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  • Yes, you WILL do this! You've got the determination and drive in your words! Keep reading and finding encouragement/wisdom in other people's stories. Take each day as it comes and keep tweaking until your plan all works for you. Good luck!
  • I'm feeling kind of scared for the weekend because I'm getting on a plane, dealing with the apprehension of possibly screwing up and getting lost, traveling across the country and stepping too far out of my comfort zone to be comfortable. But I'll be with my dds for a week and feel really happy about that.
  • Not single but sure do miss the flirting days. It can do wonders for a person's self esteem, to even think you're still desirable. :)
  • Ooh a big hot bowl of creamy mashed potatoes, dripping with butter and peas, all smushed together. :) Followed by a huge chocolate topped custard filled eclair. :) It's just what flitted through my fantasy brain at the moment. Have a wonderful day everybody! I hope the sun shines and the temps are perfect, no matter where…
  • HYYY I know I dropped you a few times and never really appreciated you enough to show I cared and how much I needed you. But damn it, you're supposed to always be there whenever I need you, I counted on you, that was the deal when I chose you and brought you home to use and abuse you. Me to my computer mouse this morning :)
  • More cucumber plants to replace the ones that already died. And a beautiful Verbena hanging plant, all pink and purple
  • Feel better Jo!! Argh my morning irk is that my mouse is all effed up and I can't seem to live without it. :(
  • @honey_honey_12 Isn't Mother Nature just a hoot sometimes? :)
  • Listening to my stomach grumbling but not sure what I want for lunch. Thinking about all the stuff I could be and should be doing, but obviously I'm not.
  • So many things go into making a relationship work, whether you choose marriage or not. Respect, trust, appreciation, space, growth, commitment, love, compromise.......and if too much of any one of those things is lacking, it could definitely be a very bumpy ride at best. DH were married in 1978 but went through a…
  • Been a long long time.........
  • Just tell the recipient if she doesn't care for it or it doesn't fit, she's more than welcome to return it, with your blessings. What a sweet gesture on your part, to put so much thought into the gift!! FYI I hate clothes shopping because nothing ever fits the way the charts say it will and our small town has zero clothing…
  • @lovelychar My sister has peas coming up from seeds she found dated 2015. :) She just keeps seeds stored in glass jars in her basement. Had to buy more cucumbers today, our other ones just died, have no idea why. We haven't had a frost but it did get down to 34 one night so maybe they were just too fragile. :( I've got to…
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  • When I allow myself to jump to conclusions. For the past 2 mornings, I'm hearing this noise that I think is somebody's engine running for a long time. People tend to do that sometimes to warm up their car. But it's been hot here. So I start grumbling about gas prices/wasting precious fuels to myself in my mind. I finally…
  • I don't discriminate. :)
  • I'm just here for the donut.
  • Alas, my B&J's stockpile disappeared. :( Granted there was only one but it's still gone.
  • Couple weeks ago my sister and I went for a walk, very isolated and peaceful place. At the end was a pond filled with loons. There must've been at least a dozen. We were mesmerized just watching them. Funny thing was though, not once did they make their famous loon calls. But have you ever seen them fly for a short bit…
  • Oh no, I missed the s'mores? Maybe they'll have a repeat tonight, I even brought my own peanut butter cups to try with them. Some day I really will. :) Supposed to be 90 here today and hot again tomorrow. :/ Hubby is going golfing, sure hope he does okay, just 2 of them so they should finish a little quicker than usual.…
  • What is that purple stuff? :) That seed date bread looks amazing!
  • You came naked You will leave naked You came without anything You will leave without anything You arrived weak You will leave weak So, why so much hatred, resentment, envy, selfishness and pride? We will all go empty handed, what all material things we have earned, we earned here, and will leave everything here only. The…
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  • How long can a person procrastinate until the 'works well under pressure' isn't true anymore? Testing this theory atm.
  • Memorial Day is coming up soon. Is it too early to fire up the grill and get out all the salads? If not, I'd love a bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings, potato salad, macaroni salad, crispy cold watermelon, and a tall icy diet coke. Then a make-your-own sundae would be the piece de resistance. Yummm! @LindaK125 Good…
  • @SuzanneC1l9zz Yeh, I have to keep an eye on my 2 dogs. We have our garden all fenced in but one of our dogs is a Houdini. Last summer, I'd see paw prints in my strawberry beds even though she'd be laying in the backyard looking so innocent. We've doubled our fence up in spots, laid boards around the bottom, large stones,…
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  • I forget it and move on. And usually there's 1 day a week where I go over, about the same amount that you did. It's the long haul that's going to make a difference. As the above poster said, I also wouldn't cut back on calories another day to make up for it because I think you may end up starving even more, therefore go…
  • 52 Ways to Walk Just trying to get through it so I can get onto something else. :)
  • Ya had to ask what kind didn't you? :) My memory isn't what it used to be and we must've looked at 8 kinds. I *think* we ended up with Stuttgarter onions? If they are such a thing. :/ I never knew mice ate tomatoes. :( We have mice and squirrels all over the place and this is the first time anything's been touched.…
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  • Huge salad and chicken on top. Been undereating veggies and protein lately, need to step up my game.
  • Oooh we had a t-storm as well but it wasn't as rip-roaring as yours must've been, Zzyyggy. I love a good thunderstorm myself. :) Maybe we can all sit by the windows tonight and watch them pass through. I'm kind of hungry tonight. I haven't had a good cheesy veggie pizza in awhile with some cheesy breadsticks and sauce for…