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  • My gym has now got a 7-9am session, and instead of 2 lanes for everyone to bimble around in, they have put a fast lane in the middle so there is always somewhere for lap swimmers to go. Was so impressed by it this morning I did 2.5km. Prob not sensible but my shoulder only aching slightly. Vague ab and back DOMs already…
  • Back in the pool on Saturday! And again this morning! 1km each time. Not lost too much speed but gods my endurance is waaaaay down. Hahaha but yay swimming!!!
  • happens to me on long walks in warm weather, hands swell and fingers go tingly, (not to your level of swelling though) I wave my hand above my head for a few steps every now and again - yes I do look like a prat but no more swollen hands (also, get it checked to be sure)
  • Back to swimming a bit more now my shoulder is behaving slightly better. 3km Saturday 2km Monday 2km Tuesday 2.5km today Plan is to keep around that each day this week, then see about getting longer swims next week And keep stretching and mobilising my shoulder!
  • I am definitely going to have to set up custom songs! Don't know any of the current tracks in Campaign. 360 Beat Saber is another level of fun too. But yes, one handed saber and normal mode both get a sweat on!
  • Off topic: but this is my new favourite phrase!! :D :D
  • That's the swimathon challenge I am doing too! yay! are you doing it at a location on the 'official' weekend or via the 'MySwimathon' on days/day of your choosing?
  • hehe thanks! :) I couldn't imagine doing it either! every time I do a long swim and don't die afterwards I am gobsmacked. Dory's song of 'just keep swimming' is spot on! :) sideline challenge is to beat last years swim mileage (230) - so any spare moment over xmas I shall be in the pool! Should just get to around 250 if I…
  • Was a good week last week: Weds - 3km Thurs - 2.5km Fri - 4km Sat - 8km Sun - 6km Total: 23.5km :) As I have til March 2020 to get to doing 15km in one day, I am breaking it into 2 swims on the weekends over Christmas/new year to get weekly mileage up and increase my mental stamina. The 12.5km killed me the other week for…
  • This thread spurred me back into enjoying long swims - I'd hate to see it die! @LeiLaura - you past the 2km now? :D
  • thanks! :D I would love the 15km I do in March to be under 5hrs 30 and tis looking promising!
  • 12.5km yesterday :D - 4hrs 35 mins with 20 of those being rest/fuel breaks scattered through. Easing off a bit this week, focus on strength work to help shoulders. :D
  • THIS! Never been a big fan of change, but now when it messes with my weekly logging plans -grrrr
  • @brittanystebbins95 - those are the cutest dogs!! :D :D thanks for sharing pic and info!
  • Did my next long swim -11.5km - no nerves this time! Maybe I have, 'exorcised the demon' (said Ace Ventura style for those that may care hehe) :D Wondering whether I should look at eating before I swim, maybe a little.....currently I have a SIS gel every 100 lengths and a lot of water but after 440 lengths I noticed a bit…
  • 11.5km on Saturday think I may need to eat breakfast beforehand - or eat more carbs the night before. When I got to 11km I noticed a bit of shakiness. Standard fuel atm is every 50mins/100 lengths have a SIS gel. I did take some chicken in my locker, but only ate a couple of bites as didn't feel hungry while doing the…
  • I don't know why I get so nervy about going for long swims - it isn't 'for anything' particularly, it is in my own time, no pressure to be out of the pool or to actually do a long swim, pool is usually pretty empty. But still whenever I think, 'right, I am going to swim *km today', I always get so nervous until about 20…
  • 3km Monday and today Plan is for another 1km tomorrow and maybe 2 or 3km Fri. Then trying for 11/12km on Saturday :)
  • bump - how is it going @LeiLaura ? :) sorted the 2km?
  • 10.5km swim today. Furthest I have ever gone by 20 lengths! Whoop. 3hrs30 for the 10km. Then 20 cool down medley in 15 mins Feeling good!!
  • Am only in the pool so cannot comment on open water stuff. I use SIS gels for long swims. Usually start off fasted (generally large pizza night before), swim 2.5km, have a gel, swim another 2.5km, have another gel, etc til I am done. Lots of water throughout too. Then on drive home I may swing by a drive thru and inhale a…
  • I am finally getting back my enjoyment of lots of lovely exercise - swimming in particular. Got a 1km time of 16:31 this morning which is a whole 30 seconds faster than my fastest time in Jan 2018!
  • Yes, have been all week :) Finally seeming to have my enjoyment back when swimming! Monday: 2km Tuesday: 2km Wednesday: 3km Thursday: 2.5km Friday: 1 mile - with a speed trial for 1km. Got16:31 which is 30 seconds faster than ever before! But it was not fun on the last 250m and I did not feel graceful lol. Although looking…
  • How goes it? :)
  • LOVE cooler pools! :D I started to do a couple of lengths with closed fists a few months ago, I think it has made a bit of difference to my pull, but like you, am swimming for fun so haven't been watching out for it. It is fun catching people looking at you weirdly though! I mainly swim front crawl, but today I swam 1km…
  • How's the 2km barrier looking? :) I still tend to find my boredom spikes around the 15 and 50 lap count lol This thread is great, has really inspired me to get back to my longer swims :D
  • How's it going? You got goggles yet? :D
  • You are seriously inspiring to have been doing all that with broken ribs as well as so soon after such a nasty incident! you definitely deserve all the slack and I hope your physio doesn't change plans too much, whilst at same time I get that you will NOT wanna make anything worse injury wise. Glad to hear you have a new…
  • awesome work! -yes, get goggles!! :p
  • 15 mins is a darn good time for first time back in the pool after a while! you use completely different muscle in swimming than you do for most other stuff. If I have a few days off swimming, I feel like a dying spider flailing around for the first 20mins when I return to it. Stick with it, build up slowly, work on form as…