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  • I haven't gone back down to my 239 yet :( its been frustrating so I haven't been logging my weight everyday since (only since Sunday) Sometimes I feel like Ive been handed every tool, part and instructions Ill ever need to build a computer and I decide to throw a few pages and pieces away and wonder why I cannot make it…
  • Helped, for me, yes, but not eliminated.
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  • This hang over kicked my but :( I ate a sleeve of crackers to stop myself from getting sick....,again so I blew the low carb thing today which sucks concidering I finally hit my goal but this was more important.
  • This is me today, except I'm the plant.
  • Another Canadian :smile: I'm from the other side, BC.
  • Where are you from? We have a long weekend as well.
  • Oh I should also add that , even though I was drunk, and there was literally a plate of pizza in front of me, I only ate a couple pieces of pepperoni off them :smile:
  • Wooohoooo got to 239!!! I was shocked to see a 3 on the scale this morning, but super happy. I fasted ( minus coffee with whipping cream) until 9:30 last night. It was unintentional because of a power failure at work, than I only ate some meat and cheese from a platter. I made the mistake of drinking alcohol, not thinking…
  • I don't know if these sugar free marshmallows would brown the same since it's the sugar that carmalizing on regular ones. I guess the real choice will depend on how close I am to my goal before camping.
  • Ok so homemade graham crackers..way too much for me, I don't feel like going out to buy all these odd ingredients that I may never use again. Going to rethink this :smile:
  • I think this will work for smores. Darkest chocolate I can find (90% cocoa) homemade almond flour "graham" crackers and I found a recipe for sugar free marshmallows!! I should probably test these out this weekend :wink:
  • @amflautist its the TV show from the 90's :) they have it on Amazon Prime :grin:
  • I'm only 3lbs away from seeing 239 on the scale! which is my May goal. I'm feeling pretty confident about this :smile: My pb fix addiction is gone ( i think it was TOM related) and all chocolate is out of the house lol I also lost 1.5" on my waist since the start of the month! so yea me lol Ive got 8 days until our camping…
  • Tacos and unsolved mysteries :wink:
  • Yea :yum: 22g protein. They're a nice treat when the rest of the family is having spaghetti so I don't feel left out lol
  • Yea 15 with 11g of fibre
  • Black bean spaghetti with avocado garlic Parmesan and chicken breast stuffed with leftover bacon spinach dip :tongue:
  • Black bean spaghetti with avocado garlic Parmesan sauce and a chicken breast stuffed with leftover bacon spinach dip.
  • Today's the third day without pb :smile: I bought a jar of almond butter from Costco, it's tasty, healthier but drier and much more expensive. Every Time I open the cupboard for a pb fix I see the almond butter and think "do I really want it so bad I need to eat some now" it's working lol. Also I had a great Mother's Day…
  • Pizza crust! Chicken fried "rice"
  • Your totally right thank you.
  • Up down up down, once I get to my final goal I'm going to be a pro a maintenance lol Despite all the ups and downs, I'm looking forward to taking my measurements on Monday. I already know they will be down because my rain jacket definitely fits differently lately :smile:
  • Kind of cheat day today, I still ate low carb, but I ate a lot. Other than this great day today, the rain held off enough for me to bike to work/home, we're having some crazy weather here this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  • Just jump back on tomorrow, have your weigh in day just the same, if you look at anyone's numbers they all have ups and downs throughout the journey. Enjoy your sushi and move on tomorrow :smile:
  • Well eating dinner early.... Good choice :) 4 hours later ( normally when I'd stop eating) and I'm still not hungry, so yeah me lol. Also no pb today haha
  • Glad you decided to start your own thread :) look forward to seeing your results :grin:
  • Early simple quick dinner so I don't eat a jar of pb :wink: 2 hot dogs, 3 fried eggs ( in butter I made myself :smile: ) and caesar salad with havarti
  • Oh boy, crazy hungry today after work (3 hours before meal time) I decided to just make myself dinner now before I endlessly snack. I'm hoping this was. Good choice lol but I'm sure it was. :wink:
  • I feel your pain, I lost 60 then have been up and down the same 15lbs for a year! but at least Im not gaining more than that lol Thankfully OMAD and LCHF have helped my shake things up a little ( as long as I do it lol)