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    :) It's cold and misty and damp here but I'll be walking the dogs soon. I am feeling better so I have to remind myself to continue to walk slowly and not walk any farther than usual no matter how good I think I feel. I don't want to mess up my recovery by being over confident and impulsive.

    <3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington

    Glad to hear there is some recovery!

    M in Oz

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    M ~ What is that? How do you get rid of it?
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    Machka - I would die on the spot!

    Janetr - Yeah for you!!! Great job!!!

    Barbie - Glad you are continuing to feel a bit better!

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    Machka: Beautiful magnolia! It is lovely to see your spring as we move into fall. I hope you find a good dentist. :flowerforyou:

    Rebecca: The cat looks very pleased with himself to me. Just look at that wide grin on his face! :devil:

    Rita: We use mothballs in packets stapled to the underside of our deck to keep the raccoons away. We bought them at the hardware store. They work. Unfortunately, we can smell the mothballs, too. I’ve gotten used to the smell and don’t notice it much anymore. Be sure to keep garbage in raccoon proof containers. :grumble: I also love the photo of you and your DH.

    Carol: You are so lucky to have grandchildren close enough to go to their Grandparents day at school. :star:

    Jazzy: I love the photos! We’re a bit down river from you. This morning we’re having a little mist. The deck is damp, but not wet. The forecast says we’ll have rain before dinner. :ohwell:

    Allie: I’m glad the house is getting a lot of attention. I hope you get a good offer soon. Enjoy the fair. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: Keeping my fingers crossed regarding the real estate deal. I have admired your wonderful home when I’ve seen photos. It is beautiful. My grandchildren are so far away that I’m lucky to see them once a year. I envy your ability to see yours more often. :heart:

    We had a lovely trip to Eastern Oregon to see DSIL and my husband’s cousin, Bill. We’ve been unloading the RV, and I want to put it in the storage unit. It has been in the street across from our house too long to suit me. DH wants to take it to the RV repair guy. That would be okay, too. Time to get it put away, though.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Machka - yikes!! Crazy! Hope they find the cause of your pain - yes, it does sound like an infection.

    Karen in VA - good for you taking over the "teacher" role. Is there any chance your grandson can skip grades and enter college early? In our community, the bright kids get to start earning college credits in their junior years at the local college, it's called "running start". Your little guy sounds brighter than the average bright kid! Are there any areas he really excels in?

    Has he been through the Myers-Briggs?

    I was reading an article about introverts this morning - INFJ's in particular - and how they are able to "slam doors" on people who push them too far. It not that they hate or dislike that person, that person just ceases to exist to them and they avoid contact with them. I'm an INTJ and have done the same thing without any kind of remorse. It was fascinating to read about how we deal with people that we have to work with closely in these types of situations. Humans, eh? LOL

    - welcome, I was on WW for years but left after they revamped the website a couple years ago and dissolved their online community! I thought their plan had merit but was so expensive. So I came over to MFP - this group is great and I like the logging much better, and was able to tweak my own program.

    - so happy you had a great trip to Boise! Woo hoo! Fun to get out and get caught up with people you love, and have your own space too in your RV. Do you have another trip planned?

    - I don't remember seeing any blue trucks around the Beaver Lake area, but it's been nearly 25 years since we lived there. Tho one of these days the image will probably pop into my brain, lol.

    Heather and Barbie and KJ and others who keep a gratitude journal - gratitude is such a lifesaver and so good at drawing us out of the shadows. Thank you for reminding us!

    So the vascular surgeon's office called yesterday and wants DH to make a follow up appointment. He was in there last spring and was told he needed stents in one of his legs for his PAD and possibly other arteries. DH is going to call them back today and make that appointment; he is realizing his quality of life is quickly diminishing. He as all but given up smoking - one now and then - I think this will encourage him to quit that habit once and for all.

    East Coast ladies - hoping Florence peters out! Looks like she's weakening wind-wise and praying that continues.

    Sun is out for a while so will head out for a walk. Making "Progresso" Lentil soup for lunch.

    Cool and wonderful SW WA State

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    Oh man getting up quickly is not my strong suit! Youngest Navy son called at 7:30 am because he had both yesterday and today off. Yesterday at 9 am he got all four wisdom teeth pulled!!! Poor kid. He has stiches too. He sounded really chipper for just getting them pulled! The dentist was looking at his xrays yesterday and asked if the left side of his jaw had trauma as a kid! I guess it looked broken in the xray, strange. When he was a kid he could make a strange popped/ clicking noise with his jaw, but being that there was no trauma or event we thought it was one of the many unexplained noises from our boys!
    He still doesn't know when he flies out. He still needs some 2nd series shots. I know typhoid shots are two series and they hurt like a mother!!
    I guess he doesn't have to worry about a passport right now, traveling in orders, and living in this ship, or in barracks.
    He seems upbeat, not homesick at all, and I have to draw strength from that and be grateful. He sounds good, slurping cup a noodles while talking to me. Yelling at his roommate because he may or may not have taken someone's cup a noodles off said food shelf! "Its only a buck", I hear him tell his roommate.

