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  • I am in my last 24 hours of a 72 hour fast. I am now doing a 72 hour fast once a month. the First Sun-Wed of each month. This is more for spiritual purposes than for weight loss, but it will also provide great health and weight loss benefits.
  • Hello Jinx welcome to the group and to OMAD. Both are great
  • Ended up getting down a little less than a pound this week. Today's weigh in 174.0.
  • I wish I could say that I was able to do well over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I consumed waaaaay too much food on both Thursday and Friday and gained back all I had lost since my reboot. I am back on track now and hope to get back to losing. I weighed in at 174.9 this morning. I am going to just do plain OMAD with maybe…
  • Brenda, what will be your new goal weight?
  • The waffles were alright. They were sweet enough that they did not need any additional syrup. I may try the chicken/waffle sandwich, but I don't think I will get the plain waffles again. I would rather just buy the chicken and make my own waffles.
  • Saturday 17 November 2018 Today's meal eaten at 4:45pm KFC 2 waffles, 3 pc original chicken, cole slaw, and ACV water
  • Thank you Joe!
  • Friday 16 November 2018 Today's meal eaten at 7:00pm Salad, Lasagna stuffed Chicken Breast, cashews, fiber one brownie
  • Thanks Donna, I really had no problems this week and the weight loss was Amaaazing. I know I won't have big loss weeks like this that often, but if I can manage at least a 2-3 pound loss each week, I will be happy, but the more the merrier.
  • Kat, I really like the Fiber one brownies and bars. They fill that craving for sweets with minimal calories and some good fiber.
  • Friday, 16 November 2018 Official Weigh in Day
  • Thursday 15 November 2018 Today's meal eaten at 5:30pm Salad, sauteed green beans with zucchini and squash, cashews, fiber one brownie
  • It feels so good to be back in the groove of things. I love OMAD and am looking forward to Friday's weigh in.
  • Wednesday 14 November 2018 Today's meal eaten at 5:45pm Cornish hen, salad, cashews, ACV Water I just stuck to today's low carb meal instead of the low carb/vegetarian meal. I will be back on track tomorrow with my vegetarian meal.
  • Tuesday 13 Nov 2018 Today's meal eaten at ~7:00pm Scalloped Potato Roll, Fiber one Brownie, Chocolate Kale Shake, ACV Water This was not a vegetarian meal as the potato roll had ground beef in it. I will be combining low carb and vegetarian tomorrow with one of my large salads for my meal.
  • Yay Donna, Plateau be gone!!
  • Thanks Donna, so far my reboot is going smoothly but my husband has been away. He gets back today so I have to be all the more diligent in sticking to my plan. I think I can do it. One day, One meal at a time.
  • Monday 12 November 2018 Today's meal eaten at ~5:30pm 2 baked chicken legs, cabbage, Fiber one brownie, water with ACV, and a bulletproof coffee (not shown)
  • HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY TO ALL CURRENT AND FORMER MILITARY MEMBERS!!! Sunday 11 Novemer 2018 Today's meal eaten at 4:45pm Sunday meal out - Breakfast for dinner: French Toast with Strawberry glaze and whipped cream, bacon, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes (did not eat the toast)
  • Saturday 10 November 2018 Today's meal eaten at 3:45pm Domino's Specialty Chicken – Crispy Bacon & Tomato, Penne Pasta with Diced Tomatoes, Premium Chicken, Spinach, Alfredo Sauce, Supreme Triple Chocolate Fiber One Brownie, Chocolate Kale Shake, Water with ACV Today was a rough one. I worked on getting my water in today…
  • Friday 9 Nov 2018 Today's Meal eaten at ~7:00pm Cheese crusted T-bone steak and scrambled eggs with cheese
  • Welcome to the group and to OMAD. I love OMAD and it seems to be working nicely for you. Keep up the good work
  • Friday, Nov 9, 2018 Happy Friday everyone, it is official weigh day. I feel really good about my reboot and my meal schedule. My vegetarian OMAD meal yesterday was very satisfying and I did not go to bed hungry. I got to sleep around 9:15 last night so I got in my eight hours. Will be working on making sure to drink more…
  • You can do it Donna!!! The 160's were that for me during my original journey. I did get through it, but unfortunately, here I am now having to do it again. I am currently at 175 so we can ditch the 170's together. We've got this!!
  • I like this plan because it incorporates all the things that were successful for me in my original OMAD journey: Vegetarian meals, low carb meals, and of course regular OMAD meals. I also like this plan because the only adjustment I will need to make to it when I reach my goal weight is to have my low carb OMAD meals be…
  • I started a new thread, "Tracey's OMAD Reboot", to chronicle my journey to my 145 pound goal. Please follow me there.
  • Thursday November 8, 2018 Today's meal eaten at 6:00pm Vegetarian OMAD Spinach, tomato, onion, and cheese Quesadilla, Fiber One Chocolate Brownie, Water, Chocolate Kale Shake, and Water with ACV I didn't drink all of the shake. It feels really good to be back on track.
  • I have just re-read all of my threads and am feeling down and encouraged at the same time. I am feeling down because I have not been able to make my weight loss stick. I am encouraged by all of the good advice I received from you guys during my journey and am now motivated to lose the weight again and make it stick. I got…