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  • I’d like to thank people for their generous help. I’m reviewing and thinking about all this valuable information. Thank you.
  • I meant to say 300-500 calories a day. My mistake.
  • We have one body to make this trip on planet earth. I’ve friends who treat their cars and pets better than their own bodies. I don’t want the wheels to fall off this body sooner than necessary. I’d suggest starting with one minute, one step and keep a short-term view. And looking back only makes looking forward nearly…
  • I’m on a low sodium diet (1300 mg) a day. I’m struggling to get enough calories each day to reach a maintenance level. I haven’t found an answer to balance sodium and calories. It’s becoming worrisome.
  • I find 1/2 of a Honey Crisp apple is just terrific and filling too. We always have several bags of fresh veggies and I will grab a hand full of something when we're out of apples. I particularly like raw carrots, raw broccoli, and raw cauliflower. We have some homemade low sodium salad dressing that I might use with the…
  • You posted part of your story today, the 15th of September. That’s a great step. I’d urge you to consider a second post tomorrow with a second step to share. That’s 2 steps in a good direction. All we can ever do is use our time “now.” Right now is really all the time we have and all the time we need. Hope to hear about…
  • Thank you for this guidance. I had overestimated my activity level. So now my lower calorie goals seem more reasonable.
  • So many excellent suggestions in this topic. And clearly from people who know their way around a gym. I’d suggest that the OP, using these nuggets, venture into the gym and make themselves at home. Your body and mind will thank you.
  • These are amazing stories. I’m tipping my cap to everyone.