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  • This is my back from the same timeframe thoughts?
  • Thanks! as far as PR goes I'm usually hitting a new one with at least one or two exercises a week tonight I hit a 225 bent row for 6 Reps and that's a new for me I was only gonna try for one rep so I was pleasantly surprised
  • At the beginning I was eating around 3600 a day but around the 175-177 I stated stalling alittle so I bumped it to 4000 calories a day to keep gaining, I've since slowed down a bit so I'm gaining maybe a pound if im lucky a week
  • First of all thanks for the feed back! He first picture is at 170 lbs and the second is at 184-186 lbs and it's about two and a half month difference
  • Homo milk ftw
  • I bulk until I hate my self (not literally) than do the same with cutting jk I don't cut
  • is an excellent place to start! Just don't drink the kool-aid
  • Well I mean kinda but that'll take a really long time they way I see it is I'll bulk until I start to look bad my surplus right now isn't too much over maintainence so the weight is moving up slowly and in not gaining too much fat and I'm happy with it I don't care to be shredded now anyhow I don't need a amazing body…
  • Lifting off and on for the last 5-6 years and it's my first serious bulk (counting macros/measuring food)
  • I'm 9lbs up and trying for another 20! Slow and steady wins the gain race
  • Forgot to add surprisingly enough bf has stayed the same
  • One cup of almonds is like 560 calls peanuts are the same also adding a couple teaspoons of olive oil to a shake is an easy 80-160 cals
  • Hamster I totally agree with you but I couldn't see myself doing a beginner program just because I've been lifting for years. Due to problems and whatever else about a year and a half ago I went from 195lb 10% bf. Down to what I am now and I wouldn't call this a dreamer bulk at all my surplus is about 650 calls and the…
  • I agree with you about the type of food, but what I meant was I will not continue such a surplus and honestly I'm not too concerned about the fat that being said 1/2 pound of muscle a week is frigging awesome and I wouldn't be upset with that at all
  • If you don't mind the fat 4lbs no problem but without the fat maybe 1lb of muscle