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  • I've noticed the same thing recently, to the point where I've occasionally needed to take medication to help things along. I blame ice cream (and the stress that is causing my increased ice cream consumption). Agree with others that the 3 F's are common dietary culprits (not enough fiber, fat, or fluids).
  • I've been eating more snacks lately, when I think I'm really thirsty/ dehydrated. My goal is to fill my new 30oz water tumbler twice a day and finish it each day.
  • Cooked 3 meals at home today... really cooked, using stove and oven, not just reheating prepared meals in microwave, which was my goto in the past. (I'm looking at you, frozen burritos...) Also had fresh fruits and veggies at every meal. Amazing how much satisfying food I can fit in when I cook my own meals and focus on a…
  • I try to think about the choices I make (specifically about the way I eat and exercise) as an investment in "future me". The choices I make today will help me feel better, be healthier, and look better, in the future. I don't expect that mindset to ever change, and certainly not at age 55.
  • I made vegetable soup for the first time ever! I'm sick, and wanted something warm and soothing for a sore throat, and was actually craving veggie soup! That's definitely new for me.
  • Light mozzarella string cheese is my go to for a quick 10-12g protein/100cal (in 2 sticks)
  • Any dairy issues? I do Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, light string cheese... all of these can be pretty good protein sources, but if you're not focused on protein, and find fat more satiating, maybe do the higher fat versions. All are available in single serving sizes. my yogurt is 80 cal, cottage cheese 90 cal, strong…
  • My two favorite flavors of Pure Protein! Chocolate deluxe gives me best bang for my calories at 21g/180cal. Chocolate peanut butter tastes like a candy bar.
  • My feet have gotten smaller, so now I can remove my ankle boots without unzipping them. (Note that I'm not actually happy about this, since they used to fit well and now are too loose.) I'm 100% on board with getting new clothes that fit, but getting new shoes feels like such a waste...
  • MD appt in January, and working toward being able to remove Overweight from my list of diagnoses for good. Currently 4lbs above a healthy BMI.
  • Thanks to kickboxing, I'm getting some serious abs and lats. Only been at it a month, and super excited to see what kind of transformation I'm up for if I can keep at it.
  • After an exhausting kickboxing workout, I decided I needed a cooldown. Kickboxing gym is right near a state park, so I stopped there for a walk... which turned into a 6+ mile hike. And it felt so good!
  • Mini goal is to attend 9round kickboxing 3x in a week (without feeling like I'm gonna die). Nothing like the high from going all out punching and kicking (mostly bags, not people ;))... but I definitely felt like I was dying during my first couple times.
  • And I did it. Joined kickboxing gym. Felt amazing making it through a really challenging workout!
  • I walked the 1.2 miles each way to and from church this morning, just because I can. And I have decided that tomorrow I'm going to join the kickboxing gym I tried out last week!
  • 400 days and 60lbs into this journey I finally bought smaller undies! Have been changing out other parts of my wardrobe all along the way, but kept just making do with the ever looser skivvies.
  • A coworker saw me at the gym a couple weeks ago and we started talking... she invited me to try a kickboxing class with her. I went to the class tonight and didn't die! Hardest workout I've done in ages, but felt awesome finishing it, and even better that other people now see me as a healthy, active person, so it wasn't…
  • A coworker called me skinny today. Then I got home from the gym and my husband called me slim. Then, on the way to bed, I was nearly to 10K steps, so I did 50 jumping jacks to get me there. Didn't just walk in circles, actually did something that got my heart pumping!
  • I knew I had a stressful meeting planned, which I was anxious about, so I scheduled it such that I could go to the gym right afterwards. I was visualizing myself in my zone, with headphones in, on the elliptical, then lifting weights... Just knowing I'd be at the gym soon made me less anxious! I really truly look forward…
  • As of today, I'm on day 338 of my streak, and down 57.3lbs. Would love to hit 60lbs by day 365. 61 will be even more special as I cross over from overweight to healthy BMI. Right now I'm balancing being super excited to push myself to hit goals and tapering my deficit to prepare for maintenance. The day I actually hit my…
  • Slow down? Or something else? Such a great feeling to go farther than you have before!
  • I'm right behind you! 8lbs to a healthy BMI, but that just means my mini goals are now more fitness related. Just did my first full body pushups in years. Can do 3, want to get to 5 with good form.
  • My weight loss and healthy habits has inspired my husband to start losing weight!
  • Lose 5 more lbs by MD appt in 5 weeks.
  • Two today: Had a particularly sedentary day at work with back to back meetings. When I had a break for a few minutes, my first thought was: how can I move more? So, I walked up and down the one flight of stairs in my building. Tonight after dinner I had a treat: fiber one bran cereal. I don't have cereal much, as it's…
  • Looked back through my diary, and added up my exercise minutes per week and realized that I've consistently been over 150 minutes/week of moderate exercise for a while now. Maybe being an active, healthy person is really possible! Going for 200 mins this week.
  • So close to 50lbs down. So close. After that, I'll be 11lbs away from a healthy BMI!
  • I've always disliked running, because of my asthma. Today, I went for a 4 mile walk, and actually jogged about a half mile without feeling too horrible! Exercising and moving is so much easier in this (almost 50lb) smaller body!