Best low carb yogurt that tastes good

I love yogurt but I've found that my favorite yogurt is far from low sugar/carb. What are your favorites for me to try?


  • nooshi713
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    I love Siggis. It is high protein and lower in sugar. It is not Yoplait, which is more like a dessert than anything, but I like it.
  • Bluebirdday72
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    I personally love Brown Cow Cream at the Top whole fat yogurt. It tastes heavenly and has no added sugar. I was not really a yogurt lover until I found Brown Cow. Most other yogurts are too sour tasting for me. My second favorite is FAGE 5% Greek yogurt. Super creamy, not gritty at all, and not sour.You can add fresh fruit or whatever other topping to make either more interesting.
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    I rotate between Fage 0%, Chobani 0%, and Trader Joe's nonfat Greek depending on what's on sale. I add frozen berries for flavor.

    "Tastes good" is very subjective. I think they taste good, no idea if you think they will.

    Also, not sure how low carb/low sugar you're looking for. As others said, the lactose in yogurt has naturally occurring sugar, and therefore carbs. Non-flavored yogurt won't have added sugar.
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    My sinfully rich-tasting snack is 0% fat plain Stonyfield's yogurt with a bit of peanut butter mixed in, with sugar free syrup drizzled on top. Lots of times I'll leave the peanut butter out and it's still good.

    Plain non-fat yogurts can be doctored a bit to taste better.
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    I mix protein powders in my yogurt. Double chocolate powder can improve so many different flavored yogurts and really put them over the top. I also mix in pbfit powdered peanut butter. Low cal. High protein and tasty.
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    Oikos triple zero. I add a tablespoon of hemp seeds for fat and fresh fruit. Lemon + fresh blueberries is so good. 1 cup is 10 carbs.
  • DancingMoosie
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    Dannon light n fit greek yogurt
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    IMO, the more fat yogurt has, the better it tastes. So to meet your goal of low carb, I'd recommend a full fat unflavored (no sugar) Greek yogurt. My Mom gets this from Cabot.

    I want less fat plus vanilla flavored, which includes sugar, so I get Cabot Greek Low Fat Vanilla.


    Mom gets the one on the far left and I get the one on the far fight. The triple cream in the middle is amazing, but more calories and fat than I want from a yogurt.
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    I have the Fat Free Natural Greek yoghurt but for added flavour I add a drop of 'My Protein Flavdrops' you can choose so many flavours and they work perfectly in yoghurts.

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    I just use plain full fat organic greek yogurt. I usually add 1 cup of organic blueberries defrosted and 1 tablespoon of ground flax with a little cinnamon. The blueberries is all the sweetener I need. Plenty of fiber, so not worried about natural sugar.
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    I tend to eat Two Good yogurt since it's low in sugar, carbs, and calories.
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    I personally love the dannon light and fit greek yogurt in vanilla. I dip apples or mix frozen fruit in it and it’s so good. 80cals
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    For me, I don't eat yogurt as a sweet food, I eat it as a savoury food. So full fat Balkan style Astro with full, garlic, and lemon used as a dip for vegetables.
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    Just wishing you luck on your journey.
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    y'all had some excellent ideas to try with the yogurt- I am going to try adding protein powders or the PB fit to mine- thanks
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    just get a large tub of natural greek yogurt and simply use what you want to use, then add whatever fruit, nuts, honey or whatever you want- keep it simple