambells chicken soup?? (not the recipe i created) i then looked on the website to find 2 entries of the same recipe from me creating it twice i added it to mfp website but it wont show on the app is there a way to sync the 2??