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  • I bought an electric pedal assist mountain bike and I absolutely love riding it. I count calories to watch my weight, I ride my bike because I love it. Ebikes are amazing! I can explore on 4-5 hr rides, I can shred down a mountain chute or climb the steepest trail on shorter all out efforts. All the while I can set the…
  • Maybe a little different thinking but as a newbie lifter I think if you went on a 500 calorie deficit per day and lifted you would make huge gains in body composition. You will most likely gain muscle and very slowly if at all loose weight but your body fat will drop as you gain muscle. You will like what you see in the…
  • Even more important than 100 -200 calories is that you start resistance training/lifting. The only way to change skinny fat is to loose fat while keeping muscle. Without lifting your body has no reason to hold muscle and you will loose both fat and muscle as you diet and defeat your goal. Your body composition will not…
  • I mix protein powders in my yogurt. Double chocolate powder can improve so many different flavored yogurts and really put them over the top. I also mix in pbfit powdered peanut butter. Low cal. High protein and tasty.
  • You may have to high of a calorie deficit. I find when I hit the sweet spot of a maintainable calorie deficit I don’t binge eat. I also have times when my cardio gets high for a prolonged period of time which puts me into a huge deficit and can lead to a binge. The other tell tale sign for me is that when I don’t feel bad…
  • Are you carrying a lot of athletic muscle mass? Use athletic mode. I am 14-15% body fat with visible abs and my scale say I’m 28% body fat. It’s so inaccurate it’s a joke.
  • Just a thought, it may not just be stress your N.E.A.T. calories mat have dropped as well because in the new job your simply not moving as much. This happened to me and my maintenance calories dropped so significantly that my dieting calories became my new maintenance. If that’s the case you need to combine cutting…
  • Yes you can but don’t be disappointed by a possible temporary water weight gain or just seeing the scale be less consistent.
  • Ah ha moments! 1. I have been lied to!! The health and fitness industry is about making money and I was fed their propaganda teachings! 2. A pound is 3,500 calories and your weight is a math equation of calories in and calories out. 3. Being healthy isn’t so much about eating “good for you foods” but about learning real…
  • Since your just starting out I would recommend a couple things to jump start your progress. Buy a digital food scale. People who weigh their food as they log will sometimes loose twice as much weight. I found that I was subconsciously lying to myself when I estimated portion size. If I was hungry the portions were smaller…
  • When I was a teen I was taught in the weight room of my high school to basically do a “dirty bulk”. I ate everything I could and yes I got big and strong. The problem was I learned very bad eating habits that have taken almost 30 year to overcome. Over the past 5 plus years I have been using my fitness pal off and on. It’s…
  • Nice job! Looks like you lifted. Kept that muscle!
  • Great job!
  • Awesome!
  • Wow, you look great!
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