I've started hating and dreading my working

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I do 30-45 min/day of high intensity interval strength 6 days/week. (peloton strength classes- not to be confused with their cycling program) I looked forward to them when I started, but at this point, I hate them so much. I dread them before doing them and I hate them while I'm doing them. They're necessary because besides walking 3k/day, I'm sedentary. I'm not sure what to do.

PS. I'm never sore the next day or physically exhausted from them, so I don't think I'm overworked (also, I'm a healthy weight)


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    It's not a binary choice between what sounds like circuit training and being sedentary.
    What do you enjoy?
    What are your goals?
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    Do a different kind of workout?
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    The only 2 options on earth aren't peleton vs. sedentary. There are a LOT of other things - some of which you might actually enjoy - to get active. I'd consider myself pretty active and have never been on a peleton or any sort of spin class at all.
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    Doing the same type of workout 6 days a week, that would burn me out too, even if it's a type of exercise I enjoy. Change it up a little! There are so many ways to be active, surely that can't be the only possibility? Running, walking, (indoor) rowing, martial arts, plates, yoga, classic strength training, swimming, tennis, rebounding,...
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    +1 suggestion to "do something else, then." There's a million ways to be active. Can you pinpoint what you don't like about your Peloton workouts, or are you just bored?

    Do you enjoy your 3km daily walks? Why not bump that up to 5km (gradually, over the course of a couple of weeks - walking is an endurance sport)? You don't have to do all 5 km at once, just replace your HIIT with another walk at another time of the day.

    Have you ever thought about running, why not grab a Couch to 5k app and do that three days a week?

    Do you have access to a pool this time of year?

    For what you're (presumably) paying for access to Peloton's workouts, there ought to be other ones available that have a different vibe or focus - if that's the thing that's holding you back from exploring the wide world of sports, look for other trainers/videos/series to try besides the one you've been doing.
  • There’s a whole world of activity out there that isn’t Hi intensity interval strength training. I don’t even know what that is tbh. It sounds exhausting. Try some other activities.
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    Why are you doing exercise you hate? The world of exercise is massive, find something you like and enjoy it.
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    Your post script kind of leans into the idea that you're not feeling challenged. I'd do a season of progressive overload strength training without the interval pace. A 3 day split instead of full body every day might be refreshing and hitting closer to failure is a different kind of challenge for you.
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    I would echo the points above - try a bunch of different cardio exercises and I guarantee you'll find one you enjoy. Try climbing, hiking, surfing - keep it interesting!

    Good luck!
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    Do you have the bike or tread? If so, why not try a bootcamp? Or look outside of Peloton and do something else. I use the app to do some cycling, yoga, and stretching. I combine that with weight training (not Peloton's but a progressive overload program), rowing, and pole dance. There are so many exercises in the world that you should never be bored.
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    Where I live, we have community colleges and cities that normally offer sports classes. ⛵️ 🎾 ⚽️ 🥋 🤺 … The upside is making friends. The downside is the pandemic; it’s limiting and sucks. Hopefully we’ll get through this together and get back to normal.
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    I'm not overly familiar with Peleton "strength" workouts...but typically resistance training shouldn't be done 6 days per week as it doesn't allow for recovery. You don't ideally want to be working the same muscles and muscle groups day in and day out.

    Regardless, doing the same thing every single day becomes monotonous and boring. There is a whole world of fitness out there that can be engaging and fun. I only do resistance training 3x per week full body. My primary cardio is cycling and I mix that up with different kinds of rides...I do some interval work on my indoor trainer with Zwift but also take the road bike outside and/or hit the trails with my mountain bike. I don't think I could ever do the same exact thing exercise wise day in and day out.
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    Oh man. Why spend valuable time doing something you don’t enjoy? Life is too short.

    I’m a dabbler. I run, walk, Pilates, weight train, stationary bike, bicycle, and do a hot yoga flow class almost every day (because that’s my true love). When i burn out on one, I’ll up another for a few days.

    Not familiar with the Peleton videos. I’ve tried a few of the Apple Fitness Plus classes, and frankly, the ones I’ve tried are laughable. Most are 10-20 minutes and spend the first five greeting and explaining, then the workouts are a joke, even for me. And the forced cheeriness is inutterably irritating.

    I’m going to try one of their “city runs” this
    Morning before deciding if I’m going to cancel the free subscription that came with the new device.

    Find what you like, and make sure it challenges you so it will keep your interest.

    That’s what I love about yoga. You never truly “master” anything, but when you’ve at least accomplished a pose, danged if there isn’t something else to try.
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    I bought an electric pedal assist mountain bike and I absolutely love riding it. I count calories to watch my weight, I ride my bike because I love it. Ebikes are amazing! I can explore on 4-5 hr rides, I can shred down a mountain chute or climb the steepest trail on shorter all out efforts. All the while I can set the power assist to the level I want it, for the heart rate and intensity I’m looking for.
    Now on the other hand I lift heavy every other day at a slight calorie deficit and yes I hate that! Squats and bench without explosive glycogen in my muscles absolutely sucks! But I want to be shredded for summer. So I press on!