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  • 1. Rude 2. Always serious 3. Bad with money (I am all about that debt free lifestyle) 4. Uneducated (that doesn't mean they have to go to university) 5. No drive in life 6. Controlling 7. Overly jealous 8. Chews with mouth open 9. Smokes cigs
  • Yeah you're right! In full transparency the guy isn't so much a jerk, but he is very arrogant with most run ins I have with him. Also, your comment about runners I will never understand that either lol!
  • Hahahaha YES. Well said and a great thought on the matter. This one really cracked me up! But yeah, I deal with awkwardly intense moments with laughter. It's my cope!
  • Hahaha First of all, you need to stop watching me bench press! Lol jk!
  • Same here! I have a weak gut for that!
  • You and me both!
  • So many of you aren't realizing this guy is your typical arrogant gym jerk lol. The laugh was from the shock of what just happened. This isn't my first time seeing this guy or even talking to him.
  • I weigh in every single morning at 6AM.
  • EXACTLY! SPOT ON. Lol, thank you for putting that into words better than I can.
  • I absolutely agree with you. Thankfully one of the workers instantly went over there and wiped down his mat, bosu ball, and kettlebells. Sanitation is something no gym member should be slacking on.
  • Well, as I stated, I know it's rude to laugh but it was more of a laugh from shock. I am no longer a practicing CPT so the need for clients doesn't exist. Trust me when I say this was not angst on this guy's behalf. I've seen this guy since July of last year. Sometimes he's cool, sometimes he's in the zone. He was in the…
  • There are countless theories on this matter. In short, I would say it’s 100% up to you and what your body is telling you. However, to start I would recommend fasting through your workout. This will let your body focus on working on what’s currently in your system rather than confusing your body with having to digest food…
  • You can see happiness written all over that transformation! Fantastic!
  • Fantastic man! You're absolutely killing it! I hope to share results similar to your accomplishments one day!
  • Hey, let's be support friends I need some active accountability partners and can't seem to find any!
  • Hey! Let’s connect and be friends/accountability partners. I’m new here. Trying to crush some major goals. And looking for find likeminded people! :)
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  • Yeah, caloric deficit will be the game plan. As of right now, the plan is a solid 1,000 calorie reduction. I was eating 3300-3700 calories a day and now I am sitting around 2300 calories a day. Which is wild because that still sounds like SO many calories! I appreciate your encouragement on the labrum issue. I am happy to…
  • If you are a fan running you might try a sprinting program. Ladders: 5 yards and back, 10 yards and back, 15 yards and back, etc. Limited Trunk Rotation Sprints: hold a PVC pipe with your arms completely straight overhead and sprint 30 yard four time or so. Laying sprints: Lay on your back then flip to your stomach do a…
  • Hey! I will for sure send you a friend request I am looking for some accountability buddies as well! I am also a retired soccer player and currently in physical therapy for a torn labrum and twisted AC joint.
  • I struggle with the yoyo effect as well. I dip down in weight for my grappling tournaments but then I put the weight right back on within a couple of months. This year I am going to do better and not let myself get over 215 once I drop down below it! The goal is 205 but really I'd love to be 185 consistently.