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  • Hi! Welcome! Well you need to make yourself a priority, schedule in everything if your busy. Start small, like 10min meditation in the morning/before bed. Or 10m walking after/before work. Or on a break at work do a short yoga routine. That's what I do! Small improvements make big effects on your life, and then you grow…
  • Hey hey I'm new! I need more OMAD friends! Been kinda wary about posting my food diary in my feed, because many people aren't supportive of OMAD. I get it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day lol! I love the mental/physical clarity of OMAD. I will binge all day if I eat breakfast/lunch plus I get so tired…
  • Hi! I would say 1,300 would be fine. I eat around 1,100-1,400 depending on my day (I work at an office full time & sit sit sit) But I try to stick to 1,200. I want to lose weight & I'm willing to eat clean & smaller portions to get there. I would suggest listening to your body. Try 1,300 & if you feel like its do-able for…
  • There aren't many low sugar/calorie dairy coffee creamers. I honestly gave up on the popular sugar free ones because they are filled with crap. And my fridge was full of hardly used non-dairy alternatives that taste horrid. So, I use the Natural Bliss vanilla/sweet cream in my coffee & measure out with 3 tablespoons.…
  • Heya I'm here for to make more lady friends! Just add & lets go woohoo! I'm 30, not many fit friends in real life. I do yoga & fitness classes & counting calories.
  • Thanks!! :)
  • Welcome! Lets hit our goals together weeee!
  • That makes sense. I need to figure out if my fitbit tracks calories spent from exercising. And yes I love OMAD or IF. Been not eating breakfast for years, then last year decided to try OMAD. When I do eat lunch I get very very sleepy, while skipping I feel awake/elevated all day. Yeah it doesn't work for everyone but I do…
  • Added! Its so easy to gain, and such a slow uphill struggle to lose. I would say being positive, kind, and patient with yourself and never giving up is the key :blush:
  • Haha yeah I am scared of that, thats why I pay out the wazoo for group fitness classes! Plus I wouldn't know what to do in a gym. I went to try to get a membership at a local one a few months back, and I was waiting for the owner to come in to process my app (she never did show up) and there are machines littered all over…
  • Hi! I enjoy hiking/walking and love yoga. Mindful, slower movements are my favorite ways to exercise. I do enjoy bodyweight & hand/kettlebell weights when I get to go at a slower pace. Just have to get over the inner block that refuses to exercise at home! Any tips?