1 year transformation



  • rheddmobile
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    Very nice! Right now I have to move the cat bowls if I want to use my squat rack, but I’m hanging in there until the gyms reopen. Your space looks great!
  • theclaw900
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    Nice work! I'm working on changing body comp since I'm older (60+). I'm at my goal weight and looking to stay hear while loosing some BF. Been counting macros with RP and was doing their training. Similar to what you were doing hypertophy and strength combo. Not even close to reaching your level but doing pretty damn well for my age. If you have a spreadsheet or anything like that you are tracking your training I'd love to see it. Right now, my garage gym consists of rings, sandbags, propane tanks of sand, jugs of sand, bands, tire, rocks and sledge hammers. All fun stuff.

  • Great job!