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  • I love these. They also have seasonal toasted coconut muffins on their website right now. If you like coconut they are fantastic. They make a pumpkin spice one seasonally too. They are incredible and I hope they come back out soon. If you look around a little you can often find a good discount code online.
  • I really liked them when I tried them recently. I thought the were very close to classic Funyuns. I'll definitely buy them again.
  • My coffee fluff from yesterday!! 😍
  • All of the Dalgona coffee posts had me inspired to make a coffee fluff for the last few weeks. The milk part on the bottom doesn’t appeal to me, but a big bowl of whipped coffee definitely does. I don’t have a picture, but I made a fantastic bowl yesterday. Pretty much the same recipe and procedure as your standard protein…
  • I have fluff related 3 screenshots from this thread from July 2018 and I use a mix of all of the wisdom. I use 1 tray of ice, weigh out 100 cals worth of protein powder, 1/2 c unsweetened cashew or vanilla almond milk, a few Tbls Walden Farms sf maple syrup, 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum, some flavored extract (I have a good…
  • I had forgotten the joys of a good bowl of protein fluff. I just made my first one since several months ago and it came out perfect. The only drawback is that my dogs bark like crazy from the moment my blender emerges from the cabinet until I’m completely done using it.
  • Their Beet Chips and Beet Sticks are very good too. I was lucky to find the carrot sticks, beet sticks, and beet chips at Grocery Outlet.
  • Just tried the raspberry coconut yesterday. It was fantastic!! I still have the plain coconut to try and I’m really looking forward to it.
  • So reminiscent of fig newtons!! Maybe you'd like them?
  • I ordered the black cherry today too! I know that some people don't care for Built Bars, but I enjoy them. I'm such a marshmallow and chocolate person. I like them best frozen. I do like the Birthday Cake bang, but I've only had it nice and cold. My favorites are cotton candy, pina colada, and birthday cake would be 3rd. I…
  • These look so promising! These are all flavors that really interest me. This brand has always tasted very good to me and I’m on the picky side when it comes to coffee. I’ll be on the lookout for these for sure!
  • Or finding outdated (or better yet mold infested!) bread or English muffins on the shelf in my quest for the best dating, and discretely handing it to the cashier in a helpful, friendly, non judgemental way, knowing that I helped maintain the store's product freshness dignity, while simultaneously heroically saving another…
  • Finally tried this today and I really liked it. It has a vanilla cake/ frosting sort of taste if I think hard enough about it. I ordered a 12 pack from Vitamin Shoppe because I got a pretty good deal, free shipping, and I get impatient waiting for the new flavors that I’m interested in. I did the same with the loaded taco…
  • You got me curious, so I dug up the old email. The person mentioned the amount of water and the temperature having to be very precise and if either of those were even slightly off, it’d possibly impact the size, shape, and/or weight of the final product. Sounded reasonable to me.
  • I'd be tempted to try the Mango, and get the free cooler, if I hadn't just rceived a shipment of them yesterday. I'm pretty skeptical about their new line of bars though, so I'll wait and see what others think of them. The size inconsistencies were making me crazy too, so I contacted the company. The person that I was in…
  • I'm not sure about those particular flavors paired with the ruby cacao, but I'd try them. That brand of plain ruby cacao is something that I really enjoy. I've been thinking about making ruby cacao s'mores and/or dipping homemade coconut macaroons in it. I freeze the macaroons and they last a long time, one or two small…
  • I agree that there was no weird aftertaste with this flavor and that the taste is so spot on for what it’s pictured to be. I tried the chili lime today and it had a significant amount of heat. I wouldn’t buy the chili lime again unless it was on a super good sale, but the loaded taco ones are definitely going into my snack…
  • To me, they had a true depth of flavor, and really tasted like the type of taco pictured on the package. They weren’t hot and spicy, just flavorful spicy in my opinion. I also bought a box of the chili lime flavor, but haven’t tried them yet. I’m predicting that those will be on the hotter side of the spice spectrum.
  • These are fantastic. I like them just as much or maybe even more than their nacho cheese tortilla chips.
  • I go to Ginger Elizabeth in Sacramento for just for their French Macaroons. I’m crazy about macaroons and those are some of the best I’ve ever had. They have traditional and out of the ordinary flavors.
  • For me, I love the taste of the coconut, the strawberry, and the mocha ones. The vanilla ones are pretty good. The other flavors I've tried are mediocre at best to me. I haven't tried the banana yet, but I'm interested in it. I do love the texture and think they're great cold and even better frozen. I love marshmallow, so…
  • Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but it's fantastic! 25 calories for a 2 Tablespoon serving. The mango flavor is sweet and delicious. There's a generous amount of shredded coconut in it too. I'll be buying again and again!
  • Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but it's fantastic! 25 calories for a 2 Tablespoon serving. The mango flavor is sweet and delicious. There's a generous amount of shredded coconut in it too. I'll be buying again and again!
  • I shamelessly hoarded the Halo Top Gingerbread from Grocery Outlet last year and was so sad when I finished my last pint. Maybe some will show up soon! They have had the Optimum Nutrition Gingerbread Protein cake bites there for 99 cents for a while. Those are one of my all time favorites too.
  • Both of these flavors are fantastic! Super indulgent treat for only 45 calories!
  • Grocery Outlet! I know I've said it a bunch of times, but I find so many great things there!
  • They seem to randomly replenish things at Grocery Outlet. They were out of Enlightened for weeks then today they had a bunch of the glazed donut, s’mores, and cherry chocolate chip for 1.99 a pint. My freezer is stocked!!
  • u I tried the pink lemonade blueberries today. They have a nice flavor, which is distinctly different from regular blueberries. They were very good mixed with regular blueberries and some watermelon. I’d definitely buy them again.
  • I didn't find them to be mushroomy at all, but I do eat a lot of mushrooms. They had a great texture and were loaded with flavor. I got them at Sprouts, which I'm sure you'll find on the way to, or near Berkeley. I also found the palmini noodles in the pouch at Sprouts, which were excellent. If you download the free…