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  • Yes Id like to join a team please they all sounded good to me. After nearly 40 years of restrictive diets I have written out a long term plan and decided to just slow it down; a marathon not a sprint right. Id love to have somewhere to check in with others willing to share their journey and inspire. Best wishes Amanda.
  • HACC it is, reading your last post got me on my scales this morning 😇
  • This makes sense to me. If I track calories to stay under goal i struggle because I feel restricted i think. Whenever I've just measured then added up at the end of the day I'm often well under goal and always surprised. I like your post thank you am going to try the measure only method
  • Hi there , joining mid month. These 3 daily goals will be more achievable for me than all the fads ive been trying recently and im looking for some consistency to be a spring board. Ill look fwd to reading the posts which will inspire me and maybe one day I'll be able to give something back. Am very overweight so walking…
  • 3xyes again today but dont really like the type of food im eating (just not healthy) or they way i am eating (bit chaotic). And i dont have any nsv s to share - oh dear moan moan my apologies! Need to ....(thinking)...slow down get simpler and prioritse my health. See you tommorow.
  • 3 x yes for me.
  • 3x yes tiday but it was a close call - bit of mindless eating that i had to tally up after the event i cant really predict the day. i might start off well then end badly or vice versa . Knowing id be logging here has helped me stay on track. Thank you.
  • Woo hoo 3rd day in a row all done! Tracked. Came under cals. And over 7000 steps gets me my exercise - given i normally avearge about 3000....pleased. best wishes to all.
  • 3xyes for the 11th. Calories were well under and tracked very well including calculating calories in a many ingrediant pasta bake it would have been too easy to estimate but i got my calculator out instead. Ive set a fit bit target of 7000 steps a day and managed this no problem. And i have an allotment now so did some…
  • 1st successful day all done. Tracked. Under calorie goal and my fitbit has logged 25 active minutes. Ive also drank 3ltr of water (i dont drink anything else if thats sounds alot?). I feel so much better when Im hydrated. Hope everyone else has had a good day!
  • Breakfast and lunch logged on my first day back at mfp. Glad to see this groups still going strong!
  • Hi i have returned to mfp and this group today. It was very heartening to see the uac still here. Thank you ranger rick and all the other people i remember for being here its a huge support and inspiration. Ive been off trying other things to lose weight (including not trying to lose weight!) Am in same situation weight…