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  • I drink roughly 2 liters of tea per day (unsweetened and no milk or other additives, just hot water and the tea leaves respectively whatever herbal tea happens to be my current favorite). If that alone could cause weight loss, I'd be super model thin by now. Alas, I'm obese and need to lose about 40 kg...
  • I have 4 different breakfasts in my rotation: 1. Nothing. There's days I'm just not hungry. I don't see the point of forcing myself to eat just to eat. 2. Oats with flax seeds, yogurt, whatever fruit is in season or frozen fruit and some kind of spice (usually cinnamon or cardamon. More rarely pepper or clove). That's my…
  • Cinnamon sugar chicken anyone? I had a cold and didn't notice the blunder until my brother came home and asked when the cinnamon rolls would be done. Jar with cinnamon sugar and jar with home made meat spice look the same. The cold meds seemed to have scrambled my brain. It was an .. interesting taste combo...
  • bad luck indeed! Regardless, I'm just happy not to be subject to that horrid pain anymore.
  • They sometimes replace "fertile" with "family", as in, have there been cases in the family that might point to a genetic predisposition. With that replacement, I fulfilled 4 of those :tongue: The reason I lost my gallbladder why was my yoyo-dieting: lose -510kg using a stupid low-fat, low-cal diet. Lose the will to live…
  • Fixed it for you :wink: . Because none of it is any of their business and they don't need any information about anyone's body, not even that the weight is in a healthy BMI range.
  • Slugs are a pest. They didn't use to be when I was a child, but are now. I had the mispleasure of stepping into one with bare feet on more than one occasion. So so so gross! Horrible thing is, you actually have to let the slime dry before trying to use soap and water on it. We had a wood scraper and 'sand' bath next to the…
  • Oreo's and coffee should never be used in the same sentence together. (and yes, that disagree was from me) #Iamacoffeesnob :tongue:
  • Okay. That just took ways too long to figure out. So, I'll switch out my usual oatmeal with Greek yogurt and fruits (totals between 450-500 kcal depending on the amount of fruits used) for breakfast for a stack of 5 of my pancakes, strawberries, maple syrup and whipped cream. That's +500 kcal (the 5 pancakes come out at…
  • I know what I'm making with my left over roast chicken for lunch tomorrow. I've got the first baby kohlrabi ready for harvest (very early but they're adorably tender and I need to thin them out anyways). The fennel, sadly, got swarmed by slugs. So I'll have to go buy some. :smiley:
  • I'd wondered where you'd gotten off to. Glad to see you back :smiley:
  • I'm in Switzerland, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Effective weight has little to do with whether or not someone is prescribed oral nutrition supplements or not. More importent ist how much (unvoluntary) weight loss occurred in the past month(s) (based on the NRS 2002 from Kondrup et al). So someone who's lost…
  • Several options I see from what you've described: First option ist adding Maltodextrine and/or full fat cream to all liquids and semi-liquids (shakes/porridges/yogurts) Malto is a powder that's mostly tasteless but adds the same amount of calories as sugar would - simply without the sweetness of sugar. (just don't put it…
  • To add to this, a helpful link:
  • Jealous! I love rhubarb but mine died last year. If I didnt live on another continent and know that customs would throw them all away, I'd come by and take them all :yum:
  • And I'm not sure how well you'd digest it. Wouldn't want to risk that kind of indigestion.
  • Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but the BBC has a basic welsch grammar document, downloadable for free: It won't teach you much vocabulary or how to speak it, but it'll teach you how it's build up :wink: Reminds me that now would be the time to…
  • Yeah, we seeded way more than we'll need. I ended up calling our garden center. The very nice lady told me that they are allowed to do deliveries or pick up. They're just not allowed to directly interact with customers or allow them into the sales shop or seedling nursery. Mom and I will sit down and figure out what we…
  • Indeed. Garden centers are closed and garden areas in regular grocery stores are also closed. Except for food and other essentials, they're not allowed to sell things. So we'll be testing granna's old seeds. :wink:
  • Problem is more the age of the seed (best by date is around 10 years ago). Thanks for the tip. I'll seed triple what the suggest on the pack :smile:
  • For a little cheer: - the forsythia just after sunrise - the magnolia blooming far too early... We were planning on buying lettuce seedlings. All shops closed, so we'll be trying to use the old seeds we found in the back of the cupboard. Wish us luck. :smiley: