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  • Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed everyone knew Weight Watchers. Back in the 1970s and 80s the program was very hard to follow because so many foods were off-limits. But I do remember eggs and canned tuna were acceptable and I ate this Tuna Puff thing often.
  • Thanks! I can do that :)
  • Is there a way to edit your original post to keep up with each week or do you have to make a new post for every week? My weekly weigh-in was 206.6, down from 209. This week's challenge: going back to work. I won't have nearly as much time to cook and exercise.
  • Hi all. I'm going to give this a shot. Friday will be my weigh-in day because it is so much easier to stay 100% on program during the week. Starting weight for 2022 was 209, so whatever weight loss I post tomorrow will be for more than 1 week. I'm a 72-year-old history instructor at a community college and I am 5'7" I am…
  • The recipe I use for deconstructed egg rolls (Egg Roll in a Bowl) comes in at under 200 calories when using lean ground chicken breast, cabbage and seasonings. Makes a decent dinner if you have consumed most of your allotted calories during the day or it can be a nice lunch if you intend to splurge at dinner.
  • I'm with you on the no surgery. I like to think I am past the point where vanity steers my health decisions. With winter coming I will be out of shorts and tank tops so I think I will quit worrying about it for six months and maybe by then a little more of the subcutaneous fat will be gone. Thanks for the insight.
  • I didn't know that but you can bet I am adding it to my goals. Until now I avoided the tape measure so I wouldn't get depressed but I suspect I'm about 40 inches around the middle (can't call that a waist). Although I dread it, I am headed to my closet right now to measure so I have a baseline to work from. I'm 5'7" so I…
  • Hello, folks. Remember me from September? I met my goal last month and finally got my BMI under 30 (29.9 but who's counting) and have stayed in Onederland for 2 months. In spite of those personal successes, I was very unhappy with the way my skin was beginning to look (wrinkled, crepey?). Anyway, I thought I would take a…
  • Grats! There's something so uplifting about seeing that 1 and not that awful 2 on the scale.
  • SURPRISE! Was not expecting a loss today but just in the nick of time the scale obliged and I met my Sept. goal of 5 lbs. I am inclined to believe this thread helped keep me accountable, especially when I experienced that 10 day plateau. So I guess I am trying to say Thank You for keeping me in Onederland. 9-1 196.5 9-29…
  • I started IF middle of June, watched my carbs closely, and was pretty diligent about exercise. Down 30 pounds so far but the weight loss has slowed considerably and will probably slow down even more because I am bringing in some carbs again (I want oatmeal for my second meal!). I started with 16:8 but now its 18:6 or even…
  • Hey Karylee. Had both my knees replaced in the summer of 2019. I did so much rehab that I did not gain weight but....then came CoVid-19. After 3 months of watching my weight creep up I signed up on MFP, started IF and got a recumbent bike. Three and a half months later I am down 30 pounds and I've pedaled that bike over…
  • Congratulations to all you fine people out there who stuck with it the whole month. It's been awhile since my last check-in. I had a nasty spell of being good and not losing but the I finally outlasted the scale. Not sure if I will make my 5 lbs by the end of the month but it will be close. 9-1 196.5 9-8 194.5 9-26 192 Net…
  • Day 8 check-in. 9-1 196.5 9-8 194.5 Sept. goal: lose 5 lbs this month, 5 days/45 min. cardio/rehab knees per week Exceeded my exercise goal. So far, so good on the eating. I'm really appreciating the honesty of this group. Somehow its reassuring to know that everyone struggles at times and it's not necessary to be perfect…
  • This looks like the group for me! For the last three years I lost 20 lbs (quickly) in the spring and gained them all back by the next spring and had to start all over. Each time I would drop right below 200 and I was so pleased to be in Onederland I treated myself to a "break". The break didn't end until all the weight…
  • I have been trying out IF since the middle of June. I do 16-8 although its usually more like 18-6 when I don't get around to lunch on time. I have not hit a lengthy plateau YET. Like the previous poster, I like having bigger meals and only eating twice a day allows that. So far, so good; but 2 months really doesn't make me…
  • What an accomplishment, I applaud you <3 The best diet is the one that works for you (I read that on this site the first day I came here) and your story just supports that advice.
  • I'm a fan of sheet pan dinners and the internet has tons of recipes and ideas (Google" Sheet Pan Dinners"). So easy. If you line the pan with foil, you don't even have a pot to wash! A favorite at our house is Johnsville Sweet and Spicy Sausage with peppers, onions and potato cubes. A little olive oil to keep it from…
  • I'm too new to give advice, but I have to agree with the previous poster that IF works well for this volume eater. Also, eating slowly. I have a crossword puzzle or sudoku with my 1pm "break fast" if I am home alone (have to put down the fork to pick up the pencil)
  • Sugar free jello and Cool Whip works for me almost every day. I know how many awful ingredients they have but the rest of my food is cooked from scratch and mostly clean. The jello keeps me from feeling deprived and resentful, thus able to keep on program so far.
  • I play Everquest :) . I played from 1999-2005 then started up again on one of the new progression servers 4 years ago. It's still fun, but not the same. Much more content but so few players compared to the old days. I'm also a Princess Bride fan, Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin) is my favorite character. You killed my…
  • It's MMORPGs for me although the game I play is so old the word Massively doesn't really apply. I don't work in the computer industry (I'm a teacher) and I don't do Keto although I do usually keep my carb number under 100. Do I meet the criteria?