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  • I now regret coming here looking for words of advice or inspiration :) So silly of me. I'll deal with it on my own.
  • Well yeah, i even said that in my original post. The will is there, but the energy there. There is a physical barrier that I can't seem to get past. Like I said, moderate exercise causes me to sleep for 12 hours, and I'm in pretty dire straights. So I'd be curious to hear from other people who were in that situation, that…
  • That's the challenge. Building up enough energy to continue losing weight/building health. As it stands now, even if I ate 1800 calories I day, I'd lose a miniscule amount do to the extreme lack of energy and exercise. I work on a computer. I don't.... move. At all. In the past I at least had a baseline of walking to my…
  • Just to tack on, I even quit smoking, and cut down on coffee, about a month ago. It hasn't helped, surprisingly. My energy levels are that bad that I was willing to quit cold turkey. I eat my veggies. I take a multi. :shrug: It's noon and I'm ready for bed
  • You're not going to dig this very much, but: Naruto, Dragon Ball, or one piece. High energy martial arts anime with stories that go for hundreds of episodes. I like to watch them while doing cardio on a stationary device (elliptical, bike, etc). On the assumption that's not going to be your thing, just pick any long…
  • That's the trick. Don't cry over the spilled milk, just mop it up before it stinks any worse. Don't get me wrong, I'm depressed and upset at myself to an extent but at the same time, it kind of doesn't matter. It just means I have to go back to basics, the basics I should have never left. I don't know why some people are…
  • Yes. My blood pressure creeps into "pre-hypertension" often, but is for the most part behaved.
  • The pandemic lockdown definitely impacted a lot of us in a very negative way. It took me months to acclimate and figure out a new normal. Even now it's still a work in progress. I am positive you will fit back comfortably into those clothes in no time!
  • Thanks OutsideIsMyLife. After losing like 140lbs I stopped logging in and went about my life focused on other things. The weight slowly crept back on, then EXPLODED after the pandemic. I dare not step on a scale, lest I feel that "defeat" I'm actively avoiding.
  • I just signed up for factor two weeks ago, and I've been so impressed I came here looking for other opinions to ground me, then I stumbled on this. 3 factor meals a day, depending on what you choose, is 100-150g protein, and 1700-1900 calories, comes never frozen, and neat packaging. The food is good too, but the majority…
  • My favorite kick currently, mostly because I just recently started being able to do them. The way my instructors teach them doesn't make sense to me, but I was determined to learn. Once I realize it was "just a hook kick" but turning first, it got a lot easier! I am yet to land one during sparring though.
  • I wish I could go. I've been tempted to take time off from work for these before. If you go I'd LOVE to hear about your experience there!!!!
  • It's a lot of fun. This is actually the first time I've ever recorded myself doing it, and I was so relieved to find out I don't look ridiculous LOL.
  • Not me, but one of the kids at our dojang had a broken foot. He still went to every class and modified everything he possibly could. Absolutely incredible spirit.
  • I cut my oats with peanut butter flavored protein powder, good lawd it's so good. You can't go wrong with oatmeal.
  • Seeing this thread spring back to life I see some donuts in my future. Not to long ago I mixed in dried blueberries and made a glaze of coconut oil and stevia. So good. If you weigh out the coconut oil (measure before dip, then measure what's left after dipping), it adds a surprisingly low amount of calories.
  • Example of brown rice protein, random description off amazon Jarrow FORMULAS Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, made from whole grain organic brown rice, is easily digested, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and a vegetarian/vegan source of protein. Ideal: As a high-protein alternative to soy and animal…
  • They all claim to though, despite not being a blend. Not sure if I'm allowed to link to them here. The claim they are good for muscle growth, but what I've been lead to believe over the past years makes me think that's not possible without some sort of additives.
  • Opinion, IF isn't magical, and the best diet pattern to follow is the one that you follow and makes you happiest. I find I am much less hungry throughout the day if I do not eat breakfast. Technically that is IF. It may be different for others.
  • That's amazing! Grappling seems to be the real key to MMA, and sounds like you nailed it. Did you get it on video?
  • The obvious, keep working at the lat pull downs with increasing weight, but sounds like you're on the right track. Every single day attempt at least one pull up. Once you can do a pull up, you can do basically infinite pull ups with enough reset in between so do just that. Work your way up to a 5x5 (five sets five reps…
  • Sugar free pudding pie made with skim milk, topped with light reddi-whip in a graham cracker shel is surprisingly low cal. You can use vanilla pudding and add some lime zest from a lime and turn it into a keylime pie. (or lemon). Otherwise chocolate works very well.
  • Even the most inshape blackbelts were panting and exhausted at the end. I want to get a heavy bag and start doing this regularly. There's a 1,000 kick version too.
  • It bothers me that one of the solutions is always, "let's tax it". That solves nothing lol. Geez. No thanks, government does not need more of our money. We produce plenty of food, but are not good enough at distributing it. This will balance its self out as we continually move away from petrol and on to more efficient…
  • You need to give it more than three weeks :) Eat healthy for 3 months. Then compare. This stuff doesn't happen overnight.
  • From personal experience, I don't work out as well in my home gym. At home I have a full power rack, dumb bells up to 80, and enough oly weights to go up to 400, plus a pully system and an adjustable bench with some leg attachments. I just... don't seem to get as much of a pump at home. I almost ALWAYS get a better workout…
  • We have a similar class twice a week as well, and do similar to what Versicolour describes. We focus on attention/respect by starting the class with bowing, and jumping jacks. Followed by some light line drills or obstacle courses, and usually ending with punching and kicking a paper target.
  • Follow up, as a coping method... "volumetrics", or.... eat things that have a lot of volume with low calories. A whole pint of egg beaters and a whole pound of riced cauliflower is negligable calories. Binge on vegetables, seriously.
  • So, just from personal experience..... When I finally lost "the weight" and got down to a healthy BMI (150lbs lower than my peak weight), I developed that same issue. It went from a binge every few weeks, to every weekend, until eventually I locked myself in the house and ate so hard and fast I put on 50lbs over the…