Can 1300 cal be too low to lose?



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    You redacted your post?

    You said you had about 30 pounds to lose? Set your Goals honestly, choose, "Lose one pound per week," do not choose "sedentary" unless you are literally sitting 24/7. When you exercise enter that into the "Exercise" section and eat more on those days.

    I would say 1600 PLUS exercise calories - so add 200-300 on days you exercise for an hour at a moderate pace. That is the way this site is set up, here's the explanation from "Help."

    Yes, 1300 is too low.

    I did redact, because I remembered how crappy and rude the answers I've gotten on MFP have been in prior years. Totally discouraging. I would have prefered to delete but there was no option.

    1300 was the goal MFP set me for losing 2 lbs per week. I answered the questions honestly. I have been eating back half of my exercise cals which are tracked on my fitbit.

    The entry for Fitbit Calorie Adjustment is not just exercise though, if that's what you are talking about.

    It's also your daily activity that is above and beyond what you selected on MFP.

    You could have selected Sedentary on MFP, and be constantly getting 200-300 adjustments even with no exercise - that just shows you are not truly Sedentary per MFP math.

    If you had selected exactly the right activity level - there'd be no adjustment, your eating goal would be higher - and you'd probably not even wonder if you should take 50%.

    And even the exercise you are doing that is logged and ultimately is used in the math by MFP - what is it, how long?

    Ditto to 1 lb being reasonable now (from total daily burned). Perhaps even diet break for a week if you've done that for awhile.
    Because beyond body adapting to slow you down - stress caused increased cortisol and retained water weight can hide many weeks of fat loss on the scale. Talk about additional stress, huh.
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    Hi! I would say 1,300 would be fine. I eat around 1,100-1,400 depending on my day (I work at an office full time & sit sit sit) But I try to stick to 1,200. I want to lose weight & I'm willing to eat clean & smaller portions to get there.
    I would suggest listening to your body. Try 1,300 & if you feel like its do-able for a week then do it. But if you are very active & feel like your calories aren't giving you enough fuel then increase it. But be kind & if you go over a bit its okay. Take note because maybe your body is saying I NEED MORE. Lol do what feels good!
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    That sounds like the right amount but that's just me I'm not starving and I eat around that much🙏💕
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    langstontl wrote: »
    I am 5'6" and just 5 pounds from where I would like to be on the scale. I am hungry most of the time. I eat all my calories plus all exercise calories and usually some extra and I can't seem to get the scale to drop anymore. My mind tells me eating more isn't the answer but I know I can't eat less or I'll just be even hungrier and that will lead to going crazy with the food.

    I suggest you start your own thread about this.

    I already put in my two cents, I think you're undereating by about 500 calories. I think you need to hear it from more people than just me, but I think it should not be in this thread (that's highjacking...not really allowed per Guidelines.)
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    it also differs person to person. i can eat 1800-1900/day and still have no weight gain. 5’4’’ 111lb 7%bf
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    @kshama2001 : We need to retire that graphic. There is no need to taper the deficit so much as you approach your goal weight.

    @Jthanmyfitnesspal: I see you started a thread in Debate about this and will see you there.
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    MFP has set my calories to lose a 0.25-0.50 lb/wk at 1330. I am 57, 5'7" post menopusal female, sedentary with 10 pounds to lose. You really have to be pretty close on your calorie counts at this level of calories. I didn't start losing until I really weighed everything and focused. I still eat 3 meals and a snack. My diary should be public if you care to look.
    Came on MFP last year and stayed pretty under the radar until I lost the first 20 pounds. Since starting this journey, I have lost 83.6 pounds. Maintenance for me will be less than 1400 calories if sedentary. I hope to be more active by the end of the year when skin grafts on my foot may be healed.
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    I hate it when people on on these threads and state what worked for them as if it's the only correct way. There is roughly a 30% variation in metabolism between individuals, and your experiences may not be mine or anyone else who replied to this thread.

    Just try something for 6 weeks and see where you are at the end. Then ask yourself was my weighing and logging on point? Did I use correct calorie entries? How is my energy and hunger levels? Did I lose weight faster or slower than predicted at the end of 6 weeks? Is this sustainable for me? Then adjust as needed. Be aware that at a 0.5lb/wk loss rate that it is easy for water weight to obscure the initial results so give it time before adjusting.

    I am not hungry at my current calorie level of 1,330 but you may be. It is individual.
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    @kshama2001 : We need to retire that graphic. There is no need to taper the deficit so much as you approach your goal weight.

    Taking my reply to debate.