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  • Endings, Beginnings Good stuff, good stuff.
  • Get under 80 kg again after gaining a bit since my recovery. Only 0.6 kg to go, woot!
  • Not my fave but I'll take a piece if it has some blueberries on it.
  • Same. But they opened Pandora's box and now they have to pay the price. >:)
  • I love music but I only ever sing along when I'm in the car by myself and the volume's way high up, so I can't even hear myself.
  • Hi everyone! My name is Kathy, I'm 37 and I live in Germany. I signed up here years ago and lost a bit but then I became ill, was stuck in bed for nearly two years, could barely move, let alone lead my own life and make my own decisions, so weight loss and fitness became less important. Nevertheless, I lost nearly 50 kg in…
  • Hey everyone. I'm Kathy, 37, from Germany. Though I'm in my 30's, I rarely feel like an adult (maybe that half an hour per month that has me paying bills, hmm...). I have a cat but no kids, I'm single and not desperate, I love fandom-things more than I love adult-things...well, what can I say, I'm still a teenager at…
  • Oh wow, I just checked and my old profile is still active. Guess I'll give it a new try. The username is the same as here, iamunicoon.
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  • Oh yeah. It took me a hundred years or so to finish the main game and now I've still got a bit of Blood & Wine left to beat. I'm playing Assassin's Creed Origins right now. I know I'm late to the party but in my defense, I started it before when I borrowed the PS4 version from a friend but then I got sick, hospital here…
  • Just ordered this shirt:
  • I have not had any experience with this myself as I do not own a Ionic but have you tried one of those screen repair sets? It's basically just a paste you rub onto your screen that fills up the scratch. Those kits are pretty inexpensive and I'd try that first before you invest in an expensive repair.
  • Too bad the OP seems to have deleted his account (at least I'm getting an error when trying to access his profile / send a message). But I'm a baby nerd and always on the lookout for more nerd friends. My junk is Marvel (the MCU, mostly), Harry Potter, video games in general (faves are RPG's and sims), books and fanfiction.
  • Finally got Jurassic World Evolution two weeks ago and am loving it so much. I get where the negative voices are coming from, but it's still perfect to me.
  • I *could* but I would probably rage quit and abandon her and the car in the middle of the road.
  • Clean out my work space. Starting a new job in a month and need to tidy up the old desk.
  • I think it's good that they brought this possible issue up beforehand but I don't like how vague they are about what exactly they intend to do about it. They said that apparently you can mute / ignore or otherwise prevent people from harming or killing your character but I'm not quite sure how that would go. Whether you…
  • It's funny that this thread popped up on my forum list today because I was just thinking about it this morning. For me, they were actually two games, one that made me a console gamer and then later one that also made me a PC gamer. As a kid, I had a GameBoy and an SNES and my best friend's sister was co-owner of a gaming…
  • I don't know if there are different cliques on here. But I suppose there are because sometimes I see people say something in response to others that has me like "Whoa there, buddy, chill!" but then the other person comes back and laughs about it and then a lot of people pat each other's virtual backs and are all like "So…
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  • I'm not a spontaneous person. You want us to meet, let me know at least 48h in advance. If your plans involve food (especially buffet style dinners), I'm gonna need you to send me a formal invitation in written form no less than a week in advance. List the names of everyone else invited and give me a rough timeline so I'll…
  • I gave a guy the 'tiny weenie' gesture on my way to work this morning. To be fair, he had it coming. Yeah, I'm a chill driver.
  • Fandom merch. That's all. Really, the cute stuff is all made for small girls. The only stuff I sorta fit into right now are shirts for guys and those look stupid on me too because prints on guy shirts aren't meant for boobies. :|
  • Just tap the arrows next to the current day / date to log past or future meals.
  • Currently reading Artemis by Andy Weir. I love it, though I'm not as hooked straight away as I was with The Martian.
  • I used to have a Flex One and was always happy with it. I upgraded to an Alta after the battery died, simply because I wanted a display. But I heard that the new Flex is just as reliable, with some minor improvements (i.e. it won't go into sleep mode while pushing a shopping card over cobblestone). What I liked about the…
  • I don't mind playing online, or even multiplayer if it's done right. The problem with most multiplayer games for me is that there are so many douches around and that it's usually aimed at short term coop. Find a group, do the thing, split up. It looks like F76 may provide some more long term group activities. But even…
  • Jurassic World. Plot was meh but...DINOSAURS! <3
  • I hope it's okay to hijack this thread and add a little question about challenges. How does Fitbit calculate the ranking of participants? Is it purely down to the actual number, as in person A with 10,000 steps gets #1 and person B with 5,000 steps gets #2? Or does it go by the % regarding your personal goal where person A…