    Well time to gulp coffee and gym it!
    Rebecca 💗
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    Hi MFPers,
    Posting here since this group seems current.
    I’ve been away from MFP for a long time, currently on WW, but not finding much support. Many of my old MFP friends are now inactive, so I’m looking for active members for mutual support. Please join me!

    I'm off and on here and off and on WW (or the free itrackbites app.) If you are on facebook there are some fairly active groups for WW and itrackbites. Currently I am "starting again" as I have a cruise planned the end of November and would love to lose a size and be able to wear the same one time worn dress from my last (2012) cruise on the dress up night. I once again tried to "buy" weight loss and ordered meal replacement shakes (310) and appetite control supplements, which I need to use now but really don't like. Oh well, it's just a meal (or occassionally 2) a day. Still counting calories.
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    barbiecat wrote: »

    I read somewhere that "September is the new January". This is based on school starting in many parts of the world in September. Even if this isn't true for you, this is one more good time to make a fresh start on your goals and resolutions for your life.

    How did you do with your goals and resolutions for August?

    What goals and resolutions do you have for September?

    My journey to health and fitness has been successful in large part to the support I've gotten from the women on the "Women Ages 50+" thread. Thank you to all of you who have supported and encouraged me and welcome to all who are joining us for the first time.

    Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can find it again.

    My word for 2018 is "tenacity".

    Resolutions for August (with end of the month comments)
    *Do what's necessary to deal with back pain that came on suddenly (yes)
    *Act the way I want to feel (yes)

    Resolutions for September
    *keep following the doctor's directions
    *log food and water daily

    k40015.gifBarbie from beautiful NW Washington

    My birthday's the end of August and I do work in public schools (last year before retirement) so fall always seems like New Years to me :)
  • Barbara - In South Georgia, it really isn't totally flat. From the road, in certain places you can see the roof of our house. We have maybe 35-40 acres of planted pines on slightly rolling land; which we have thinned 2x since they were planted when we moved out here. This cutting, whenever they can get the equipment on the land will be our last until our death; unless we get beetles in them. We have about 10 - 15 of them die over time just because; and, they get cut down by husband and son, so the beetles won't spread. They die from the top down; but, are not the kind of beetles that take out a whole stand of pines in a very short time. We've needed rain a lot to keep them nice; but, then, that means the timber company won't bring in their equipment. Louis and Trey planted some oaks and chestnut trees back on the edge of an easement (for 2 gas companies) for the acorns and chestnuts. They planted small trees lining the driveway and they are so thick that we can barely see son's house, which is nice - means they can't see ours any better. So, now I am washing clothes at son's house and bringing them back to dry. Our appliances are 20+/- years old, so trying to 'fix' them will cost way too much, even 'if' parts could be found. Louis wants to wait to see how much we get, so we won't have to finance them. Washer, dryer, and dishwasher. I don't know how old our refrigerator is; but, it has to be 18+ years old. We bought it when we moved out here and left our old fridge with the house when we sold it. I 'think'.

    Louis knows I want him to paint my cabinets. I am 'so sick of the blond' cabinets, he has already painted the walls a light grayish-green and I want him to paint the upper cabinets a Velvet White and then pick out a much darker color of the wall for the lower cabinet doors. Our counter tops need to be replaced and I would like some sort of stone, and have them run flat against the wall, and then pick out a backsplash. Up around the window and over to the end of the cabinets on the next wall (not under the 2 cabinets over the refrigerator. I'd like a light cabinet top that would have a lot of veins running through it that would pick up the darker grayish-green and maybe some bronze in it as well. I'd like for him to paint the white back and legs of our 3 bar stools; and, then paint our dining room chairs a midnight deep navy blue. I hope when he does it he will sand them so it won't peel off. If I don't have to finance the appliances; then, I would like to check into getting the countertops and backsplash done. The house is 18 years old; and, I guess I have just gotten tired of it all being the same. Need a new sofa - got to go sit in a lot of them. So far, the only one that has been really comfortable to sit in has been a sofa bed. Not too deep from front to back; or not too high of a seat off the floor.

