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  • I keep hard boiled eggs around for in between snack, my dogs love them too
  • give him a break, maybe he meant he wants to give his body a rest from processing regular food & have a "light" digestion day, nothing wrong with that. I made a shake for breakfast today of cashew milk, frozen strawberries, plain yogurt & protein powder. I also made a big batch of green "juice" in our nutribullit, so not…
  • I usually eat the same things but vary on dinner because my husband likes variety..sometimes I'll eat from my usual list & just make him something else. I cook a lot more different things during the cooler weather. This heat just makes me cook whatever is easiest with the least amount of effort but with my instant pot I do…
  • I may try that one. I've been using "Map My Walk" for couple years because I walked my dogs a lot, usually got my 10,000 steps in from walking them but can't do that anymore
  • MiaBella444 I quit smoking over a year ago & put on 10 lbs then couldn't exercise at all due to a pinched nerve this past March for over a month & put on 5 more lbs but I'm not giving up trying ( I had to quit my paying job I got in January that I loved at the animal rescue where I've been a volunteer for several years…
  • here are some of mine
  • I make a shake every day, I use Cashew milk because I love it & 25 cal/cup
  • I've put it in my plain, non fat greek yogurt before for flavor
  • all great advice, I just want to add to play around with calories, you can log what you will eat before you eat it & delete or change it to see how many calories it would be. I've learned over time to substitute foods. You can also add a lot of volume by putting you dinner in a lot of lettuce, it really fills you up also…
  • as with any tool, it can help but can't work on it's own. I believe some ppl do need it. Anyone watch My 600 lb life? it says in the beginning that only 5% are successful. I think the % is fairly low for the rest of us who don't have to lose that much weight
  • I agree that it is right for some people but please at least try to change your eating habits & lose weight that way first. I worked in ICU for 10 yrs & there was almost always someone in there from complications / infection. Most made it out but some also died. We do know a couple who had it many years ago & are still…
  • I don't like the phrase "I love you to the moon & back" also calling ppl toxic, I understand what that is & I actually broke off a friendship like that but the phrase makes it sound like you should be selfish & get rid of any people that are annoying to you in any way
  • the book "boundries in marriage" was very helpful in general by Dr's Henry Cloud & John Townsend
  • Hi, I'm new to keto, I have done some reading & gone on you tube for info, but I'm still a little confused about net carbs... can I subtract the fiber from total carbs to get the "true" carbs in my meals? example I bought a pk of wraps that says 7 carbs in front but in the back it says 10g fiber total carbs 17
  • thank you @alteredsteve175 , I joined. most of the time I got in 10,000 steps/day just from walking my dogs but as I shared before my Eleanor GSD got pneumonia for the 2nd time so she hasn't been able to walk much & they found an enlarged heart on her x-ray & suspected heart disease that could kill her so 2 vets…
  • Hi, I got this link from another group I'm in. I'm not sure if I can share pictures but I'll try. I found a pic of them! but our 2 seniors are no long with us.We have 5 dogs, one little one is a grand dog whoes staying with us then a 14yr old chi, a 7 yr old pug/chi mix, a mutt (50 lbs)& a GSD, around 3-4 yrs we had to put…
  • Hello, I'm on day one I found someone on you tube who makes it easy to start by eating the same menu for a week while learning so I'm doing that
  • I'm 5'4" & my target was 50lbs & i did it losing 1 lb/wk & maintaining, make sure you eat enough to be sustainable
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  • Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while. The main thing going on is my Eleanor dog still not very well from pneumonia she got for the 2nd time. She has an enlarged heart so the vet said she thinks it's dialated cardiomyopathy but she needs an echocardiogram to confirm so I took her yesterday to a vet that does that.…
  • my mom's cucumber salad that I still make:peel & slice very thin cucumbers, I use 2-3 large ones. Put in bowl & drench with salt to get moisture out. After about 15minutes rinse off salt & squeeze out extra water, put in bowl. To bowl add fresh crushed garlic to taste (we like a lot 6-7) add salt, pepper, add white vinegar…
  • I agree with op, when I was losing, I lost more consistently when I ate "simply" & "healthy" as in a protein simply cooked, as in a lean ground turkey patty or any kind of meat/poultry sauteed in a bit of olive oil plus fresh/frozen veggies with a little butter or such on them as opposed to the same protein cooked in a bit…
  • My gym opened today, I really miss it but am not planning to go except been thinking if I would be taking a risk if I just went to the pool there & took my towel to pool area with me, not use the locker room at all & just shower & change at home? I don't know yet. As far as going other places, I rarely went. I don't eat…
  • I bought clothes at the thrift store for a while
  • AnnPT77, so glad you're well now, you've been through so much. You're a true inspiration
  • I agree with above, enter your family meals in the recipe builder decide what portion your going to eat then weigh it out. I'd like to add-don't delete your recipe once ya'll eat it. You can edit it if you use different ingredient or amounts
  • depends where you set your activity level. If sedentary, like a desk job, you can add steps taken, if lightly active (like me) only intentional exercise is logged
  • I love veggie straws, we all have different tastes lol . so good you got to try them. I hate it when I have to buy the whole package of something just to try it
  • I don't eat ice cream often but really don't like Halo Top or really other low cal ice creams. I do actually like the low cal walmart brand valilla ice cream or frozen yogurt lol
  • This does put me over the sodium but I found eating sunflower seeds in the shell satisfies my munchies. I love the dill pickle flavor & I can stretch 30gm to last about 1.5hrs, then it's bed time