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  • Unless you are very, very petite and/or under the care of a doctor you shouldn’t be eating BELOW 1200 calories on a regular basis and you should be eating a portion of your exercise calories back. How tall are you, what is your current weight and how much are you trying to lose?
  • Ditto the above, if they stress you out more than motivate you just don’t click “complete diary”. Your info is still saved and your log in streak will still remain active.
  • To combat high blood sugar levels, I would recommend adding a protein source to your breakfast. Cheerios are carbs and will increase your blood sugar levels, if you pair a carb with a good source of protein your blood sugar will not go as high and normalize faster than eating carbs alone. I also have PCOS and have had 3…
  • Losing weight and light exercise (brisk walk for 20-30 minutes) after meals goes a long way to lowering your blood sugar levels and helping your body process the insulin it creates.
  • You could be constipated, you could be retaining water from your new birth control, or a food you are eating. It is very unlikely it is all actual fat.
  • I would agree with the “not very active” setting but 1600 calories is low for a man (assuming you are a man). You may be setting your goal too aggressively. If you are going to stay at 1600 then your really should be eating back at least half of your exercise calories.
  • Bingo! Chinese food is high in sodium and that is the likely culprit. Drink lots of water and it will be gone in a day or two.
  • Unless you have a lot of weight to lose 10 pounds is overly aggressive. 2 pounds a week is aggressive and that won’t even get you to your goal.
  • As someone who has experienced gestational diabetes 3 times here are some things I’ve learned. GD is not the same as type 1 or type 2, but there are similarities. 1) fasting glucose is the HARDEST, and near impossible, to manage by diet and exercise alone. Some have found a bedtime snack (high protein, low carb) helps, but…
  • If you largely sit around OUTSIDE of intentional exercise, you should select sedentary/not very active, then log your intentional exercise.
  • Last May I was just shy of 200 pounds (and I’m only 5 ft 3) and started walking to help me lose weight. I had a new Apple Watch and it took me several weeks before I could walk 30 minutes straight at a moderate pace without my legs being tight and sore. My first few weeks I was lucky to walk at a 18 minute pace. I was…
  • Everyone has different things that trigger unhealthy behaviors. Everyone has different views of what is “unhealthy”. I personally don’t eliminate entire food groups when I am losing weight, I need to learn to control my impulse to over eat. I find that when I elongate things I crave them more and then I have less self…
  • Assuming you haven’t accounted for exercise in your daily activity when you set up your MFP goals, then the program is designed for you to eat back you exercise calories. However, since most of the calorie burn data is an estimate, although usually reasonably close, you will find most people only eat a portion of those…
  • Yes, it is possible but you still have to eat less than the calories you burn to maintain your weight. People have lost weight eating nothing but twinkies but that isn’t necessarily a good idea.
  • If you wouldn’t normally be walking if you weren’t losing weight I would recommend choosing sedentary and then logging your walks as exercise and then eating back a portion of those calories most days. MFP is designed to select your typical activity BEFORE intentional exercise. So if you work in a warehouse then you would…
  • No one said you couldn’t eat high calorie foods. I’m guessing you should probably be eating more of them if you are binging once a week and then still hungry the next day.
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  • Are you measuring your food portions to make sure you are eating the right amount? How much exercise are you doing and are you eating any of those calories back? If you are doing a weekly day where you admit to significantly over eating I would guess you are severely under eating if you are still losing 2-3 pounds a week.…
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  • If I’m actually hungry and not bored (usually it is bored for me) then I eat something small. But make sure you aren’t restricting too much, make sure you are eating most of your exercise calories back, and plan your calories to leave 100-200 for a snack in the evening.
  • Over the summer I actually tracked this! I was pretty diligent at eating the same amount of calories each day and getting roughly the same amount exercise. After 5 weeks I started checking where I was compared to the prediction. Sometimes it was within a pound, sometimes it was off by 5 or more. Those were usually the days…
  • I don’t pay for premium and I often have issues with delayed syncing with my Apple Watch (via pacer app).
  • Me giving up sugar forever is just not realistic. Me having control of the sugar is.
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  • While this isn’t strictly weight loss related I often wonder how in the world they afford all of that food, especially the take out/fast food. Many of them don’t work and are on disability so they have a small income stream, but they must spend thousands of dollars on food alone. I just can’t fathom...
  • First was I wish my lower body looked like that. On closer examination I see the outside of your thighs have a similar shape as mine (although yours are smaller) and I call mine saddlebags. And I’m 99.9% certain that had I seen you on the street or this picture without this particular post I doubt I would be noticing…
  • I was borderline addicted and I decided to give up desserts/sweets for Lent. Before I was eating a dozen bakery cookies in about 24 hours and a treat after lunch and dinner and a few m&ms before bed. The first 10 days were brutal and I was majorly regretting being so broad in my sacrifice. Now it is a lot better, yes I…
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  • I lost 32 last summer and gained back 16 from November and March 1. It is disappointing, but I stopped moving and started over eating and I’m grateful I didn’t put on more weight than I did. I’m working on taking it back off now that the weather is sorta kinda getting better here, I’m ready for warmer weather so I can…
  • I watch frequently and this season has been very frustrating. I want them all to succeed but so far only one patient has gotten surgery before the end of their 2-hr episode. My heart breaks when I hear their traumatic stories about how they got to be in such bad shape, he should start therapy on day 1 song with the diet.…
  • Do you plan your meals out at all or do you just wing it? I find planning helps me allocate my calories better throughout the day. Dinner is my biggest meal so I tend to pre-log that the best that I can, then I log my lunch and try to leave room for a snack. I’ve never been a breakfast eater so I don’t usually leave…