    We had 2 deer standing out in the field between our houses; one doe and a small buck. Cracker knew something was out there before we did. She gets up and starts barking and runs to the window; about knocking Louis over to get to it. The blinds were still open.

    Well, going to get off. I would like to answer some of you individually; but, when I do that, I get very long winded. Congrats to all of you and your families for succeeding in the things you have gone after. Hoping all of you are having successes in whatever it is that you are trying.

    Michelle - Trey wants to get his CDL because he could get a job driving a truck; but, he really wants a job that isn't 'long haul'. The husband of one of Jenn's (on and off again friends) told him that he could have a job working for him. But, he seems like a real @$$ and I am not sure Trey would want to work for him. One of his HS classmates runs a trucking company. Both he and his Dad drove big trucks. He has gone to talk to him and of course, getting his CDL is the only thing he needs. I don't understand why he keeps putting it off though; first he was going to do it this summer; then he planned on doing it in the fall; now he is talking about the spring of next year. OH, GOOD GRIEF, just 'do it'!!!!!

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    I did my run, listening to Speed Bonny Boat and Beethoven's Concerto podcasts.

    DH went out for his walk at the same time and came back with two and a half pounds of blackberries from the lanes. :D He boiled them up with cinnamon and cloves, strained them, added some sugar and some brandy to preserve. It is now bottled and the last little bit we have just drunk with soda water. Delicious! He mostly uses it in our stewed fruit we have every evening, but is great with Prosecco, tonic, or soda water. He has half a pound of berries left to stew with our own apples.

    Our agent says our buyers haven't heard yet from the mortgage company, but are actively pursuing them for an answer.

    Keeping distracted. :*;)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

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    Rebecca - I actually LIVE at a “resort kind of place” here in Issaquah. It’s been here since 1945. I’ll message you.

    I had to smile re your conversation with your son while he was talking to roommate about a “missing” cup of soup. I have all daughters, but my middle daughter has 5 sons (and one very dear daughter). All but 1 are late teens to mid-20s. I have heard very similar mock fights! 😉 They’re all on Whidbey too, in OH.

    Karen - Kids like our grandsons are special challenges, but the rewards are also very, very special. Kudos for stepping up - but then the alternative is kind of unthinkable, isn’t it?

    Michelle in NY - Has Loki has a bet check? It could be an infection of some sort. If he’s in pain, that could cause him to be irritable as well. Our fur babies really try to hide being ill because that’s their instinct.

    JazzyPDX - Hurrah for your fitting older clothes and on your 5K!

    GrandMallie - I hope you get an acceptable offer SOON! The whole real estate thing is sooo much drama!

    Machka - Oh dear. Perhaps your doctor IS the place to start. Here in the states if we have an emergency like yours most dentists will see us ASAP, because of the overall health dangers. My cardiologist thinks some of my past heart problems could have been started by an abscesses tooth. Please get seen by someone really soon!

    Oh dear again! Here in Western WA all we get are garter snakes! Are you in OZ? It can be anything there, I hear!

    Heather UK - I guess I’m rather surprised that your country rates high on the drinking - especially when compared to the wine countries. Problem drinking can pop up anywhere, though. Thank goodness for 12-step programs!

    Oh my, your fruit dishes sound SO luxurious!

    BlueImp - Welcome back! I too am a returning old-timer. Shows me I need this support!

    Barbie in NW WA - Overdoing is SUCH a temptation, isn’t it? That’s something I’ll need to focus on post-bypass. We resume solids VERY slowly after the procedure.

    Janetr OKC - Congratulations! You look great! I SO hope to be on my way there in a year!

    Lanette - I’m an INFP. There have been very few people in my life that I’ve shut the door on, but I think that’s the J vs P part.

    I’ve been retired for 17 years now. I would have had your area from about ‘79-‘90

    I just LOVE Progresso soups!

    Snowflake1968- Edmonton!?! I might cave guessed Churchill or possibly somewhere on Alaska’s north slope, but that’s amazing!

    I had a boring evening yesterday. Couldn’t get myself off the news sites. I’m one of those folks who starts reading an item, sees an interesting link midway down, clicks to that, sees another at the end and so forth. Eventually I get back to the main article and it’s 1AM. I’m also a gamer. And no, I don’t mean Bejeweled or Candy Crush. I run my own guild in Summoners War consisting of mostly 30-ish guys and gals. We’re pretty sad as competitors because a lot of other guilds have folks who are techies and can spend bucks on stones to summon higher quality men or equipment. It’s great fun chatting with them.

    I glad Florence seems to be weakening, but the rain could still cause a lot of damage. Be safe!

    Sharon in Western WA