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  • Thanks for all the help I would have probably sprinted around the block and collapsed left to my own devises.
  • I did not get fitted but my shoes are at least better than converse. My shin splints have been helped by getting shoe inserts but won't be fixed by something like that. I want to a sports medicine doctor who than sent me to a physical therapist so pretty much I just wait.
  • You have to pay for premium on the fitstar app but they have good cardio workouts. Fitnessblender was mentioned above and I can also vouch for that.
  • To add protein I would put protein powder, but butter, of silken tofu into every smoothie you make. This morning I had an avocado and frozen cherry smoothie with some soymilk in it and it was awesome.
  • I would definatly work on back muscles as well as core muscles to strengthen your neck and the surrounding area. You can probably find back workouts online but try laying on your stomach, putting your arms to the side, and raising your chest as high off the ground as you can while raising your arms above your head. Or you…
  • You definatly should try for physical therapy that way you can get exercise and stretches in a way a professional seems safe. I would also try to eat a balanced diet with mostly whole foods but still make sure to have a calorie surplus to allow for healing and aim to get extra amounts of bone healing nutrients like…
  • I prefer to put protein powder into a smoothie with whichever fruits and veggies I have handy. You could also just put peanut butter of silken tofu into smoothies as well. You can get good vitimans and stay full for longer by blending a smoothie than with a protein shake in my experience.
  • What kind if exercise are you aiming to do? I like the YouTube channel Blogilaties for pilates and boho beautiful for yoga but otherwise don't exercise to YouTube videos very often. I would also recommend looking at fitness apps as another option besides YouTube.
  • I put about two scoops protein powder into the big smoothies I make every day as my breakfast and lunch. As long as you are only replacing meals with shakes once a day or should be fine. Don't skimp out on your fruits and veggies though!
  • I simply avoid processes sugars in my day-to-day diet and don't think about it beyond that. I think maybe limiting all sugar is a bit extreme (I like sugar in my cupcakes) but a low sugar diet is defiantly good for you.
  • I'm personally not a big fan if fast that last all day, they strike me as barbaric. But I have seen the eating window thing work really well to quickly drop weight while still being able eat pretty normally between the times. Your body starts to burn off fat reserves if you don't eat for about twelwe hours so if you eat…
  • Muscle weighs more than fat. Try to focus on how you look because if you are getting some muscle tone but not at your goal weight maybe it should be acceptable. Most people will gain weight with exercise even if they lose whole inches to their waistline so keep that in mind when you look at the scale.
  • It's not place to say what you cannot drink but I really wouldn't. The calories in drinks like that are empty with no nutritional value and even without sugar the drinks with substitutes are still unhealthy. Maybe try some tea or lemon water instead.
  • I can get that there are those times when you stretch and realize how creepy ribs are , but I assure you that having prominent ribs is completely normal as long as it's not accompanied with a super prominent spine. My ribs stick out at gawky angles that make yoga look weird but this also happens to many woman.