Ideal macro percentages?

Hey there, there are just so many things online and it’s hard to figure out what is the ideal percentage of macros for fat loss and increased strength.

Right now I have it set for 45% protein 25% carbs and 30% fat
None of which I reach so I feel like it just isn’t accurate or helping me.

Is being low carb hurting me more than helping? I haven’t noticed any significant weightless... none actually in the last week and a half but I do about 60 of cardio daily and 45-60 min of strength training 4 days a week.

Thank you in advance!


  • AnvilHead
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    Here's a good guide to setting up your macros:

    Calories are what matter for weight loss. With that said, macros matter for other things such as satiety, body composition, workout performance, overall energy levels, etc. The above is a good guideline and you can tweak it from there to fit your wants/needs.
  • eguerrette
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    I’m at a calorie deficit every day, about 400-500
  • erickirb
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    Usually, with low carb, fats will be the highest, not protein. maybe switch your protein and fat %.
  • psychod787
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    It's up to you. I run 45c,30p,25f. That will sometimes change if certain things arise, but I like higher protein. Fills me up. Carbs for satiety, a little fat for slowing of gastric emptying. Fat also makes things rich.
  • 5lambert
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    Mine was automatically set at 50-30-20 but I reset it at 40-30-30. I may lower that protein a bit and up the carbs though. I seem to lose the same (slow, about a pound a good week) regardless except for sugar. I don't lose if my sugar grams are too high even at the same calorie level.