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  • Sorry for the late response. Thanks. I didn't think so knowing what I already know about MFP. I've been on here on and off for a long time and other Macro counting apps have explained the differences between MFP and their own. Thanks for confirming.
  • I've dug up my old FitBit Blaze, just for fun. However, MFP will adjust my daily calorie and macro goal UP when I'm active. I don't want to see that. I found the setting for "negative" adjustments but is there a way to turn it off altogether or just put my fitbit back in the drawer?
  • Going to see how my number fit in this. thanks for the reference.
  • I"ve been using the macro count and resulting cal total I got from RP. It's considered a cut for sure. Cals 1,417 Protein 145, Fat 53 and Carbs 90. Scale is pretty stuck at 170+/- but I'm pretty worn out. MFP macros do not equal RP macros because MFP counts ALL macros whereas in RP you only count the primary macro. For…
  • I just started using this one. Super simple, Green means go, Blue means rest. I have another "Interval Timer Tibetan Bowl" used it for lifting, intervals and yoga. Hard to see where you are tho so it's not the best if your phone is not that close to…
  • Converted the training program I have from RP for stuff i have in the garage. Warmup: Jump rope 5x 60sec Incline push: Incline push ups Chest Isolation or Tri's: Ring Dips Horizontal Push: Floor press with band Horizontal Pull: Cable pull with a band Vertical Pull: Ring pull ups Side Lats: Lats with a 10lb pipe wrench!…
  • Thank for the warm welcome @sardelsa RP does take some work. I found with my schedule it's hard to keep up with logging in, spreadsheet or the app. Workout templates are "ok" but there's a lot of free stuff out there depending on your goals and available equipment. Is anybody Macro Counting? Jeff
  • Hello, Just found you guys. Hope you don't mind I sneak in. Been on MFP for a while but dropped off a 2 or 3 years ago. then about a month or so started up again. Not because my weight, just looking for a more convenient way to log my macros. Sounds like you all are pretty like minded. By ways of introduction I lost a good…
  • Nice work! I'm working on changing body comp since I'm older (60+). I'm at my goal weight and looking to stay hear while loosing some BF. Been counting macros with RP and was doing their training. Similar to what you were doing hypertophy and strength combo. Not even close to reaching your level but doing pretty damn well…
  • April 6, 2020 Warmup: Jump Rope, 1min on/1min rest 5x, Air squats 5 rounds, 40,40,35,35,25 Work: -Sandbag squats 85# 4x12 (harder than I thought, bag is old Marine Sea Bag, hard to grab) -Crab walk with Black Band, 20ft up and down, 5x -Bear walk with Black Band, 20 ft up and down, 5x -Weighted bridges 25# 4x10 -Tire Drag…
  • Jim, "Ripped" is a relative term! Still I have to have some goals lol. I've had those rings for a while, homemade! I will check Youtube. I'm building my list of what I can do with the tools I have.
  • Thanks, it helps when I'm starting from my goal weight. I just need to put the cookies down and pick up those stones. :smiley:
  • I"m 60 and been crossfitting and lifting since I was 49. I'm going to check this out because I've looked and have not found much specific to older lifters except basic stuff.
  • My old leathers have a lot of scars on them but they've held up and worth all the money I spent. I'd go with Starting Strength for sure. Stick with it. The worse thing you can do it program hop. I've had my leathers for over twenty years and I'm happy to say I have about 30lbs of extra room in them. What are you riding?
  • I signed up four days ago and to be honest see no benefit to Premium. Everything they sell as a new benefit falls short to be something really useful.
  • I haven't been here much (not at all really) but started out in September. This week I completed a 30 day No Alcohol Challenge and thought I'd show you all a progress picture. Here's what kicking the booze an do for you....
  • Really wanted a drink at one point last night. Even so far as to go through my mind about the next day. Had to "think through the drink". You know your not drinking when you start having dreams again. Like weird ones. I'm up, passed on my 5am alarm and pushed it to 6:00. I'll get my workout in this afternoon. My favorite…
  • Random benefit of not drinking #17) You can wake up early and train.
  • I'm in too. Just finished day 14 of a 30 Day NoAlcohol Challenge.
  • Instead of using the negative, try a positive. So, rather than "I can't have a drink" say to yourself (or the bartender), "I'll have a water and lime". I was at a tailgate party (a few of them) this saturday. Somebody even handed me a beer. Instead of "No thanks" I just said "Got a bottle of water?"
  • Checking in after a couple days off the thread. I'm still in good shape. Alcohol free and been to the gym everyday since the 19th when I was really able let the challenge take hold. I'm in it for 30day++. This weekend is going to be a challenge. I'm going to the ND/Miami game. Got invited by a good friend of mine just last…
  • I'm in, going to finish September strong.
  • Welcome and I love my booze too but it doesn't love me back. I just had to break up. :)
  • Yesterday was a difficult day. One of my big triggers is tinkering in the garage. We moved this summer and I was building some racks to hang the rakes, shovels and other garden things. Cravings got really strong around 4pm. I had a good excuse to drive to the liquor store because I had to go to the Home Depot for screws. I…
  • It's likely a run will do you good.
  • Second sober nite in a row, woke early for a run.
  • I joined James Swanwick's 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge. It's a paid subscription thing but has a 2 week refund policy (maybe 30 days??). Nonetheless I'm listening to his videos and he has a private FB page thats helpful too. His regular page is a little too sales'y but so far I'm finding it helpful. I'll know better tonight.
  • Home stretch and i think i might be back on track.