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  • I am the same. If I "take a break" I gain, if I diet I lose super slow, feel deprived, obsess. And I need to lose weight for health not just looks. Anyway, in the past week I ordered 310 shakes/supplements (yuck, but low calorie and do control my appetite, which apparently isn't the problem as I'm not satisfied) and order…
  • My birthday's the end of August and I do work in public schools (last year before retirement) so fall always seems like New Years to me :)
  • I'm off and on here and off and on WW (or the free itrackbites app.) If you are on facebook there are some fairly active groups for WW and itrackbites. Currently I am "starting again" as I have a cruise planned the end of November and would love to lose a size and be able to wear the same one time worn dress from my last…
  • Well, not a huge success. They taste blah- not bad, but not good enough to mentally fill me up. I'm not hungry drinking them one or two meals, but not satisfied and looking for salty snacks. I've bought a set though and they are expensive, so will try and boost them up some with other tasty adds- the calories are low…
  • I just ordered some after a third friend posted good weight loss (over 50.) I am going to swap them for lunch some days (so cheaper than eating out) or breakfast (as cheap as my carnation breakfast essentials plus milk) so we will see.
  • I'm getting ready to start replacing weekday breakfast with a 310 shake. I have used carnation breakfast essentials but they are high in sugar and need to add milk or soymilk. I like eggs and such on the weekend.
  • Made it to 5 pound loss for the summer and back to work Thursday. Fingers crossed I don't gain back over this fall and lose some more for cruise in November.
  • Another pound down than goodness, so I will be going back to work this week 5 pounds less that I left for the summer :) It should have/could have been double that if I hadn't had a few vacation gain weeks.
  • I doubt eating over is a problem as long as you're not eating over calories. I have the other problem of not eating as much protein as they want but I just set mine a little lower.
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  • Mine was automatically set at 50-30-20 but I reset it at 40-30-30. I may lower that protein a bit and up the carbs though. I seem to lose the same (slow, about a pound a good week) regardless except for sugar. I don't lose if my sugar grams are too high even at the same calorie level.
  • Our local Lowe's foods has a delicious chicken salad. They add tumeric I think and grapes and some kind of nuts. Not the lowest calorie but white meat chicken and not a ton of mayo so not bad.
  • My job is pretty sedentary too and my hobbies are sitting ones. We have Y memberships (switched from Curves when my husband had some health issues and his doctor said he needed to start exercising.) It helps that we like one together (water aerobics) as it was too easy to skip stuff I just did alone. We also walk the dogs…
  • cute pups. We had planned to go smaller this time (after our last lab/shepherd/retriever) mixes died, and kind of did, but our beagle mix is much heavier/longer than we expected.
  • Diffusing eucalyptus in a diffuser (or vicks and water in a scentsy burner at night did wonders for my sinus issues. Then I found out it's toxic for my cat, so only do it at work (and use lotion with a few drops on myself at home. )
  • Water aerobics helps keep mine from being painful (I notice when I go a week without going) which includes stretching times. My husband has back trouble and one they gave him was pulling his knees toward his chest laying on his back or (in water) standing up.
  • Yep, but when you go full you end up with nothing good to eat and then go out and eat too much :)
  • We had storms last night so I slept well, but still wimped out on going to a new exercise class this morning. I could do more summers being off work but instead seem to do less. We do walk the dogs every day, but that's not long or fast. Maybe some pool time and not just lounging in it :)
  • Hi all (most likely again) as I've been here- and all WW online places- many times. I am currently thinking of tracking here again for the extra information instead of my itrackbites app, which is simple. Apparently for me it's more than calories in calories out now. I am also retiring next year Wendy- the end of next…
  • Hi all. I have been off and on with WW, the free Itrackbites app (usually classic), spark, my fitness pal etc. My new serial start is summer (I'm off), 60 and retiring next year, a cruise planned for November. 20 pounds would get me to my last cruise weight (still 20 to healthy weight but I'd be thrilled.)